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Nalu Week Day 5 || Dare

So Gray dares Natsu to strip and Natsu, being Natsu, can’t back down from a dare. Lucy passed out from blood loss.

Woo a shitastic comic. Enjoy this silly comic with my less than adequate art, I only terribly colored the hair ^^“ I got lazy 

uhhh the AU where Lucy joins Sabertooth?

Idk y’all I know not a damn soul follows me because of Fairy Tail but like, it’s ending and I’m a fucking mess of emotions so please just hang with me for a bit and then I’ll get back to stuff people actually want.

Anyway, let’s assume Sabertooth had been around when Lucy was looking for a guild to join and she picked them instead of Fairy Tail, shall we? Here’s a little snippet of that scenario wherein Lucy, Sting, Yukino, and Rogue come across some members of Fairy Tail and maybe possibly pick a fight with Natsu

Tell me what you think I guess? Again I know none of you signed up for this so sorry just let me get it out of my system

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Someone To Understand

So who remembers back when I was taking requests? Anyone? Probably not, but I do! Anyways, sorry for the long wait anon. Hopefully the fact that this is 23 pages long makes up for that. Also this is dedicated to @watching-the-lovely-rain-fall cause she loves Navia.

Author’s Note: Okay so I started writing this back in November 2014, if you can believe it. I’d thought this up after finishing the GMG arc some time in the summer and couldn’t get it out of my head. So I started writing, and would stop and start, and get distracted by other works but I’d always come back to this because I loved the idea of Natsu and Juvia interacting and bonding. I think they’re really similar in so many ways despite their elements being opposites.

Rating: K+
The truth was Natsu needed this as much as she did, he needed to talk about it, to confide in someone. He just never thought that someone would be Juvia.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Fairy Tail, or any of the characters in this story. I will not be making any money from this story.

“Kya!!! Natsu what did I tell you about sneaking into my bed!”

Natsu’s eyes shot open, and his body instinctively bolted from the bed as Lucy’s earsplitting scream resonated through the tiny apartment. Just as he was about to free himself from the confines of her bed sheets, her foot connected with his side, sending him flying across the room. His body smacked into her desk before landing in a tangle of limbs and sheets barely two feet from her front entrance.

“Ahh Natsu! Lucy’s mad again!” Happy cried, rushing to hide behind the dragon slayer. The exceed barely dodged the girl’s flailing fists in his attempt to escape.

“Of course I’m mad! You two have snuck into my house, and bed every night this week! I’ve told you it’s not appropriate. You can’t just decide to sleep with me without my permission!” The blonde shrieked. Natsu watched her warily from his position on the floor, bracing for another attack. She remained standing by the bed, pink pajamas disheveled, fists clenched and brows furrowed in frustration.

“But Lucy, we….” A loud stomp halted Natsu’s words.

“No more excuses! ‘We missed you’ and ‘I sleep better here’ are not good enough reasons to break into my apartment and sneak into my bed! Especially while I’m sleeping in it!” Lucy hollered, her fingers forming air quotes as she recited their previous excuses throughout the week.

“But I really can’t….” Again Natsu was interrupted, this time by three loud sharp knocks on the door.

Silence fell in the apartment as all heads whipped around to stare at the door. After another moment the three knocks were repeated. Lucy’s brows shot up as her head snapped to the clock.

“Oh my god it’s eleven o’clock already!” She hastily dashed to the door, yanking it open. Waiting there was none other than Gray Fullbuster, wearing his usual black jeans, a white button up shirt; already half undone, and a scowl.

Natsu couldn’t help but wonder what the ice mage was doing at Lucy’s apartment this early in the morning. Or why he bothered knocking when he normally just breaks in. His gut knotted suddenly, and he shot a glare at his long time rival.

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We had the beginning of cobra x kinana. 

We had a small, tiny nali mention. The one when they mention destroying Lisanna’s grave made by Natsu and happy.

We had gruvion. 

We had a small lyvia moment. In which Juvia thought Lyon was cool.

We had a small gajevy moment. During they teamed up and the argued. 

We had a small grayza moment. Gray thinking Erza can be cute while sleeping, and him feeling awkward. 

We had a small gruvia moment. Gray getting pissed at Lyon. Gray wondering why he had to team up with her tsundere. Juvia spying on him and Erza and learning more about how Gray fights his own fights and her being proud of him.

We had a small graylu moment. Gray pushing Natsu out of the way and him calling on Natsu trying to cheer up Lucy. 

