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sebastian stan literally just,,,he just…he paid for a whole bunch of kids on the big brothers big sisters programme in LA to have a private screening of cacw…he did that…he paid for their tickets, he bought their food and drink…for all of them, just bc he can??? like it wasn’t publicised outside of one insta post so he didn’t do it for the press??? he just did it bc he could and it was something rad for them???? idek where this is going he’s just so wonderful???

Like Ships In The Night (you keep passing me by) (5/?)

Enchanted Forest AU-Princess Emma does a reverse Cinderella and meets a Captain in a tavern instead of a Prince at a ball. It should have been a one-time thing but fate had other plans and they just keep meeting. Originally a one-shot birthday fic for @spartanguard but now a full on multichapter  Extra thanks to @phiralovesloki for being a stellar and fast beta!

5.2k | T | | AO3 | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

The woods were darker than Emma had expected. Clouds obscured the moon and stars and the trees were little more than shadows against the black. It was the kind of night that called for curling up by a fire, not tromping through the forest looking for an escaped pirate.

There was a pull on her wrist from the black fabric wrapped around it. Emma adjusted her direction, trusting the locator magic to lead her through the darkness. She fingered the rough cotton in the dark. The scarf Hook had used to keep her from calling Elsa’s guards hadn’t been a bad idea but with a locator potion added, it had become Emma’s personal pirate finder. Her father and his knights had clattered off toward the port assuming, as Emma had, that the pirate would commandeer a ship. By the time she had poured out the potion, it was too late to tell them that Captain Hook had fled to the forest and not the sea. Determined not to let him get too far away, Emma had set off at a gallop on a horse only to abandon it when the scarf pulled her into the deep woods.

She didn’t know where Hook was going, only that, once again, he had betrayed her. This time she was going to throw him in the dungeon where he belonged, where her father had wanted him to be from the beginning. Her mistake had been to think that she understood him, that because they had both been hurt by love they were similar. She had thought that his encounter with the Dark One had changed him, made him recognize the futility of his vengeance, made him want to be a part of something. She thought she had sensed it that night in her room and later in the council chamber, but she had been wrong. After Neal and Walsh, she should have known better, but the damn pirate had made her forget herself and forget the lesson she knew all too well–the only people she can trust is her family.

Suddenly the pull on her wrist stopped and Emma paused in confusion. Then she heard the crack of a twig from behind and on instinct, she ducked. The momentum of her attacker took him over her body and to the ground. In a flash, Emma was on top and sliding up to pin his biceps with her knees. She put her full weight forward and he hissed in pain. She grinned in triumph but the smile fell as a sharp pain pierced her thigh. She had forgotten about the hook.

“Ah! What the hell!” She rolled off and away, her right hand going to her thigh and her left pulling her dagger. She hadn’t expected an actual fight, hadn’t believed he would really hurt her despite his escape, but of course she had been wrong.

“Emma? Bloody hell, Emma! Are you hurt?” His shock and remorse made her loosen her hold on her dagger but not on her anger.

“You stabbed me with your hook! Of course I’m hurt,”

There was movement and suddenly he was beside her, his shadowed form becoming something recognizable close-up.

“Where?” Then his hand was on her knee and sliding upward as he probed for her wound. Heat flashed through her and she slapped his hand away. He drew back as if she had slapped his face.

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The One Where There’s Not Enough Time

Pairing: Barry Allen/ The Flash x Reader 

Summary: You and Barry fight when you become frustrated with his absence as of late but it’s quickly resolved when you realize how much you need your overbearing boyfriend as he nurses you back to health from a bad case of the flu.

A/N: first ‘the flash’ imagine! let me know if you’d like to see more!

MASTERLIST, MOBILE MASTERLIST (you can like it and save it for later!)

“Where’s Barry?”

Cisco looks up at and then back down at his laptop and taps the screen, “Doing a stellar job of being a superhero,” he smiles. You walk over and watch the live broadcast of Barry taking down yet another metahuman gone bad.

“Well, tell him I stopped by, will you?”

“If you stick around another ten minutes he’ll be here himself,” Cisco puts his laptop down on the table and eyes you curiously, “You don’t look so good.”

“Hm? Yeah – I mean no. It’s just been an off couple of days at work,” you sigh.

“That law internship not coming along so well?”

You shrug, “It’s not so much the job as it is my boss.”


“Nothing. Just tell Barry to give me a call if he has a minute,” you force a smile and leave.

The truth was that ever since you had gotten the internship at a private law firm, you’d barely seen Barry. And between his job and literally saving the world, he didn’t have much time for you either.

