Delena: Actually likes every character and actually enjoys the show for what it is, doesn’t just watch it for their ship.”

Really? Are you fucking kidding me? The amount of hate I’ve seen for every character but Damon from Delena shippers is insane! Let’s see,

Hated Caroline for; telling Stefan the truth, for hating Damon because he abused her…

Hated Stefan for; Hating Damon, for being with Elena, for being the better man.

Hated Jeremy for; getting in the way of Damon when he was upset about getting rejected by Elena. I’m not even kidding I’ve seen this -_- For not liking Damon.

Hated Alaric for; not forgiving Damon right after he killed him. Twice.

Hated Bonnie; for not liking Damon.

Hated Klaus for; not liking Damon, for liking Stefan better.

and my personal favourite…

Hated Elena for; Rejecting Damon in S1,S2, and choosing Stefan in S3, for turning him down after he said that he loved her, for loving Stefan more, for the most idotic reasons ever.

Yet when we hate on Elena for being a dumb bitch and pretty much betraying Stefan, a person who has saved her ass way too many times.

But yes Delena shippers, you really do like all of the characters on TVD, unlike us heartless bitches.

Stelena Fandom: We haven’t got any SEx in like 2 seasons.

TVD Writers: Keeps SE apart for a whole season, then break them up 5 episodes into season 4, with no SEx

Delena Fandom: We want DEx

TVD Writers: Ok, sure, We’ll make this the Delena diaries and have them fuck every episode. Cool Beans?

Stelena Fandom: Yep, and there’s no favourites at all, nope.

I could see Delena having more of a future than Stelena”

Stefan and the cure: If it meant that I got to be with her… have children, grow old, if it meant that we’d die together, be barried together then yes… I’d take the cure.

Damon and the cure: That’s not me Elena, that’s Stefan. You know I used to miss being human, now I can’t think of anything more miserable on earth.

That awkward moment when Damon himself cannot see a future with Elena.