My theory is that Kevin Williamson left TVD because Julie Plec and Caroline Dries were trying to push DELENA back in the earlier seasons and he had enough. There has to be a reason why KW just up and left and stopped caring about TVD (HIS OWN PROJECT AND SHOW) for 4 seasons. Not to mention that in the TVD Farewell video, Kevin only talks about Stelena and how they were the epic love story of TVD and how Stelena is what helped him through grief and a rough time in his life. He never mentioned Delena, not ONCE. Kevin was always an SE shipper, but JP (despite her claims that she leans more Stelena) wanted to push for Delena because she has an obsession with Ian. Julie Plec is the one who ruined TVD. If KW had stuck through the show since the beginning to now, I can guarantee that this show would have been a hell of a lot better than it has been for how ever many seasons. We would have had excellent writing for Stefan, Bonnie, Elena, Damon and all of the other characters. Stefan would have still been the noble and heroic hero with a badass side, Elena would have been the kind, caring, compassionate yet strong protagonist and heroine we all originally rooted for and loved and wouldn’t have been ruined as a heroine, Damon would have been the chamringly evil yet funny, snarky, entertaining bad boy with edge and badassery that we both love and hate at the same time and root for his redemption (I MISS SEASON 1 AND EARLY SEASON 2 DAMON!), Bonnie would have been the kind, caring and compassionate person who was also strong, loyal and badass and wouldn’t have been horribly mistreated, sidelined, and neglected (KW has always been a Kat Graham/Bonnie fan), Caroline would be the annoying yet lovable best friend to Bonnie and Elena and wouldn’t have become so needy and clingy and been with every single male character on the show, Steroline would have probbaly had a lesser chance of happening and probably would have stayed platonic/just friends, Bamon probably would have had a higher chance of becoming canon/happening romantically (like in the novels) because KW actually respects the original source material (aka LJ Smith’s writing/TVD books) and finally, Stelena would still be the epic love story and would have NEVER have been retconned and destroyed in favour of making Delena happen. JULIE PLEC DESTROYED TVD. 

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Yes as in scenes that got u emotional.

3x05 compulsion:

3x01 phone call:

3x06 rescue:

2x20 goodbye:

2x06 break-up:

2x05 blood share:

1x17 blood share:

3x03 break up:

3x11 fight:

4x10 “argument”:

4x01 reunion:

4x19 prom:

4x21 humanity:

3x14 everything:

4x06 break up:

5x18 everything:

5x02 illusion:

6x04 proposal:

2x14 lakehouse:

6x21 flirty banter:

6x22 everything:

7x12 “what did you do???”

3x22 Elena’s choice:

1x18 “I’m not”:

1x19 Spiral:

1x20 Everything:

1x10 Everything:

None of these gis are mine!

season eight concept

aka a concept that will never happen but one can dream

- stefan and elena gets back together

- katherine comes back (as a vampire. idk how but. vampire.)

- caroline reunites with klaus or tyler

- alaric meets a new love interest WHO DOESN’T DIE and lives happily ever after with her and his twins whereas caroline visits every week


- lexi returns from the dead

- damon becomes the number #1 fifty shades of grey fan

- matt meets a lovely girl and they decide to start a family he also moves as far away from mystic falls as humanly possible

- enzo gets an relevant storyline

- tyler comes back to mystic falls and doesn’t suffer

- bonnie finds a loophole around the spell and she doesn’t have to die for elena to wake up

alternative concept: kai and katherine meet in hell and fall in love

TVD 8x01: “Hello Brother”- Random Thoughts Of The Week

Hello dear friends!

For old times sake, I’ve decided to watch the final season and therefore I’m back with my TVD recaps. The “draggin the hell outta TVD” kind of recaps, you know my drill! I hope you will enjoy reading them :) 

Anyway, let’s cut the chase and let’s go back to the Bullshit Diaries:

  • The opening scene was a nice throw-back to the pilot…Remember when the show was amazing? Yeah me too, good times.
  • The slaughterhouse is creepy, I’ll give them that.
  • Steroline is still cringe-worthy to watch. Paul wasn’t kidding when he said that those love scenes were uncomfortable to shoot. We feel ya’ bro *vomits a little* 
  • My baby Bonnie is crying. What else is new? You know, it’s nice to know that despite all the bullshit Plec and Dries threw at us, they’re still constant on one thing: making Bonnie’s life miserable…. FML
  • Flashbacks of Bonnie and Enzo. I didn’t watch the show for a while so I’m indifferent to that pairing. I am, however, still bitter because ONE Bonenzo scene was enough for Plec and Dries to explore that relationship, while SEVEN fucking years of Bamon chemistry did nothing for them…*judging you very much writers*
  • After all these years, I still don’t care about Alaric. Why is he even there?
  • Damon reading Fifty Shades. Isn’t that fitting that the main protagonist of one of the most abusive relationship I’ve ever had the disgrace to stumble across (aka Dullena) would tribute to one of the most abusive relationships in the modern writing culture? That requires an applause to the writers.
  • Stefan will never give up on his brother. If only Defan wasn’t such a one-sided relationship, I’d be #TeamDefan. But it is so…. I guess I just feel bad for Stefan?
  • I won’t comment on the Dullena “I loved you since the first moment I laid eyes on you but I thought you were Katherine” scene that was edited with stunt doubles to fulfill whatever Plec’s goal is. How pathetic…but hey, Dullena has always been pathetic, so points for the consistancy? yay!
  • Finally, my own silver lining of episode: when Bonnie told Stefan to find his hope, he went on to write for Elena. SHE is his hope <3
  • Finally, the devil is a SHE. I hope she will make for a great villain, because so far the mistery surrounding her was creepy and nicely done. See? I can give props to the writers when they deserve it :) 

Overall this premiere was quite boring but the creepy factor made it tolerable. 

