stellar dynamics

Reasons to Play Dissidia
  • The Emperor and Ultimecia’s mean girl routine (notches on their belt include Firion, the Warrior of Light, Sephiroth, and Kuja)
  • Sephiroth, the unpopular kid in the class who stalks Cloud because lol
  • Tidus calls Firion by the pet name “Rosebud”. This is never commented upon.
  • Golbez’s lack of commitment to the bad guy side being the worst kept secret in the world
  • seriously, does any character NOT know that he’s working with the heroes?
  • Because FFVIII has a feather motif, Squall gets one as a good luck charm from the resident chocobo guy, Bartz. The question is: was Squeenix aware that doing so makes Bartz parallel Squall’s love interest?
  • Cecil Harvey: Friend, Comrade, Wingman
  • Laguna giving his (unbeknownst to them both) son a scolding for not making friends
  • WoL and Squall’s weird little deadbeat dad vs helicopter mom spat
  • the 12th cycle’s merry-go-round of side-switching politicking
  • specifically Kuja and Cloud’s coworkers-at-the-water-cooler-who-aren’t-friends-but-mutually-hate-their-job-and-shit-talk-their-boss/other coworkers relationship
  • if Sephiroth is everyone’s least favorite wild card loner, Kefka is their least favorite wild card busybody
  • none of them like Onion Knight but he and Squall bond over their mutual FML moments
  • both Jecht and Tidus spend time as antagonists and both spend that time annoying their teammates by being too friendly
  • speaking of which, is there a dysfunctional family relationship in canon that could use some quality time to fix? They’re in luck
  • some solid Yuna-Jecht-Tidus interaction
  • Zidane and Bartz tagteam Squall into friendship
  • Firion and his ever-in-demand rose
  • you’d think that the bad guys wouldn’t get along and the good guys would and you’d be half right
  • WoL is an accessory to murder
  • Lightning is in a story about gods mucking around with mortals they’ve forced into service and it goes about as well as you could imagine
  • Tifa throwing a potion at Kain Highwind’s face
  • Cloud Bonding With Fellow Reluctant Coworkers Round 2: Terra
  • the mouse is SMACK

And that’s just the tip of this wacky iceberg.


The cosmic brush of star formation composed this alluring mix of dust and dark nebulae. Cataloged as Sh2-239 and LDN 1551, the region lies near the southern end of the Taurus molecular cloud complex some 450 light-years distant. Stretching for nearly 3 light-years, the canvas abounds with signs of embedded young stellar objects driving dynamic outflows into the surrounding medium. Included near the center of the frame, a compact, tell-tale red jet of shocked hydrogen gas is near the position of infrared source IRS5, known to be a system of protostars surrounded by dust disks. Just below it are the broader, brighter wings of HH 102, one of the region’s many Herbig-Haro objects, nebulosities associated with newly born stars. Estimates indicate that the star forming LDN 1551 region contains a total amount of material equivalent to about 50 times the mass of the Sun.

Credit: Adam Block


Better pics later, but say hello to Chandra! Dizzy Stellar Dynamics from Dizzy Dogs and named for the astrophysicist Chandrasekhar, Chandra x-ray telescope, etc. First nickname is Arya Underfoot because that’s where she always is. :P

As I said before, she’s a screamer! Quite a voice on this one, haha. She’s more people-oriented than her sable sister was, which has its plusses (she’s very interested in us and wants to be with us) and minuses (will have to do a lot of work on separation anxiety. She follows me everywhere and screams if we are separated at all). She’s done pretty well on this busy day, several hours on a plane and then straight down to an agility trial.

Tried not to overwhelm her with training on top of everything, but we did start working on some stuff and she took it in stride. Offered focus, hand touches, collar grabs, paw handling, waiting politely instead of mauling the crate door to come out, playing with toys and leashes. Puppies tend to remind you of how much they don’t know, like just eating a treat from your hand without dropping it! Or not screaming when you step away for two seconds, haha.

So far Ryker and Solstice are doing ok. Lots of rewards and careful management for co-existing. Solstice seems to be warming up and even tried to play with Chandra, though we’ll be limiting their play until she’s a bit larger and less breakable. :P Ryker is interested when I’m holding her, but can’t be trusted if she approaches him on the ground. We’ll get there!

p.s. we had three “black lab!” comments before we even left the airport, so that’s begun XD