“Hey,” Barry rushes into the lab with a satisfied smile on his face.

“Nice job man,” Cisco claps a hand to his back, “Y/N stopped by a few minutes ago – asked if you could call her.”

“Crap, I missed her again? I feel like I haven’t seen her in weeks.”

“That’s because you haven’t,” Cisco frowns, “She doesn’t look so good either. Think her new boss is giving her a hard time.”

“Well, I’ll go check on her now-“

Cisco shakes his head, clicking his tongue, “Joe’s called like six times – you’re late on some case analysis thing.”

“Ugh,” Barry groans as he quickly gets changed, “Can you call her for me and tell her I’ll come see her tonight?”

“I’m not your-“ Cisco begins to say but Barry is already out the door.

“Y/N,” Barry presses a kiss to your cheek and sets down a takeaway bag on your desk, “Got a minute for some dinner?”

“Barry, what are you doing here?” you furrow your brows together, “I told Cisco to tell you I couldn’t do tonight.”

“Yeah, he told me but I figured maybe you could-“

“Well, I can’t,” you huff, walking around him down the hall.

“Are you mad or something?” he asks, reaching out for your arm. You slow down at turn to face him, “No, I’m not mad.”

You continue to walk further down and then hold a finger up for Barry to wait outside while you slip into your boss’ office. Apparently, not getting the message, he follows you in anyway.

“Taylor,” you place a file down on your boss’ desk, “This is everything you asked for.”

“You mean everything I asked for yesterday?” she raises a brow and then goes back to looking at her computer.

“Yes, well – I’m – I’m sorry about that but-“

“No need to be,” she smirks, “You’re only an intern,” she says in a condescending tone, “Clearly you have better things to be doing,” she eyes Barry.

“Oh no,” Barry interjects, “She’s been working so hard I’ve barely seen her – she doesn’t even have time for dinner,” he jiggles the takeaway back in the air.

“Oh, well don’t skip dinner on my account,” Taylor waves a hand, “In fact, take the rest of the night off. I’ll have one of the other interns take over your work.”

“That’s really not necessary,” you glare at Barry, “I’m not that hungry.”

“I can hear your stomach growling from here,” Barry nudges you, “Come on – take the night off,” he drags you outside. You reluctantly follow him until your back at the other end of the hallway away from everyone.

“Are you serious?”

“What?” he loops an arm around your shoulders, “Let’s go.”

“No,” you shrug it off, “Barry, this is my job. You can’t just come in here and talk to my boss – she already thinks I’m shit at this and did you see her face?”

“She seemed fine to me.”

“Well, she’s not. She’s really awful, Barry, which you would know had you bothered to talk to me the past few weeks! I get that my job isn’t saving the world but it’s important to me!”

“What’s the supposed to mean? – I was just trying to do something nice!” he stares at you with wide eyes.

“Well, your ‘nice’ gesture just cost me tonight’s case,” you cross your arms over your chest, feeling slight dizzy.

Barry stares at you and then places the takeaway bad down on the floor, “Whatever,” he says, walking off.

You wanted to go after him but you felt too sick and too tired. You slump back into your shared office and sink into your chair. After realizing you had no delegated tasks for the night, you pack up your stuff and head home – you hadn’t slept in almost three days and you were surviving on coffee and the occasional protein bar. You were pretty sure you had the flu but antibiotics and cough syrup seemed to be keeping it at bay.

When you get home you toss your things to the floor an stretch out across the couch, too exhausted to haul yourself upstairs.

You wake in the middle of the night with a cold sweat and a fever, “Barry?” you call out groggily. He hadn’t been home when you arrived but surely he’d come home now.

“Barry!” you call out louder, unable to stand up. The room seemed to be shifting from one side to the other and you place a hand on the coffee table as you steady yourself getting up.

“Whoa,” Barry is suddenly by your side with steady hands on your waist, “Are you okay?”

“I don’t feel so good,” you mumble, leaning against him.

He presses his hand to your forehead and then frowns, “You’re burning up,” he sits you upright and then rushes into the kitchen, returning with a glass of water and two tablets.

“You seemed fine earlier on tonight?” he crouches down beside you, resting a hand on your knee as you drink.

“I forgot to take antibiotics before bed. Guess the flu came crashing,” you mutter, placing the glass down and nestling back into the couch.

“If you were sick you should’ve rested,” he frowns, “You look awful.”

“That’s exactly what a girl loves to hear from her boyfriend, Bear,” you say sarcastically.