We had Nalu, Nali, Gruvia, Elfgreen, Gajevy,Natza, Happy X Charle, Graylu dancing.

We had plenty, and plenty Nalu Moments. 

  • Natsu and Lucy practicing dancing.
  • Lucy turning invisible and Natsu being the only one that remembers.
  • The guild saying Lucy needs a wild man.
  • Natsu pouting at the guild because Lucy kicked him out.
  • Natsu saying to Lucy that they are a team and that includes her. 
  • Natsu imagining Lucy in origami outfit. 
  • Natsu blushing at Lucy’s figure while Romeo ask what they are talking about. 
  • Natsu getting tired of hearing Dan blabbing about marrying Lucy.
  • Natsu getting pissed at Dan.
  • Natsu being supported up by Lucy.
  • Lucy crying while telling Michelle and Romeo that no matter what she believes in Natsu and he will stand again.
  • Natsu protecting Lucy and the key.
  • Natsu protecting Lucy and telling her to stand back from Michelle.
  • Natsu stopping attacking Michelle when Lucy told him to.
  • Natsu trying to cheer Lucy up while blushing after she asked him.
  • Natsu fighting midnight telling him he wasn’t going to give Lucy up.
  • Natsu reassuring Lucy they will get her out.
  • Lucy hearing Natsu’s voice.
  • Natsu freaking out and getting pissed when he wakes up and does not find Lucy threatening the jiggle butt gang.
  • Natsu getting sent into another dimension and both Lucy and Natsu call out to each other.
  • Lucy saying to give Natsu back to her.
  • Natsu freaking out when Lucy said she was going to sacrifice herself to destroy the ship.
  • Natsu waking up in the octopus and everyone telling him to calm down, while he says “how can he calm down while Lucy is missing.
  • Natsu smelling Lucy’s scent.
  • Natsu running to catch Lucy.
  • Lucy falling on Natsu while smiling at each other.  

That was before the game arc. We only had small moments and barely any real ship moments, we were barely starting, mashima was barely clarifying couples. The tenrou arc only gace us a bit for the starry key arc. 

Now imagine NOW. 

NOW that the couples have been cleared up. 

NOW that we had:

