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Next line of Gravity Has Fallen AU Characters!

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So, here they are:

Abigail Gleeful is the daughter of Gideon Gleeful. She’s very popular TV psychic, great performer and nice person.

At first she has got some problems caused by her father, but they overcame it. Apart from her logical tricks during performances she’s a very powerful magician, but can’t control her powers well. She loves her father and trying to do all her best to keep him be pride of her. So… there appears star-shaped demon, who teach her how to control her powers and tells her what to do to make her father happy. And this summer she’s back from her tour in U. S. to Gravity Falls, and just like that it will not work.

And the guy is Cy, actual employee in Mystery Shack.

He’s youngest son of Ranger McGucket, the grandson of Fiddleford McGucket. He got four older brothers and little sister named Charlie, so he’s glad to spent time out of home. This guy remains the only worker the Mystery Shack while his co-worker went to Thailand with her friends for the summer. As Dipper’s hand, Cy helps him a lot in his bussiness, in housework and in experiments. Cy is respectful to his boss and complies to his every request. He’s often seems grumpy, but it’s only because he’s bored or doubt. He enjoys spending time with the twins and accompanies them on their adventures. He has a good aim.

 He has a good aim.


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Ok. I’ve just drown my mind. 


So… Here they are. Any questions?