He doesn’t laugh and instead stares at you in concern, “Maybe we should get you to a hospital.”

“It’s not that serious,” you slap his hands away as he tries to lift you up.

“Have you been eating?” he asks, poking a finger into your arm. You swallow hard and shake your head.

“Okay, that’s it,” he huffs, scooping you up. Within a blink you’re standing in Star Labs with a bewildered Cisco and Caitlin staring at you.

“Can you put her on a drip or something?” Barry asks. Caitlin nods and helps you onto a bed in the next room. When she leaves, Barry sits down next to you.

“You’re so overbearing,” you groan.

“Maybe,” he shrugs, “But someone’s got to take care of you.”

When you wake up you feel like you’d crammed a weeks’ worth of rest in.

“Feeling better?” Barry asks. He was beside you, running his fingers softly through your hair while your head rested on his shoulder.

“Mmm,” you hum, realizing you were back in your apartment, “How long have I been out?”

“Just over a day.”

You sit upright, suddenly plagued by the thought of work.

“Don’t worry. Apparently Joe and your boss go way back,” Barry says as though reading your mind, “Taylor was very concerned to hear you were in ‘hospital’ and gave you the rest of the week off.”


Barry shrugs with a smirk, “Your boyfriend is a miracle worker,” he winks, pressing a kiss to your forehead.

“My boyfriend is a saint,” you look up at him, “And your girlfriend is totally sorry for being so horrible to you the other night.”

“Hey,” he smiles warmly, “Its fine.”

“I was just frustrated with work and not being able to see you. I shouldn’t have gone off at you like that.”

“And I should’ve made time to see you. At least then I would’ve realized how sick and exhausted you were before you passed out on the couch with your skirt off. Cisco and Caitlin were quite shocked when we showed up at Star Labs.”


“Yeah, I think in your tiredness you just pulled your skirt off and climbed onto the couch without putting pyjamas on. I didn’t realize until we got there,” he chuckles. You slap his arm and then bury your face in your hands, “I thought they were just surprised to see me.”

“More like surprised to see so much of you,” he teases.

“Shut up,” you nudge him. His laughter comes to a slow stop and he turns you to face him, “Promise me from now on we’ll make time for each other no matter what?”

“I promise,” you smile, “I don’t know if my boyfriend can keep that promise though… he’s a superhero or something.”

Trying a new vet this weekend~!

We grabbed the first vet we saw, kind of, when we first moved here since the pups were due for vaccines and what have you. It was fine but also clearly kinda busy. I dunno! Average, in my opinion, I guess. (I miss @quichehound‘s vet, which has set my expectations rather high, perhaps.)

BUT… Gunner chipped some enamel off a tooth. It appears to be entirely superficial, but obviously the vets aren’t gonna trust that until they see him! Our current vet only does cleanings and we’d have to be referred to another hospital in order to fully take care of this, so I decided I’d just switch over to our trainer’s vet anyway.

Now these people… They’re “fear free,” they encourage you to bring your doggos in freely to acclimate them, they seem very aware of any issues you may have. They must! - considering some of Supergirl’s dogs have some real ‘fraidy issues, there’s no way she’d go anywhere that didn’t accommodate.

They also have a free oral check this month, for dental awareness and for training techs, so that’s perfect. They can also do everything themselves, on top of having some weekday hours until 10pm and Saturday hours, too. Very convenient! Very patient, too. I often feel rushed/that I’m irritating somebody when I call to inquire about procedures, which I don’t much care for…

Here’s hoping Gunner just needs his tooth ground down a bit to level out the enamel.

A bridge of stars connects two dwarf galaxies

The Magellanic Clouds, the two largest satellite galaxies of the Milky Way, appear to be connected by a bridge stretching across 43,000 light years, according to an international team of astronomers led by researchers from the University of Cambridge. The discovery is reported in the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society (MNRAS) and is based on the Galactic stellar census being conducted by the European Space Observatory, Gaia.

For the past 15 years, scientists have been eagerly anticipating the data from Gaia. The first portion of information from the satellite was released three months ago and is freely accessible to everyone. This dataset of unprecedented quality is a catalogue of the positions and brightness of a billion stars in our Milky Way galaxy and its environs.

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I call this my Olicity sparkle series. They are pretty to look at, and square for icon use. Plus, they give holiday feels without leaving you feeling like Santa’s sleigh just ran you over.

*If you use one please be loverly and reblog this so others can too. Plus, giving me credit would just make you a stellar being.

I’m currently in Christmas overload, so I may make more. Who knows? :)

Part 2
OTA set


Meet the blogger! 