  • Natsu carrying drunk Lucy and having to deal with her.
  • Gray being hugged by a sad Juvia,
  • The boys spying on them while on the hot springs. Natsu towards Lucy and Gray towards Juvia.
  • Levy being teased about Gajeel by Lucy and Wendy.
  • Lucy being teased about Natsu by everyone. 
  • The Jerza almost kiss. 
  • Juvia trying to get an alone time with Gray. 
  • Nalu possible holding hands and having fun together around Crocus.
  • Gray agreeing to have dinner with Juvia.
  • Lyon pressures Gray about Juvia making a bet.
  • Gray says "Bastard don’t take what is mine!” to Lyon. 
  • Gray reacting to Juvia in B TEAM
  • Juvia said she is sorry but she is going to have to fight him and him smirking and giving her the look.
  • Gray telling Juvia to ignore Lyon.
  • Gray calling for Juvia first after they got separated in the game. 
  • Juvia hugging Grays clone.
  • Natsu saving Lucy from Flare
  • Natsu looking proud at bad ass Lucy.. 
  • Natsu picking up Lucy and trying to cheer her up.
  • Natsu trying to peek on Lucy while she is in the bath.
  • Natsu being depressed about how Lucy is missing the fight. 
  • Jellal trying to show off in front of Erza but his moment was ruined. 
  • Juvia having graylu nightmares and both telling her its impossible.
  • Natsu’s arm around Lucy,
  • Juvia blushing at naked Gray.
  • Jerza window connection, she knows he is there. 
  • Gajeel being hold back by Levy as he bothers Laxus.
  • Baccana ship starts.
  • Natsu saying he will fight to show FT has been moving forward while Lucy blushes as she is moved. 
  • Lucy carrying Natsu to the infirmary and worrying about him. 
  • Evergreen reassuring Lisanna that elfman will win.
  • Ever getting so into the game that almost chocking Freed.  
  • Ever being pushed onto Elfman by Bickslow.
  • Happy being worried about Charles and later on jumping onto her.
  • Gray saving Juvia from Lyon, and saying its no fun to let a member being taken away.
  • Lucy landing on Natsu in a wedding dress.
  • Laxus tells Jellal not to piss off Mira.
  • Mira is happy when Laxus win.  
  • Nalu cover with Lucy playing tricks on Natsu. 
  • Jerza talking in the bridge at night. 
  • Erza telling Gray to be more resolute with Juvia and him blushing.
  • The unison raid for gruvia cover in which they stand side by side.
  • Bickslow making fun of Ever saying she wants to go to Elfman’s side. 
  • Juvia telling Gray was amazing with him responding he didn’t do anything.
  • Lucy telling Natsu not to break anything. 
  • Elfman touched by Ever, saying that she is a woman.
  • Juvia cheering Gray on. 
  • Jellal gropes Erza. 
  • Jellal and Erza ride the love slide.
  • Gejeel and Levy hang out.
  • Gajeel and Levy ride the love slide.
  • Elfgreen date. 
  • Juvia buys a swimsuit and tries to tell Gray, but he only notices her price tag.
  • Juvia invites Gray to the love slide.
  • Gray is pissed when Lyon appears and carries Juvia.
  • Gray is dragged by Juvia to the love slide. 
  • Gray says “Why with you?” when he is forced to ride the love slide with Lyon. 
  • Baccana hanging out.
  • Natsu tells Lucy to do her best. 
  • Juvia calling out to Gray and naming her attack his name. 
  • Gray yells out blushing to cut it out. 
  • Juvia wonders if Gray was turned on. 
  • Lucy tortured while Natsu becomes furious. 
  • Natsu and Gray catching Lucy.
  • Natsu looking at Lucy in the infirmary. 
  • Natsu swearing that he will take revenge for Lucy. 
  • Lucy telling him that she has always believed in him since she joined the guild making Natsu blush. 
  • Natsu saying he is fighting for his friends who were made fun of, causing Lucy to feel it and be touched by his words.
  • Lucy saying that no matter how far he is Natsu is always watching over her. 
  • Lucy saying Natsu’ name in her sleep.
  • Levy worried about Gajeel. 
  • Future Lucy crying as she sees Natsu. 
  • Natsu asking what they want with a stellar spirit mage. 
  • Natsu saying don’t you dare drag Lucy into the problem.
  • Natsu being tied up because he wants to barge in and save Lucy.
  • Natsu yelling he is going to save Lucy right that moment. 
  • Natsu shushing Lucy up cutely. 
  • Juvia wanting to go help Gray with his fight with Rufus but holding herself back because she believes in him.
  • Juvia blushing at Gray who won over Rufus. 
  • Natsu using Lucy’s sex appeal to try to get them out.
  • Natsu wanted to absolutely come and save Lucy making her blush. 
  • Natsu commenting that Lucy gained weight and thats why she was stuck.
  • Lucy falling on Natsu’s face. 
  • Natsu shoving Lucy out of trouble with the knights. 
  • Commenting the monster was huge but there is a hint his hand might have been somewhere else. 
  • Natsu saying that whats the point of going to save Lucy if he looses sight of her again. 
  • Future Lucy crying when she sees Natsu and the rest. 
  • Natsu picking up Future Lucy and commenting she was lighter than Lucy. 
  • Juvia saying that her heart only belongs to Gray and him alone.
  • Juvia misunderstanding Gray with him saying he loves her and they will be forever together, leading her to ask him where their honeymoon would be at. 
  • Gray and Juvia are said to have an unspoken bond. 
  • Natsu believing Future Lucy’s words and she was surprised and touch as he says how can anyone doubt Lucy’s words. 
  • The nalu forehead touch!
  • Levy crying Rogue to stop because he is killing Gajeel. 
  • Gajevy cover in which Levy says no words are needed. 
  • Levy happy that Gajeel won. 
  • Gray and Juvia fight together and he only needs to call her name and she knows what to do.
  • Gray places his hand on Juvia’s shoulder to comfort her and give her hope that they can win.
  • Gray mentions that they can work better together than them. 
  • Gray holds Juvia hand and picks her up. 
  • Gruvia Unison Raid. 
  • Gray and Juvia fingers interlock.
  • Cheria mentions how romantic the gruvia unison raid is and Lyon mentions how Gray sucks for acting all flirty and close to Juvia.
  • Gruvia unison raid is called a synchronized love attack. 
  • Gray and Juvia smile at each other. 
  • Gray asks when is Juvia going to let go of his hand but she says never. 
  • Juvia supports Gray as they walk. 
  • Gray and Juvia smile at each other as they win and Juvia jumps on Gray in the background.
  • Juvia asks Gray on a date in which he responds with “now?”
  • Natsu watches as Future Lucy dies in shock as he was runs to stop the attack but wasn’t fast enough. 
  • Natsu stares in shock and remembers Lucy when she got her guild mark and now that she lost her arm. 
  • Natsu claims in fury as he cries that he won’t let anyone take away Lucy’s future. 
  • Natsu promises to Future Lucy he will protect the future. 
  • Natsu yells to Lucy to get away. 
  • Natsu says “You took away something precious to me right before my eyes.
  • Gruvia interaction the butterfly shirt. 
  • Natsu claims that Lucy would never rob people from their future. 
  • Natsu says "Over his dead body” when FRogue says he’s going to kill Lucy
  • Gruvia second unison raid. 
  • Mira cutting Laxus hair cover. 
  • Lucy happy to know Natsu is alright. 
  • Naked lucy flying towards Natsu.
  • Lucy falls on Natsu and her breast are touched by Natsu and ends up in his face.
  • Natsu tries to cover Lucy with his hands, ending groping Lucy.
  • Natsu says that the legend of flying naked people are true and that Lucy turned into a pervert.
  • Lucy says that Natsu always find a silver lining to everything blushing and the virgo teases her. 
  • Jerza saving each other and Jellal making Erza blush. 
  • Natsu crying for Future Lucy and unable to talk or say she was killed, 
  • Gray shoves Juvia outta the way of an attack and ends up touching her butt. 
  • Gray has something to tell Juvia. 
  • Gray moves Juvia outta the way protecting her but ends up dying.
  • Juvia is in shock as she witness his body, later she see the vision and cries again.
  • Kinana knowing Cobra is there, and him saying he heard her voice.
  • Gajevy moment as Levy runs back to Gajeel and helps him fight the dragons. 
  • Jerza smile at victory. 
  • Lucy is picked up in the grass fields by Natsu telling her they have to continue the adventure. 
  • Lucy cries while she sees Natsu and Happy. 
  • Natsu grabs her wrist like the first time they met.
  • In anime natsu softly holds Lucy’s hand. 
  • Lucy runs to Natsu and hugs him from behind and they stand for a few minutes and Natsu asks whats wrong which she answers nothing just thank you. 
  • Baccana meets again for a drink. 
  • Gruvia r-rejection. 
  • Juvia cries as she sees Gray dancing without her.
  • Juvia claims that she and Gray united too. 
  • Stingyu ships starts. 
  • Lucy mentions Natsu always crosses the line. 
  • Juvia cheers up Gray and noticed him feeling down and no one else notices. 

