stella out

pt 2 of me taking a digital art class: my future fryder!! her name is stella

High School Theater Production Gothic
  • The set isn’t done yet. The set won’t be done next week, either. Your tech director says it will be. But everyone knows. She is a liar. 
  • A tech just ran by you. You don’t recognize them. You ask the stage manager who they were, but the stage manager doesn’t know. You ask the tech director. The tech director doesn’t know either. But they were in all black, so they had to be a tech, right?
  • The lead is missing from rehearsal. Again. Now that you think about it, you can’t remember when the last time the lead was at rehearsal. The director keeps yelling about it, but nobody knows why the lead is absent so often. You certainly don’t. You’re not even sure there is a lead. 
  • No food allowed in the theater. Everyone brings in Chick-fil-A milkshakes, and the new carpet is ruined. No food allowed in the theater. There is a hamburger rotting in one of the dressing rooms. It’s been there for weeks. No food allowed in the theater. You step on half an Oreo, the half with the cream on it. No food allowed in the theater. 
  • It’s dark when you get to school, and it’s dark when you leave. You don’t know what sunlight looks like any more. You think it’s supposed to be spring, but you’re not certain. 
  • There’s a spider in the dressing room. Somebody tells the stage manager that they think it’s a black widow. Everybody’s yelling and the makeup artists have fled. Finally somebody throws a shoe at it. The thing falls to the ground and crawls out the door. It could be anywhere now. 
  • Your costume is green. But one day you look in the dressing room and discover your costume is gold. You run around and look for the costume designer to tell her of this issue. After a while you stop and realize; your costume has always been gold. You don’t know why you ever thought it had changed. 
  • You practice your lines with your cast mates in the back of the theater. You make sure to be quiet so as not to bother those onstage. So quiet, in fact, that you can no longer hear your cast mates. You look up and discover they are not there. Maybe they never were. 

Lana Del Rey photographed alongside Emma Elizabeth Tillman, Stella Claire, and Alia Penner, at Girl At The The White Horse, in Los Angeles.