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Spell Challenge Day 9: Orion Snow Storm Spell

(word inspired by: Snow)

This is a spell to bring a snow storm to your area and help make sure you have a little bit of a white winter.

You Will Need:

  • White Glitter
  • Ice
  • Image or Representation of the Constellation Orion
  • Freezer
  • Container of any kind with a lid


  1. In the container add a layer of ice cubes enough to cover the bottom.
  2. Take the image of the constellation Orion and place it inside the container on top of the ice.
  3. Take a handful of glitter and pour it on top of the picture and ice
    “Swirling twisting winter winds, with the power of Orion’s light, May whistling snowy winds be coming one of these nights.” (incantation may be changed if desired)
  4. Seal container and shake it up, imagine icy winds full of snow blowing inside, powered by the glowing stars of Orion.
  5. Place in freezer, leave there until you get the storm you desire.
  6. Once no longer desiring snow or having received it, take container out and let the ice inside melt. Remove lid and pour water down sick.

After Pitch’s stellar first season left the fate of Major League Baseball’s first female pitcher on a dramatic cliffhanger, fans have just one question: Will there be a season 2?

Thankfully, series star Ali Larter says things are “looking good” for the Fox baseball drama.

“I’ve heard some whispers, yeah,” Larter told ET’s Deidre Behar at a junket for her new film, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, at the London West Hollywood on Saturday. “It’s looking really good!”




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The hit was NOT Laine's fault. Sheifele gave him a suicide pass, the first thing coaches tell you not to do when you start hitting. A suicide pass is in the neutral zone and across the ice where players can't look forward as they receive the pass. It was sheifele's fault that he put laine in that position

I finally did watch the hit, and yeah that was not a smart pass. It was a clean hit but I wouldn’t really blame Laine for that. It’s just rough when players lose time in their rookie season (or like, ever but especially during a stellar rookie season)

EXCLUSIVE: Ali Larter Dishes on a Possible 'Pitch' Season 2 & Why She Thinks Bawson Should 'Wait a Little'

After Pitch’s stellar first season left the fate of Major League Baseball’s first female pitcher on a dramatic cliffhanger, fans have just one question: Will there be a season 2?

Thankfully, series star Ali Larter says things are “looking good” for the Fox baseball drama.

“I’ve heard some whispers, yeah,” Larter told ET’s Deidre Behar at a junket for her new film, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, at the London West Hollywood on Saturday. “It’s looking really good!”

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Pitch’ Star Mo McRae on Why Co-Star Kylie Bunbury is 'Inspiring’ and What’s to Come for Blip

“What’s interesting is, I signed on to that at the last minute,” Larter said of the series. “I was trying to take some time off, and then once again, this really special project comes and [executive producers] Dan Fogelman and Kevin Falls, incredible writers… each script exceeded my expectations.”

Larter’s character, Amelia Slater, ended Pitch’s first season on a controversial note – getting on a plane despite seeing her client, San Diego Padres pitcher Ginny Baker (Kylie Bunbury), go down with an injury during her final start of the MLB season – but the actress has a sunnier outlook on what’s next for the no-nonsense agent.

“I think she’s sitting in Cabo right now sipping margaritas!” she said with a laugh.

As for whether or not Ginny and Amelia will be able to patch things up in the show’s hypothetical second season?

“I think people can get too close, and when I think about Amelia, she put everything she had in Ginny, and that’s a lot of pressure for anyone to handle,” Larter explained. “I also think that Ginny took a lot of bad advice and maybe drank some of her own Kool-Aid a little bit.”

“So I think a little bit of time apart isn’t a bad thing, but I definitely could see Amelia going, 'OK, I need to reevaluate my life,’” she added.

WATCH: Ali Larter, Glenn Close, Mark Wahlberg and More of the Most Psycho Exes in Movie History

Larter also had some opinions on Ginny’s relationship with veteran catcher Mike Lawson (Mark-Paul Gosselaar), with whom Amelia also had a short-lived tryst. Though “Bawson” fans were itching for the teammates to take their relationship to the next level – even before their almost-kiss in the freshman season’s penultimate episode – Larter thinks the producers of Pitch “should wait a little bit” before cashing in on the pair’s obvious chemistry.

“You know what? I think it’s early,” she admitted. “When I first was watching this show, and when you think about [shows like] Cheers and when you think about the great relationships, you can’t put them together too soon. It’s really fun to tease it, but to give up the sugar too easily, it’s like, you know, you can’t get down on a first date!”

Between Pitch and the final installment of the Resident Evil series, Larter had a pretty diverse career year in 2016, which she said is thrilling as an artist: “There’s something really wonderful about being able to be in this like, kicka** zombie action film taking names, and at the same time, being able to be in a real family-friendly positive show with really interesting characters.”

EXCLUSIVE: Mark-Paul Gosselaar Is Back in the Director’s Chair and This Time, He Has a Plan

The actress also opened up about starring in projects with strong female leads at the center – from Bunbury in Pitch to Resident Evil series star Milla Jovovich – something she says she’s proud of, but isn’t at the forefront of her mind when she’s weighing a role.

“I love being part of them, but I don’t choose them for that reason specifically,” Larter explained. “When I chose to go on to this franchise, that was definitely something that excited me, especially in the world of action movies. Milla and Resident Evil was really at the forefront of doing that… and is still doing it. So to be part of that, and do three movies – really it’s about female empowerment in a female-led action franchise – it’s incredible.”