So you see we had more defining moments for the ships that in any arc. 

Before we only had a few but now its like this.

Do you see the possibilities Mashima has for a filler arc?! How many possible filler moments  there could be?

I dunno if Mashima helps a bit in the filler I think we can be exited since most ships have already had the defining pushes. 

He can probably do anything and it won’t alter the current arc but help it. 

I’m kinda exited a bit worried but exited. 

I guess if we do get moments and he works on them, they can be consider semi-canon moments right?



And then you get this??!?!?! panel?!?!?!!?!

Like?!?!? Look at that solemn face, look at that intensity in those eyes. He is not fucking around. This is a Promise with a capital P, to a stellar spirit mage no less who values promises above all other things and Natsu knows this. He knows this because he knows Lucy top to bottom and this is a promise that he’s going to bring Fairy Tail back and piece together her broken smile and make up for the year of depression she had to go through, because he’s starting to realise that his actions had unforseeable repercussions and even though I doubt he would do it any other way if he had a chance to do over, he’s starting to realise that what he did hurt Lucy more than he anticipated and he’s going to do something about it because even though he may not have meant to cause her pain, it’s evident that she was in pain. He didn’t mean to make her sad, but it happened anyway and hell if he’s not going to take responsibility for it. He’s gonna fix it and reset everything back to the way it was before. For Lucy’s sake. 


Can we just look at this expression from Brandish regarding her opinion towards Layla? Can we??

This is so interesting. Brandish doesn’t look happy, that’s for sure. What did Layla do that pissed Brandish off so badly?

Did she confront her and deal some serious damage? We don’t really know how powerful Lucy’s mom was after all. Did Layla confront Zeref back then and was that currently angering Brandish so much she wanted revenge?? Or is there a real threat Lucy’s magic can do to either Zeref or his plans?

I am so excited to finally find out how Layla plays out in this that I think I’m gonna have a heart attack btw natsu where the hell u at your wife needs you

Crossroads Pt 1

11 Days of Angstmas - Day 3

Summary: On the third day of Angstmas my true love gave to me…
After a battle goes wrong, Natsu wakes up to find that things are no longer the way he remembers them.  

