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So my friend saw my retweet about Ravus and Luna’s concept art… then she mentions Ravus looks like Stella. She meant THIS image.

Then I went like….. “Wait a minute…” *aggressively went to Google* and OH MY GOD… I wasn’t disappointed…

So maybe i can tell that they did not ACTUALLY remove Stella, but replaced her as Ravus instead. I remember way back then that we wished Stella would be kept in the game as Luna’s sister or evil sister something like that.

I think SE did something like that…. we can see it HERE and with the common weapon Ravus and Stella uses…



“It’s been a long time coming, almost there”

X years ago, Final Fantasy versus XIII was introduced to us for the very first time. And many things has change, but now in just X days we will finally have Final Fantasy XV.


Final Fantasy XV After Story: NO SPOILERS

Just to let all you people know, I spoiled myself…

With that out of the way I feel like what I’m about to say needs to be heard. It’s important for going into this game.

I will admit, yes, I’m very mad at myself for spoiling myself, after these ten long years of waiting I should be telling myself I’m an idiot. But for some reason there is an inclination I have that I was meant to see the spoilers so I can remember what the meaning to life is.

Bare with me… I know that sounds… odd.

First let me start with, (needless to say) the ending seems deep, and very different. Although it’s out of context. I really think it’s one of those, “You have to experience the game in it’s entirety to have it hit you.” kinda things.
“It’s not about the destination, but about the journey.” As they say.

I’m oddly disconcerted on it though. I feel like there is key integral emotional pieces missing. I expect that those pieces to line up after playing it to the end

Still I wondered that if I didn’t see it, would it have made the revelations and ending…. better?

Now, I called and knew what was going to happen in the story. With all my research on it the past 10 years I pretty much got it all right.
(Kept it to my own personal hypothesizing because I don’t want to spoil it or let down people if it didn’t come true.)

Basically I knew the plot all along but now have visuals to place with it.

I think I’m missing something though. I feel like, even though I knew what was going to happen, I wasn’t surprised or emotionally stirred, I still feel like it’s missing the emotional fulfillment for me which when I thought about my plot theories up to this point before I spoiled myself that unfulfilled feeling seemed implausible. Before that, I did get emotional thinking about it and knew I would get emotionally stirred once I saw those moments.
But I didn’t, even though they executed it in a very good way for me to feel the feels.

That’s where I think playing it to completion will fill in the blanks.

Not only that, it made me realize something about life in general.

It’s emotional backbone is not set in big moments or revelations. I think it’s emotional backbone is set in the quiet moments, playing and experiencing the game and being surrounded by brotherhood, quietly knowing you are not alone.

Truly this story is a “Fantasy Based On Reality.”

It’s story is about life.
How are lives are full of irreplaceable quiet moments. Moments that make life better.

Just like the Nomura quote on FINAL FANTASY VERSUS XIII above, In my own words I believe this sums up FFXV’s story theme in a nutshell.

“Life gains it’s meaning in the quiet human moments that give reprieve to an existence filled with greed, hatred, suffering, and despair.”

I believe it’s about the small moments as you play Noct’s journey that add light to the big astounding ones.
The small moments that make his life worth living.
The small moments that give weight and a sense of fulfillment to the conclusion of FINAL FANTASY XV’s tale of the figure that lies asleep in the fantasy.

Anyway that’s my two cents.

Alright so I finished Final Fantasy XV and I gotta say ending got me xD But that’s not what I wanna talk about. I wanna talk about both Lunafreya and Stella. Luna had me impressed I won’t lie but killing her off so early was a big mistake. Luna was great character that had potential just like Stella. And lately I’ve been thinking that in game Square Enix should’ve put both Stella and Luna. It’s just my opinion but I feel like scrapping face of Final Fantasy Versus was and still is very dissapointing.

I love Final Fantasy XV with all my heart but it’s messed up that this game took 10 years to make and yet it have less cutscenes than Final Fantasy X.

I really like the idea of Luna and Stella being sisters. Stella could’ve take Ravus’s place.

 I used to be so excited to see fight scene between Noctis and Stella. If they didn’t scrap her we even could’ve seen Luna actually fighting. Imagine Stella vs Noctis and Luna. Now that would be epic.

Seriously, Square Enix missed chance to make Final Fantasy 15 amazingly great. We didn’t had anything like that in Final Fantasy series. It would be neat.

Two badass sisters fighting with each other. And the best part is wondering why Stella would be antagonist. What would drive her to fight with her own family? Damn, these are some interesting story plots.

Obviously what I stated is just my own opinion. Thanks for your time.

Thinking back on Versus XIII days, I remember that incomplete scene where Noctis and Stella met at some party in a classy hotel, Somnus playing in the background.

Now I think that just got remade into the Kingsglaive scene, also in a hotel, where Nyx and Luna interacted. The fire works, Somnus also playing in the background, “There’s no safer place for me to be”.

I still don’t know how Square thinks that is platonic.

“Star necklace: Belongs to a long lost heroine.”

I won’t ever forget you Stella.
God I loved her design and clothes so much.
She’s had so much potential and yet…
I wish we saw more of her. *sight*

Fun fact: In the party scene and the following short trailers she has had spent more time with Noctis than Luna in the entire game.

I’m off Tumblr. Can’t have them leaks be ruining 10 years of agony paying off. See ya after I beat the game peoples!