“With the other things, like Pitch or Legally Blonde, they’re not necessarily just about this group of women. I like to choose women that aren’t just the girlfriend or the wife,” she continued. “They have layers and truth and power and their struggle. They make mistakes and they’re messy. That’s something that I try to find in the roles I do, and I don’t mind my characters being a little bit of a loudmouth at times.”

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter opens in theater Jan. 27.

EXCLUSIVE: Why You’ll Fall in Love With 'Pitch’ Star Kylie Bunbury

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Scandal 503 “Paris is Burning” → Abby and Olivia (4ever)

“This is new for me…but you should know, the view from here…I think you are very good at your job.”

Man Crush Monday:

Reid Scott gets a lot of “pretty boy” jokes thrown his way as political staffer Dan Egan on HBO’s comedy series “Veep” (which ended its stellar fifth season last night). Thankfully, he has brains to match the brawn, and his wit is as ruthless as his drive to succeed. Can’t wait to see what Reid (and Dan) has in store for season six! :)


Eva Green previews Vanessa’s haunting season 3. 

“If you believe the things I tell you, you’ll never sleep quietly again. Can you believe?” So says Vanessa Ives in this sneak peek of season three.

The re-introduction to Vanessa also gives us our first look at two characters news to the series in season three who look poised to play major roles in Miss Ives’ life. Patti LuPone, now a series regular following her stellar guest turn last season at the Cut-Wife, will co-star as Dr. Seward, a Victorian-era mental doctor who Green promises will help Vanessa “deal with her demons.” And it’s through Dr. Seward’s advice that a new man enters into Vanessa’s life, but we’ll allow Green to introduce you to him herself. 

im just speaking for myself but i thought mykayla’s twitter activity was worse than ashtons or now maggie’s because mykayla 1) has proven herself over and over to be an obnoxious brat, and 2) mykayla literally had one stellar meet this season, which happened to be the olympic trials. less than a month before she fell 3 times in ONE ROUTINE, she barely got an alternate spot, much less an olympic spot. it literally came down to ashton vs gabby. ashton has been a rock on bars for her entire elite career and came SO CLOSE to having her dreams come true. and in maggie’s case, that girl has worked her ass off to get back in US elite gymnast form with the clock ticking against her, and she walked away completely empty-handed. thats the difference. it’s not just about social media behavior, its also about the surrounding circumstances and entitlement….

2015 Women’s World Tour Rankings

#6 | Lakey Peterson

Going into that last event in Maui, Lakey was sitting at number 4. She faltered in round 4 and dropped to number 6. Nevertheless, what a stellar season for Lakey, I mean, she only had 2 drop out results (France and Maui), and the rest were keepers. She even reached the final here in Portugal only losing to Courtney Conlogue.
Lakey is known for throwing massive maneuvers and I hope she keeps doing them. Excited for what next season’s bringing for her.

Ph: Ryan Miller

The stellar season of Flash wraps up with a string of unabashedly fun episodes and a helluva cliffhanger. Like its protagonist, the show bolts out the gate at top speed while giving viewers a taste of something readers have known for years: while he isn’t a part of the Trinity, Flash is secretly the most important character in the entire DC universe. Comic creators use his stories to introduce or popularize ideas that are integral to comics as a whole. In 1956, DC did something crazy with the intro of Barry Allen, essentially the first reboot in comics. Thanks to Flash, heroes have begun to come back in big ways, with the birth of Allen effectively marking the start of the Silver Age. The sci-fi plot device of parallel universes has become one of the most well-worn tropes, getting its start with Flash. The Flash of Two Worlds establishes Earth-2 as the world where all Golden Age characters reside and starts a trend in which creators introduce new Earths to tell stories that deviate greatly from everything that has come before. Eventually, it gets out of hand, with far many universes for fans to keep track of; to resolve this, DC brings the Multiverse to an end in Crisis on Infinite Earths. What does this have to do with Flash? Everything, as Allen plays a crucial role, one that leads to his heroic death. It’s a bit poetic, if not tragic: the hero who starts the Silver Age dies at its end. Then, Wally West takes on the mantle of his mentor, a huge landmark and canonization of what’s still seen as a cornerstone of DC: legacy. Its heroes are ideas, larger than life and bigger than any one person. They’re all symbols proudly carried by multiple people. Families form around them, bearing the Man of Steel’s shield or Batman’s signature bat-symbol like coats of arms or noble banners in a mythic tapestry going back more than 75 years. It’s been a long time since a live-action superhero story has been able to pull something spectacular off: with the feeling that anything could happen next. Again, the Fastest Man Alive heralds a watershed moment for comic books. “Run, Barry, run.“

The Flash is the Best DC Superhero, by Joshua Rivera.

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may i ask u what they did wrong, im not very updated with the manga so idk

Sorry it took me SO LONG to answer these. I’ve gotten like a dozen similar asks over the past few months, so I’ll just put my answer into one post.

First off: I’m not the only one who’s disappointed by the anime’s new season. You know who you are 👀. We suffer together as one 👊🏽. Obviously not everyone is gonna have/see a problem with it, and that’s fine! Don’t let me ruin your enjoyment.

Just to be clear: the new season starts at episode 266 and is produced by Bandai Namco Pictures (BNP).

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