stellar dream

He wanted me to be a star.
He loved celestial bodies,
Or the idea of them:
The glow and gleam,
Stellar wet dream;
Always fantasized
Gliding along
The Milky Way.
But he didn’t know them,
Didn’t care to map
Their location in the sky
Nor consider their formation;
Wishing one to fall
And land in his lap.
It was all about the light
Provided, pleasure ignited–
Burning out for him,
Dying for his whims.
He laughed, ‘That’s what they get
For their vainglory.’
He wanted me untouchable,
But to hold me too,
Forgetting stars char
Grasping hands with plans
To pluck them from on high;
Stardust falls
In shady eyes.
He cursed the day
This star was born
Never expecting
The supernova to come.
—  This star has found another to shine alongside // prompted by @creatingnikki

Meet Gustavo, and undocumented immigrant who got into Columbia University. This is what he had to go through to overcome a system he was born into

Born in Colombia, Ospina moved with his family to the United States as a small child, settling in Elizabeth, NJ, nearly two decades ago. Ospina rose to the top of his high school class, balancing a long list of extracurricular activities with stellar grades, though his dream of a university education still seemed out of reach. His story has a happy ending, but only barely.

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So what do I do with this?  | Max/Shane Playlist

//Stray Italian Greyhound . Vienna Teng / When the Day Met the Night . Panic! At the Disco / All I Want . James Durbin / Disgusting . Miranda Cosgrove / Please Don’t Say You Love Me . Gabrielle Aplin / Deer In The Headlights . Owl City / Wishes and Dreams . Stellar Kart / As You Are . Garfunkel and Oates / Flashlight . Jessie J//



Here. Have some PWP in which Killian wakes Emma up with his head between her legs because the opening scene of Outlander made me have a mighty need.

She wakes slowly, her hands fisting in the blanket over her shoulder and pulling as she tries to chase the reaches of sleep, pressing her cheek into her pillow and groaning softly. It’s still early, sunlight not yet peeking in through the curtains, nothing but the dull grey that accompanies the first feeble rays of dawn casting the room in shadow.

She feels a hand smooth along her side, and she almost jumps when she feels a gentle lick at the junction of her hip, between her thigh and where she is suddenly (fiercely) aching.

“Good, you’re awake,” he’s somehow managed to untwist her lower half from the blankets without waking her, situating himself neatly between her thighs. He pulls her left leg over his shoulder and presses a kiss just below her belly button, his nose tracing nonsense patterns into the soft skin. She had been having some pretty stellar dreams about a waterfall and warm, warm water - a pressure between her legs and eyes as blue as the cloudless sky. Not so far off, apparently.

She can’t see his full face, but she can see those eyes, his chin balanced lightly on a hip bone. “I was beginning to think I’ve lost my touch.”

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Stellar Dreams - Dimensions  ディメンション Official MV  

he tastes of asphalt and gunpowder.

It’s hard to remember small beginnings when you’ve created an empire.

(or, an instrumental, slightly narrative, aesthetic playlist for seven men who appeared without a trace)


1. Kavinsky Pacific Coast Highway | 2. Nightstop LA Heat | 3. Lazer Hawk King Of The Streets | 4. Tokyo Rose Midnight Chase | 5. Perturbator Electric Dreams | 6. Garth Knight 88 MPH | 7. Night Runner The Driver | 8. Judge Bitch Workin’ Out In Jeans | 9. Stellar Dreams High End | 10. The Outrunners Diamonds | 11. Compilerbau Gone Bad | 12. College Divided Loyalty | 13. Cougar Synth Can’t Touch My Sneakers | 14. Perturbator Fantasy (ft. Dream Koala) | 15. Scattle Flatline | 16. Miami Nights 1984 Mn84 Theme | 17. Cougar Synth Afterglow | 18. Mitch Murder Remember When