The Basics
~Name: Katie-Jane
~Age: 21
~Major: Elementary Education

~My favorite subjects are: Spanish, sociology, and creative writing.
~My transcript is littered with failing grades due to skipping too many classes, and I am determined to raise my GPA by being the stellar student I know I can be!
~Scored a 5 on AP Language & Composition
~Two-time winner of the Scholastic Nat’l Art & Writing Comp. on the regional level

~Nearly fluent in Spanish
~There’s an unpublished novel sitting on my hard drive.
~In recovery from alcoholism and addiction

I’m looking for new people to follow who don’t have the perfect studyblrs, academic records, and grades, people who are just like me–flawed and trying to improve themselves. 

On this blog you’ll find study tips, pretty study pics, and posts about my journey towards my degree and away from addiction.


I don’t think the Marauders were good people while they were at Hogwarts, like a lot of people weren’t stellar human beings while in high school. However, there comes a time in life where people should GROW UP and understand that the way you behaved as a teenager was unacceptable and I think the Marauders realized that…. except Peter - he’s a jerk.

I always saw a fascination in the stars, the far away galaxies
Your eyes, the creases in your hands
The way these all formed together in a constellation
Exploding with stellar being
Everything about you was celestial.

Hours studying Zodiac signs left me empty
I needed to find myself in your solar system
Forcing life onto other planets 
Deserted meteors I saw in your mind
I wanted to restore you.

As I looked to you I felt ablation
My mind melting away the ideas of horoscopes
Making room for you and your astro being
Never once wanting any sort of apastron
I awaited the chaos.

You are an evolved star
Burning out slowly, ever so
Sinking to be extragalactic
A place I never imagined
I was far from extraterrestrial.

But orbiting around you I felt the brightness of our galactic halo
Pushing deeper to reach your nucleus, I became your gravity
As one, our luminosity pressed tightly on all sides 
Forcing darkness to disband, a large nova exploding from us
And now we are an elliptical galaxy.

—  Astronomy / s.c.n.

A bridge of stars connects 2 dwarf galaxies

The Magellanic Clouds, the two largest satellite galaxies of the Milky Way, appear to be connected by a bridge stretching across 43,000 light years, according to an international team of astronomers led by researchers from the University of Cambridge.

The discovery is reported in the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society (MNRAS) and is based on the Galactic stellar census being conducted by the European Space Observatory, Gaia.

For the past 15 years, scientists have been eagerly anticipating the data from Gaia. The first portion of information from the satellite was released three months ago and is freely accessible to everyone.

This dataset of unprecedented quality is a catalogue of the positions and brightness of a billion stars in our Milky Way galaxy and its environs.

What Gaia has sent to Earth is unique. The satellite’s angular resolution is similar to that of the Hubble Space Telescope, but given its greater field of view, it can cover the entire sky rather than a small portion of it.

In fact, Gaia uses the largest number of pixels to take digital images of the sky for any space-borne instrument. Better still, the Observatory has not just one telescope but two, sharing the one metre wide focal plane.

Unlike typical telescopes, Gaia does not just point and stare: it constantly spins around its axis, sweeping the entire sky in less than a month. Therefore, it not only measures the instantaneous properties of the stars, but also tracks their changes over time.

This provides a perfect opportunity for finding a variety of objects, for example stars that pulsate or explode - even if this is not what the satellite was primarily designed for.

The Cambridge team concentrated on the area around the Magellanic Clouds and used the Gaia data to pick out pulsating stars of a particular type: the so-called RR Lyrae, very old and chemically un-evolved. As these stars have been around since the earliest days of the Clouds’ existence, they offer an insight into the pair’s history.

Studying the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds (LMC and SMC respectively) has always been difficult as they sprawl out over a large area. But with Gaia’s all-sky view, this has become a much easier task.
Around the Milky Way, the clouds are the brightest, and largest, examples of dwarf satellite galaxies.

Known to humanity since the dawn of history (and to Europeans since their first voyages to the Southern hemisphere) the Magellanic Clouds have remained an enigma to date. Even though the clouds have been a constant fixture of the heavens, astronomers have only recently had the chance to study them in any detail.

Whether the clouds fit the conventional theory of galaxy formation or not depends critically on their mass and the time of their first approach to the Milky Way.

The researchers at Cambridge’s Institute of Astronomy found clues that could help answer both of these questions.

Firstly, the RR Lyrae stars detected by Gaia were used to trace the extent of the Large Magellanic Cloud. The LMC was found to possess a fuzzy low-luminosity ‘halo’ stretching as far as 20 degrees from its centre.

The LMC would only be able to hold on to the stars at such large distances if it was substantially bigger than previously thought, totalling perhaps as much as a tenth of the mass of the entire Milky Way.

An accurate timing of the clouds’ arrival to the galaxy is impossible without knowledge of their orbits. Unfortunately, satellite orbits are difficult to measure: at large distances, the object’s motion in the sky is so minute that it is simply unobservable over a human lifespan. In the absence of an orbit, Dr Vasily Belokurov and colleagues found the next best thing: a stellar stream.

Streams of stars form when a satellite - a dwarf galaxy or a star cluster - starts to feel the tidal force of the body around which it orbits. The tides stretch the satellite in two directions: towards and away from the host.

As a result, on the periphery of the satellite, two openings form: small regions where the gravitational pull of the satellite is balanced by the pull of the host. Satellite stars that enter these regions find it easy to leave the satellite altogether and start orbiting the host. Slowly, star after star abandons the satellite, leaving a luminous trace on the sky, and thus revealing the satellite’s orbit.

“Stellar streams around the Clouds were predicted but never observe,” explains Dr Belokurov. “Having marked the locations of the Gaia RR Lyrae on the sky, we were surprised to see a narrow bridge-like structure connecting the two clouds.

We believe that at least in part this 'bridge’ is composed of stars stripped from the Small Cloud by the Large. The rest may actually be the LMC stars pulled from it by the Milky Way.”

The researchers believe the RR Lyrae bridge will help to clarify the history of the interaction between the clouds and our galaxy.

“We have compared the shape and the exact position of the Gaia stellar bridge to the computer simulations of the Magellanic Clouds as they approach the Milky Way”, explains Dr Denis Erkal, a co-author of the study.

“Many of the stars in the bridge appear to have been removed from the SMC in the most recent interaction, some 200 million years ago, when the dwarf galaxies passed relatively close by each other. "We believe that as a result of that fly-by, not only the stars but also hydrogen gas was removed from the SMC.

By measuring the offset between the RR Lyrae and hydrogen bridges, we can put constraints on the density of the gaseous Galactic corona.”
Composed of ionised gas at very low density, the hot Galactic corona is notoriously difficult to study.

Nevertheless, it has been the subject of intense scrutiny because scientists believe it may contain most of the missing baryonic - or ordinary - matter. Astronomers are trying to estimate where this missing matter (the atoms and ions that make up stars, planets, dust and gas) is. It’s thought that most, or even all, of these missing baryons are in the corona. By measuring the coronal density at large distances they hope to solve this conundrum.

During the previous encounter between the Small and Large Magellanic Cloud, both stars and gas were ripped out of the Small Cloud, forming a tidal stream. Initially, the gas and stars were moving at the same speed. However, as the Clouds approached our Galaxy, the Milky Way’s corona exerted a drag force on both of them.

The stars, being relatively small and dense, punched through the corona with no change in their speed. However, the more tenuous neutral hydrogen gas slowed down substantially in the corona. By comparing the current location of the stars and the gas, taking into account the density of the gas and how long the Clouds have spent in the corona, the team estimated the density of the corona.

Dr. Erkal concludes, “Our estimate showed that the corona could make up a significant fraction of the missing baryons, in agreement with previous independent techniques. With the missing baryon problem seemingly alleviated, the current model of galaxy formation is holding up well to the increased scrutiny possible with Gaia.”

townterror  asked:

Just dropping by to tell you that your Terumi is a blessing and what you're doing for the BB fandom is amazing. There's so many great characters/fandoms that get overlooked, and you're just BREATHING LIFE INTO THIS... Keep being stellar! :)

AHHH ROSA,    this is a  huge  compliment coming from you   (  i have a lot  –  a lot!!  –  of respect for you as a writer and  especially  as a writer for a villain like Kira  )  but g hghh g od thank you you’re so kind!!

Just finished Homecoming, and a Tanis/Homecoming podcast would be stellar with Geoff being part of the program.

Like, they get him to agree and he tells Nic he’ll stay in touch, but when that doesn’t happen, Nic goes on another adventure and finds out everything.

There’s also (obviously) Geoff’s side of the story, and it definitely does not go well for those guys when they tell him they want to deploy him again.

Wow, this would be good. I’m not very good with investigative plots, but it would definitely be fun. Should I write it? Would anyone want to read it?

anonymous asked:

Your amazing personality is my favorite thing about you!! Keep being stellar!!!



tysm im love you nonny!!!! im gonna cry im so happy