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let’s just be us

summary: based on this post by @bleebug (rockstar!killian and movie star!emma secretly dating, but those pesky fans figure it out…)

word count: ~3500

an: thanks to @swans-and-pirates for being a stellar beta! <3

Emma Swan likes to think she has it all in order.

Being an A-List celebrity is hard enough as it is, with paparazzi discovering her when she so much decides to go visit Starbucks for ten minutes. But, she has a plan and she has tricks that keep her relatively average.

Trick number one: private social media accounts.

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anonymous asked:

I follow because you have good content. My disagreements with others on maters of worldview or philosophy shouldn't mean I can't enjoy fandom and all it entails

The things is that pretty much our entire blog is worldview. So is “fandom and all it entails” - you can’t hold entertainment and media in some kind of separate sphere that has no relation to the rest of the world. 

When we post tags like “transphobes get put in the bee orb to atone for their sins” or “I dedicate this gay fanfic to my vice president-elect Mike Pence for being a stellar LGBTQ ally”, we are absolutely aligning ourselves with a particular ideology. So the idea that someone could follow our blog and fundamentally disagree with our worldview is just vaguely confusing.

But if you’ve figured out how to do that then more power to you or whatever.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Fic: Finding the Words

8k words, G rated

Scorpius is being weird – more weird than normal, that is. He’s spending longer than ever in the library, he hasn’t spoken to Albus in weeks, and he keeps forgetting to do his homework. Albus is determined to find out what’s wrong with him and help. That’s just what you have to do when your best friend is upset. 

Thanks to @abradystrix for being a stellar human being and beta, and thanks to @the-eighth-story for nudging me to add the last scene. <3 

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anonymous asked:

honestly, sometimes I just go on your blog because you're a genuinely nice person who responds to asks so kindly and and reblog cool fanart of your works and then it's like a super cool bonus when you update something. But what I'm saying is- you are a pretty cool human being. I hope you get better news for your surgery!

I hope I get better news too, anon! Three weeks to wait now until I hear back on that front. *crosses fingers*

And ahhh, glad you’re enjoying the blog! I enjoy it here too. :D You folks are the greatest.

On Infinite Earths - Chapter 2


Summary:  Kara shows Cat the possible and the impossible

Note:  Huge thanks once again to @reginalovesemma for being a stellar beta.

Chapter 2 on AO3

Or from the beginning

The portal spat them back out onto Cat’s balcony.  Strong arms around Cat prevented her from hitting the ground or tumbling over the side of the building.  Between years of carefully calculated landings and weeks of world-jumping, Kara landed on her feet like an old pro.  And if she exaggerated how long she needed to hold onto Cat in order to steady her, well, saving people from harm was her job, after all.

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tony is a single dad, and bucky&steve are his very hot neighbours.


Tony tried not to grind his teeth as he chased his four-year-old son down the sidewalk. As always, the little voices in the back of his head told him that he was doing a terrible job. He needed to keep a closer watch on his son. The real world was dangerous! What if Edwin ran out into the street and got hit by a car? Or if someone wanted revenge on Stark Industries and…

“Daddy! Look!”

Edwin finally slowed down, excitedly holding his hand out in front of him. Tony was out of breath when he finally caught up, but couldn’t help but smile when he looked at Edwin’s hand and saw him holding a red butterfly on one of his fingers. His little boy looked entirely enraptured by the tiny creature. “Isn’t it pretty, daddy?” Edwin asked, looking up at his dad.

“It sure is kiddo,” Tony replied, just as the butterfly took flight again, and slowly swooped away from the two of them. “Say ‘bye, butterfly’.”

“Bye-bye butterfly!” Edwin echoed, waving as the butterfly flew off. He grinned back at Tony, and Tony forgave himself a little bit for not being a stellar parent. If his kid was happy enough to give him that look, he couldn’t be that bad.

Tony took his son’s hand and continued leading him down the street towards their house. Edwin continued to babble about what he had done with his tutor that day, and Tony was about to ask about what exciting things he’d found out about levers when he saw a moving truck sitting in front of the house next door to theirs.

“Daddy, who are they?”

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sebastian stan literally just,,,he just…he paid for a whole bunch of kids on the big brothers big sisters programme in LA to have a private screening of cacw…he did that…he paid for their tickets, he bought their food and drink…for all of them, just bc he can??? like it wasn’t publicised outside of one insta post so he didn’t do it for the press??? he just did it bc he could and it was something rad for them???? idek where this is going he’s just so wonderful???


A few recent examples of my stellar bio-writing!

Being a dragon in my lair is a gamble. Maybe you’ll get a bio that talks all about your personality and life…or maybe you get a children’s book about butterflies. You never know!

I have been having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad time lately… and then I got a series of packages from one of my absolute favorite people in the world: @amanda-rex! (She is one of the most amazing, fantabulous people (and writers!) ever, so I really recommend getting to know this stellar human being.)

I am overwhelmed with joy and just wanted to share the amazing things I can now put up all over the my room, on my bags and just generally squee over. Rogue One, and Jyn/Cassian in particular, mean SO much to me and I’m so thrilled to be able to add so many more things to my collection and I’m just sitting here grinning like an idiot. I AM SO CHUFFED :D :D :D :D

I am so lucky to have some of the very best friends anyone could ever ask for ♥


a girl group playlist that reminds me of sweet and innocent love♡ [listen]

lovelyz - ah choo, stellar - love spell, oh my girl - curious, gfriend - me gustas tu, lovelyz - candy jelly love, f(x) - glitter, apink - u you, snsd - gee

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To everyone who reblogged that “the nerd I reblogged this from…” post: read all of your wonderful tags and I am the cri, I love you guys so much cndnsjjs, you’re always so sweet and so supportive of me, I cant believe I’ve been so blessed by your existence!! I hope you’re having a great day/night, and keep being stellar!! ;w;

To everyone who’s just followed: hello hi howdy it is I, welcome, I hope you have a good stay, prepare to embark on this journey of extremely messy content with over the top, enthusiastic, lenghty tags, provided by yours truly, also a mess

anonymous asked:

Im a junior SM in college and you're honestly my goals. Following you on here and snapchat reminds me what I'm working for when I start to get burnt out. Thank you for being such an inspiration!

You’re a star!
The burnout struggle is real.

Take care of yourself and keep being stellar.