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top 10 stelena otp tags (as voted by our followers): #8 otp: all i see is stefan and elena

I know that you’re in love with Elena. But I think you’re afraid of what might happen when we find the cure at the end of the rainbow. Personally, I don’t see a fairytale ending for you. All I see is Stefan and Elena. I think you see the same thing.


Stelena Dances > Delena Dances [Because I’m Petty]

Not my gifs.

I was going to go into a detailed explanation of why I think they’re better but then I thought if SErs or Non-DErs are interested, they should post their thoughts ;)


top 10 stelena otp tags (as voted by our followers): #5 otp: i never unfell for him

I love him, Damon. He came into my life at a time when I needed someone and I fell for him instantly. No matter what I feel for you, I never unfell for him.


Dancing Is A Stelena “Thing” Because … [Not My Gifs]

It’s never just dancing for this couple. Damon and Elena’s last scene may have been them dancing and Stefan may have told Caroline that one of the reasons why he loves her is because she “got” him to dance but here’s the thing, Damon and Elena’s “main” dance was the Miss Mystic Falls dance in 1x18 and every dance they have after that one (except for the one they have in 2x18) is an echo of that one dance and they keep referring back to it. With Steroline, yes, dancing is a big part of their relationship, I’m not denying that, but for the writers to make it seem like Caroline got him to dance while Elena couldn’t is ridiculous.

Stelena dances, what’s great about them, is that every time they share one, they’re being brought back together despite external circumstances, it’s a reminder of their bond, their connection, their relationship, their love. It always starts off with some hesitancy, one person has to make the initial approach and then when they start dancing, you see them connecting.

In 1x12, it looks as if Stefan is going to disappoint Elena by refusing to do a move with her but then he grabs her by the wrist and dips her, literally and figuratively sweeping her off her feet because seeing her happy makes him happy.

In 2x18, Stefan doesn’t want to go to the dance while Elena is eager and when they do go under less than desirable circumstances, Stefan dances with her to make her feel safe, feel normal, feel less tense and it’s an effort worth noting considering how much of a brooder Stefan is supposed to be.

In 3x14, Stefan spends so much time trying to make Elena and Damon and everyone think that he doesn’t feel, that he doesn’t care about or love Elena anymore but when she bumps into him and they start to dance, all of that history, of all that longing is communicated for both of them through their gazes; he gets Elena to laugh while also revealing just how well he knows her by saying that Damon needs to learn that she can take care of herself.

In 3x20 Stefan and Elena are trying to find their way back to normalcy again, everything is awkward and delicate,  there’s slight discomfort between them because of everything that’s happened — Stefan turned off his humanity, Elena kissed Damon, the Originals are wreaking havoc on Mystic Falls — like things are tense. But the moment they start to dance, all of that doesn’t matter, what matters is that they’re in each other’s arms, they’re comfortable, at ease, fall back into place and it’s a combination of living in the moment and relishing their history.

In 4x19, this is the dance that evokes memories of all of the other dances they had with each other but the fact that Stefan makes the actions as he reminisces, the fact that he touches her neck and her waist, strokes her fingers and dips her in present time is a signal that it’s always going to be like this, that connection, that intimacy, that seduction doesn’t go away no matter the current bullshit in their way and Elena reciprocates, she strokes his fingers back, her words sound unmoved but her expression says otherwise and the fact that she says “What heart?” but doesn’t walk away, she keeps dancing with him shows that she feels it even when she isn’t supposed to.

Dancing. Is. A. Stelena. Thing. Period.

