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Margaret Lindsay Huggins (1848-1915) was an Irish astronomer and a pioneer in the field of spectroscopy: the study of the interaction between matter and electromagnetic radiation. She was the co-author of the Atlas of Representative Stellar Spectra, published in 1899.

She was taught the constellations as a child by her grandfather, which sparked her interest in astronomy. She started studying the stars by herself and constructed a spectroscope on her own. She later contributed to the Encyclopaedia Britannica.


I wrote a fuckin’ fic in honor of this occasion, giving myself the prompt of working through the first birthday she would have had with Mulder — her 30th, which was also right after her father died. 

Includes: rambling answering machine messages, mention of Scully’s sex drive, day drinking, menstruation, astrolabes, EZ OFF, light notes of Fox Mulder’s Tragic Backstory, a depressing salad, Scully’s Living Will, a U2 song, Fiestaware, and a quote from Ulysses. 

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tortoiseoffury  asked:

Hey, why are the hottest stars blue while the coldest are red?

Because Blue stars are higher in frequency than Red stars which, emits less light.

It’s a bit complicated. I had to read into stellar spectral types and temperature articles for quite some time before I came up with a comic for it. 

Don’t fall for the “blue = cold and red= hot” at least not for stars. For example, blue flames for example aren’t always hotter than red-yellow flames but thats due to the chemistry of the flame I believe. 

Here are some references on stellar spectra and temperature:

Hope this helps! :)