See you next week!


After ages, here’s my new #stelena video. Hope you’ll like it!

I’m so sick of the constant Steroline and Delena bullshit. I can’t wait for this show to be over. All I care abut is how LJ Smith finishes her version TVD through writing the rest of her story through fan fiction (the real version BTW and the only version that counts in the entire TVD series). At least I know there is a higher chance of Stelena and Bamon being endgame, the way that it should be. 

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Elena will always love Stefan, but what BEING in love? On season 3, it feels like she was choosing to be in love, so that's why on 4x03 she thinks of Damon and plays "Too Close" and when she was compelled to tell the truth, she said "do you still love stefan? yes" "are you still in love?" no"

Except no? Stefan’s behaviour in season 3 is always going to be complicated by the fact that he would not have been in this position if it weren’t for him saving Damon and if it weren’t for Klaus forcing him to turn off his humanity; that being said Stefan did some pretty serious shit, he killed Andie, he bit Elena, he terrorized her on wickery bridge, he broke up with her, why would Elena choose to still be in love with him through this? If there was ever a time that she could choose Damon and come out looking clean, it’s season 3 and that’s why it’s the season that feels most like a triangle but she couldn’t because she was in love with Stefan, that didn’t go away, that wasn’t something that she stubbornly chose, her heart was fixed to Stefan and that is why Elena and Stefan in season 3 are actually the couple who have a consuming love not the bullshit that Damon and Elena go on about in seasons 4-6.

The issue with Elena thinking about Damon in 4x03 is that she thinks about him because she’s supposed to be like him, that’s the point, that’s what her hallucination says, that deep down she knows she’s like Damon more than Stefan:

Except again that’s bullshit because narratively, she’s most like Stefan.

Like Stefan, she doesn’t want to feel the cravings that she has, she doesn’t want to feel what she felt, she voices this on many occasions:

and like Stefan, Elena went partying with Damon as a way to control her bloodlust,

So actually Stefan and Elena were the same and they both relied on Damon for the exact same reasons, that doesn’t mean that Elena is in love with him.

So like, yeah, in season 4 Elena is supposed to be in love with Damon, y’all got the dialogue, y’all got the song lyrics but frankly it doesn’t hold up when you actually look at the narrative. It’s all smoke.

We literally went from this ^^^^ to Bonnie not caring about Damon at all.
It is not even that I’m hurt because of my otp. It’s because the storyline.
Damon and Bonnie are best friends. It just doesn’t make any sense that Bonnie prefers her new boyfriend over her best friend.
At least she should care a little about Damon. I mean, she canonically said he was the person she cared the most. And now what? Everything is forgotten and all she cares about is Enzo (and yeah, for me, no matter how many times they tell me they are epic, I just can’t see it. Just too forced for me)
They literally have said “they have a profound friendship” well, I’m not seeing it at all. Friends care about each other. And what I’m seeing isn’t that.
Even if they won’t be romantic, they still had an amazing friendship. Why ruining it?
And now, Bonnie. The girl who literally had died for her friends, doesn’t give a shit about her best friend just because of what? It just doesn’t fit!
Give me something believable writers!

You know what I want? I want the “evil” to get to Stefan and I want him dark and doing terrible things. I want him to go after everyone, including Caroline’s kids. And I want her to NEVER give up on him. I want her to be stubborn and never stop fighting for him. I want her to help save him, to get him back. I want them to go through hell - but not because one of them made a mistake; I want them to be apart because of somebody / something else and I want them to find their way back to each other just because they love each other enough to never walk away. I think there wouldn’t be better SL to parallel SE in season 3 - with a very different ending, of course.

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honestly i would have rather stefan to write elena about stranger things instead of damon, come on it would have been 10 times better, i would pay to see that stefan just watching nextflix and writting elena about every tv show instead of talking about damon LOL


Dear Elena,

I haven’t been sleeping at all lately, my worry for Damon has consumed all of my thoughts, the only time I can turn my brain off is when I binge-watch Netflix. Yes, I got a Netflix account, don’t mock me, do you know how many Scorsese movies they have on there? Anyway, there’s this show called Stranger Things, I think you’d like it, I really connect to the character Eleven, she has a power she never asked for and has gone through the world scared and alone but then she meets Mike and … well I know how much you hate spoilers so I won’t say anything else but let’s just say they reminded me of when I first met you.

There’s this other show called The Get Down. I really like the music …



Stefan & Elena | Longest night made by jess jones

TVD is trash

Elena isn’t even in the show yet and they have already made her the center of attention. Am I really supposed to believe that Bonnie badass Bennett has been reduced to another TVD girl who would rather save Enzo a boy she’s only known for a short period of time than her actual soulmate Damon who she has known for years. If Bonnie was played by a white actress I can guarantee that Bamon would have happened already.

And why can’t Caroline just take care of her kids. Oh that’s right because she has been reduced to a warm body for Stefan since Stelena isn’t happening. Like i used to love Caroline now I’m just sick with her. She told Klaus she wanted a normal life, well now she has kids and a house in the suburbs and you really want me to believe that she would give that up for Stefan’s meat stick.

And the whole siren thing would have been really cool. But they just had to make her another mediocre white girl that’s going to 9 times out of ten sleep with Damon so that Damon can pretend to stop thinking about Elena because that’s what all the girls on TVD are apparently good for. Their doe existence on the show is to make sure that the guys show how angsty they are and provide a warm body.

Honestly I’m so sick of these misogynistic and racist writers of TVD. Every single person of color gets either killed or treated like shit. And every single woman is used to further the storylines of their male counterparts.