4whorecruxes favorite blogs of the month results. ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿

Favorite girl blog: violetlungs

(Runners up: 27horcruxes, stellaaathemess)

Favorite boy blog: ap3rture

(Runners up: prefavor, w4lrusss)

Favorite green blog: stillfindingwally

(Runners up: stolengreenblackberries, 189m)

Favorite blue blog: whal3bones

(Runners up: 0)

Favorite other blog: lostteardrops

(Runners up:completingyourmissionflanerie)

Favorite url: ambivlence

(Runners up: violetlungs, impeditus)

Favorite overall blog (url/theme/title etc): stolengreenblackberries

(Runners up: snai1swolfshadowsumbr-a)

Every single one of those blogs are amazing and I suggest you follow each one of them. (I think I tagged everyone, sorry if not.) Everyone who won will get a fan sign soon and a page on my blog. I’ll do the daily promotions starting tomorrow.

Well done. :-)

anonymous asked:

Who are the most attractive girls on tumblr? I dare you to tag them

aboxofsouvenirs, carousel-lights, amantissima, stellaaathemess, crystalexplosion, cervid, currybomb, dead-hippies, stolengreenblackberries, our-window, fuckinghipsterbitch, undefine-yourself, searchthewolves, i-pee-on-kitties, dazzlingchicken, sharplittleboulders, oktoberkind…

Mission accomplished!