Author’s Note: Natsu-centric.  Contains Nalu, Jerza, Gajevy, and some Gruvia.  Also a HUGE thank you to snogfairy who very kindly checked this over and endured my constant questions.  I feel ever in your debt, my dear.  This is quite long, so I had to slice it up into pieces.  They’ll be posted about 5 minutes apart, and I’ll link them all together once they’re up.

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Gruvia Fic | Little Red Dress

Day 8 of 30 Day OTP Challenge. Future days’ couples can be requested. Prompts here / Couples here

Series: Fairy Tail

Pairing: Gray Fullbuster/Juvia Lockser

Prompt: Shopping

Title: Little Red Dress

Rating: T for Teen

Word Count: 7969

AN: Lots of Lucy/Juvia friendshipping; Mentions of NaLu. This one is pretty lengthy (15 pages of Word) as a warned on Saturday, but I had so much fun writing it!


Magnolia Mall was the largest mall in its town; so large it was named after city itself. The mall featured stores of top clothing designers all over Earthland. There were three food courts throughout the plaza and a large arcade right in the center. The Mall itself was built in a circular fashion, so if shoppers continued to walk in one direction, they would eventually come back to where they started, and have seen all the shops.

The mall could easily house over 25,000 patrons, and on a day like today—the day before Valentine’s Day—at least that many shoppers were squeezed into the mall, if not another thousand more.

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Omg my nalu feels are just too much for this arc!! I’m watching the Infinity Clock arc and Natsu keeps saying how he’ll save Lucy. Lucy’s the first thing that comes to his mind. If Lucy isn’t safe Natsu won’t hesitate to save her. I just love how protective he is of her. If that doesn’t scream love then I don’t know what does.

My crazy theory about Layla and Lucy.

This is a stupid and crazy theory, but maybe somebody think similar. 

So, in a one hand we have Zeref and Mavis, (this is the part more crazy of my theory). Could be Lucy descendant of they two? We don’t know nothing about Mavis fathers, or even could be Layla their grandaughter?

This is crazy because all can see that Mavis is a child, for that, I think that is more probably that Layla and Lucy will be descendant for Zeref than Zeref and Mavis.

My reason to believe that Lucy could be a descendant or familiar to Mavis is that they are similar. (But this can be the design)

But my theory start here:

- The first we learned about Lucy was that she is a stellar spirit mage like her mom. And we know too that she died in x777.

- Lucy can force the close the doors of spirits and the first time that the spirit king appear was when Lucy said that she was going to change the spirits world’s rules. And Lucy invoked all her spirits in that moment.

- Layla retired from the magic at a young age ( according to Capricorn 20 years before the time skip). But she spoke about the one magic to Lucy.

- We have the case that the project eclipse used stellar spirit magic. But, It was Zeref who built this, why he used that magic? He could used that magic too or someone helped him? 

- And Yukino wanted to give her  keys to Lucy. What makes Lucy so special?

- Then, we have that Zeref and Lucy have never seen, Mashima notes and the words that Zeref said to Natsu.

- And a lot of details more. She’s very clever, loyal, powerfull (she can resist very potent attacks), she recover her magic quickly, she’s very similar to her mum (they seems clones), the spirit king invited her to the spirit world and considers her as a friend (he gives her aquarius magic too)

So, we can see that stellar spirit magic is important in Zeref’s magic, Layla dies very young, the dragons (BIG SPOILER IF YOU DON’T READ THE MANGA) were spirits inside of dragon slayers. Lucy’s mum knew a lot of secrets (“the one magic”). Could Lucy’s mum knew everything and help the spirits dragons to be inside the dragon slayers? Or maybe she died trying to save Lucy to something?

- And the last, but not less important. Lucy was the only one who escaped from Alegria.!!

With all of this, my theory is that Layla knew something about the future and about Lucy’s power.
I thing that Lucy is the bearer of the one magic (as Elie with the Ethelion) and Layla tried to protect her daugther, for that reason, she became ill and died.
Maybe she contacted with the dragons and with her lass forces, she helped the dragons too.

With Lucy and Natsu’s powers (unison raid)  Zeref could be destroyed, (Acnologia is for Natsu).

But we have the threat of Zeref to Natsu. Zeref will meet Lucy? Maybe he will recognize Lucy or something will happen? Maybe Zeref will try to use Lucy’s powers for his plans?

This is my theory about Layla mistery and Lucy’s magic.

I hope that this theory doesn’t seem very crazy.