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Are you and that ANON tyrn to kill me with those stelena gifs and memories your taking bout??? Stefan was hot af when Elena ran into him in the dance and he's standing there with this intense stare just waiting for her. I felt so bad for him before that when he had to watch Damon take her on the dance floor and you could feel his feelings in that moment...aahhh!! I need them back!! *drowning in se feels* thks to the both of you

LOL. OK when Elena bumped into Stefan at the Mikaelson ball and he’s just staring at her with such smug intensity, I literally squealed and clapped my hands so loud that my mother came into the living room to see what I was so excited about. That Stefan stare SLAYS me every time because it’s boastful without being boastful, you know what I mean? Like Damon brags and then makes Elena or the people around him admit something to him, he needs verbal validation and then he’s cocky about it but Stefan just radiates it silently so when Elena bumped into him and he looked at her like that, that look to me was like, “Ready to dance with a real man?” And I was dyyyyyyyyiiiiiiing and you see how affected Elena is in the moment and then it’s like she has to remind herself to be awkward because she stares at him with wide eyes for a couple of seconds and then lowers her gaze and I did feel bad for him when he watched Damon take Elena’s arm but the way he recovered from that omgomgomgomg, I LOVE that dance so much. It’s actually a tie between this dance and the dance at prom because again, Stefan was subtle and yet smug in the way he seduces Elena. “So you don’t remember what it felt like, when I touched your waist…?” and he DOES it like that takes confidence and it’s SO sexy because he isn’t whining about it or forcing her to remember, he’s just like, “Let’s see how unfeeling you really are…” Stefan is actually the master of seduction and it comes through in his dances, which is why I love them so much and why I miss SE so much. Sorry for making you drown in SE feels! (Not!)

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2. Just another thing wrong with tvd, there's no follow through. and I do agree about them not knowing how to write relationships. I know JP has said that she likes angst with her couples but if you can't even convince your audience that a certain couple are a couple then what are you doing?!? lol That's why DE is a joke and I don't understand why DE fans aren't mad about how their 'couple' was written. Because DE was and is awful writing and I don't think I've ever come across such.

I don’t know if there was a part 1 to to this ask but I’ll just answer part 2 :)

Here is the thing about angst and about Julie saying that she likes angst with her couples. What does she think angst is? Because when I think of angst I think of this:

Because when you look up angst this is the characterization of the word: “Angst, often confused with anxiety, is a transcendent emotion in that it combines the unbearable anguish of life with the hopes of overcoming this seemingly impossible situation“ and that’s exactly Stelena because every single one of this gifs takes place in a moment where one of them or both of them are experiencing “the unbearable anguish of life” whether it’s Elena going with Klaus to “die” or Stefan fighting for his humanity/against his darker nature and the two of them being together, holding each other, talking to each other, dancing with one another, kissing one another is the “hope of overcoming this seemingly impossible situation” SE is the definition of angst.

But DE and SC are just anxiety. All Damon and Elena did was go “I love you more than humanly possible!” “But we’re bad for each other!” “We need to break up!” SEX. “We still need to break up!” “I love you more than humanly possible!” “But we’re bad for each other!” “We need to break up!” SEX “We still need to break up!” “I love you more than humanly possible!” Like just that same cycle, that same exhausting point being made again and again and again, that is not angst, that’s just tiring and Elena constantly assuring Damon that she loves him and constantly coddling his ego and him being worried about her not wanting him anymore if she’s human, that’s just anxiety and insecurity like watching SE makes me go:

watching DE makes me go:

And then Steroline.

Julie, JULIE, they’re not a believable couple! What about them exactly is angsty? Them simply being apart is not angst, Stefan just looks and sounds and feels completely disengaged with Caroline and the relationship, like if you want angst you don’t have this:

you have this:

If you want me to believe that they’re both “madly” in love then don’t give me this:

give me this:

Angst requires passion and passion is something that SC is severely lacking, which is sad because I thought they had some great passion in season 6 and they had their moments in 7x01 but it’s like when Caroline and Stefan finally got together it fizzled out and Caroline is manically worrying about what she means to Stefan, what their relationship means at all and keeps trying to give him “outs” and Stefan has his monotonous “I love you” and we’re supposed to be satisfied with that? It isn’t angsty. The one plotline they had that could create angst, which was being unable to physically touch each other lasts TWO episodes and they both look mildly irritated by that than like OMG I JUST WANT TO TOUCH YOU AND BE WITH YOU PLEASE GOD and THAT is angst. So when I watch SE I’m like:

And when I watch SC I’m like: