☆ Important Sheep Meme ☆

Who are all these sheep??? Well, of course, the important sheep who roam Stella City! Check out this bleat two-part ask meme set ♐ sagittarius mod made! Spread it around and have fun!

Akidra Kadoe:  Is your muse the type to run to the doctor over every little ailment, or do they believe in just rubbing on dirt in it and walking it off?  Do they have any vivid experiences with doctors of any sorts (medical, dentist, etc)
Bitsy Smooches:  What kind of things would your muse have in their grocery cart?  Are they the type to fight for the last of something on the shelf at Cereal Market?
Cuddlesheep:  How does your muse show affection/interest in things they like?  Are they the clingy/openly-into type or perhaps a more cool and distance type?
Howard Bleats:  What’s your muse’s, realistic and fantasy, dream job(s)?  Are they still actively trying to pursue either in Stella City?
Meep: How does your muse like to spend their birthday?  How about their friends’ birthdays?
Mia Fewe:  Does your muse have something or someone they would go to any lengths to protect/defend?  Is there a backstory as to why?
Nancy Ewe: Is your muse nosy? What kind of rumours have been said about them in the past, or would be made up about them in Stella City?
Officer Woolsley:  How does your muse feel about the law?  Have they ever had any run-ins with the police in the past, or perhaps look up to any law enforcers?
Woolston Payne:  Is there something that could be best described as your muse’s guilty pleasure?  Is it a good thing or something they should probably try to not enjoy as much as they do?
Shrek:  What’s your muse’s daily routine before leaving the house?  Are they the type to spend a lot of time on appearances, or do they wake up like this?
Aries:  Does your muse consider themselves to be responsible?  Do they keep things organized and clean, or do they live in a state of “organized chaos”?
Stella:  What does your muse do for fun?  Do they have any habits or quirks that could be considered “impulsive”?

For more information about these sheep, check out our Important Sheep page!

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Stella and Rosalie, both living in Evergreen Landing again, began hanging out more in the evenings. Usually Friday evening, with drinks and pizza, much like the sorority house days they both missed.

“Have you met anyone lately?” It was a question Rosalie often led with; dating around seemed to be her life’s greatest goal. “The dating scene back here is so lame. Sometimes I think I ought to move to the city like my brother, but I think my parents would kill me. I mean… I’m pretty sure they would have killed him had he not ambushed them with his plan to move.”

“I couldn’t afford living in Ridge City… not on my salary,” Stella mused. “I haven’t met anyone new, no. Jordi came to visit though…”

“Jordi? Came here? All the way from RSU?” She was incredulous, “What would a party boy like him have to do here?”

“We… managed,” Stella gave her a sly smile. “He liked the Turnpike, he thought it was very,” she gave air quotes, “vintage.”

“Did you tell him that’s because it literally is? Like, hasn’t been retouched in thirty years?”

“We didn’t get much into the finer points of interior design.”

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e: usou ✦ outside

The sun felt almost foreign, for a solid moment. The grip of silence came undone when everyone’s breathing quickened, going closer and faster to the threads of sunlight, and… they were finally outside. Cool, fresh air accompanied by the setting sun in the horizon. Everything so vibrant and real in their natural colors, like out of a dream… Seeing the dome from the far distance felt entirely unreal.

It was quiet, peaceful, save for the few sounds of distant car engines. The seer’s eyes had widened at the sight of cars and emergency personnel, waiting just outside of the dome. She breathed out a soft, “Woah,” completely shocked by it. The thought came to her, wondering how long had people been trying to rescue the class? There were nights where she slept, wondering if anyone even knew if they were gone, knowing that they were in danger. The seer held onto these thoughts as she followed a few of the survivors, nearing the crowd.

Surely, they noticed. People were able to point out the kids from a distance, and there was an immediate rush as the survivors came closer. She felt so tired, immediately feeling even more exhausted by the adults. Her head buzzed with static, trying to make sense of the noise around her in order to hold back a headache. … Actually, there was a specific noise that stood out from the rest of the chatter, and her eyes widened as she picked out a body running towards the group.

Running towards her, actually.

The familiar voice of her mother screaming became all the more real, and panic began to set in immediately. “…ou?! …sOU!! … USOU!!!” 



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Ella hated coming back. The halls smelled like they always had, and the memories rushing back were mostly bad. She could almost feel the ice on her face and taste the high fructose corn syrup. But she did it for her sister, who had dressed her up like a barbie doll and made her come back to William McKinley High School. As she filed into the auditorium, she slipped past the men who had tossed slushies in her face years ago, and grabbed a cup of punch. 

e: usou ✦ higher magic

Among the hubbub of it all, Usou’s entire figure were being inspected by her tearful parents, as well as several kinds of words being shared. Her mother still in tears over the idea of her daughter being caught in the perils of danger so many times, while her father trying to stay cool and keep face in front of Usou. The seer had imagined herself shedding more tears when reuniting with her loved ones, but she couldn’t find it in her to squeeze any out. Maybe the city had gotten all of her crying out of her?

Perhaps, she thought to herself. She tried to reassure her parents that she was fine, that she hadn’t suffered any sort of serious injuries, amazingly. It didn’t stop her mother from checking her head for any sort of physical trauma while scolding her for… some reason she didn’t understand…

But beyond that, another person came into the mix of Usou’s family with a smile and a laugh. She had almost entirely forgot about her grandmother, and the fear that she during one of the motives came back to Usou at the sight of her.

“Hahahaaa! There she is! We’ve been waiting for you, Usou~! Look at your Mama and Papa; they haven’t stopped crying since we got here! No one wanted to listen to me, I kept telling them, over and over–!” 

‘Hey! Why are you two freaking out?! Of course she’ll make it out of there! Seven, I told you, the big seven!’ But what’s a girl to do when everyone keeps turning an ear away from her…” She sighed, shaking her head.

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ofestclla  asked:


what your muse’s name is in mine’s phone ?

stella 🌙

what your muse’s ringtone is in mine’s phone ?

cinderella - the cheetah girls  

i don’t wanna be like cinderella  
sitting in a dark cold dusty cellar
waiting for somebody, to come
& set me free ❞

my muse’s last text to your muse ?

[iMessage ✉️  stella 🌙 ]: steLLA teach me how to makeup??? i mean….i took a picture earlier and the flash was showing me some v v bad bad things

what your muse’s picture is in mine’s phone ?