Better Late Than Never? Pt. 2 {TVD 8x14 Review}

Sorry this took so long guys! You know the drill, I write everything in real time so if I make a mistake at the beginning it probably will be rectified by the end but I already know what happens this epi, so, lol. This will contain anti-Damon, anti-Delena, anti-Bamon, anti-Steroline, anti-Bonenzo sentiments. There will most likely be mentions of other shows and of the misogynoir and anti-blackness and racism in this narrative. If you do not like it, do not read. OK, ready? Let’s go!

1. “If you want my forgiveness, you’re going to bring Elena Gilbert back to life” that line still makes me laugh because who the fuck cares about your hand-me-down forgiveness, Damon. Also Elena isn’t dead. So back to life my ass, it’s just waking her up.

2. I think it’s funny that Cade is talking about how Damon is in limbo, “the space between spaces” because my guy, that is JUST the Other Side.

3. No, see, the entire plot line with Cade and the Salvatores irritates me because it’s so conveniently linked to Damon and Stefan. He is the devil or the devil’s right hand man (since Katherine is the Queen of Hell for some reason, right?) I don’t understand why he can’t just find the weapon himself or get someone else to do it for him, there’s no reason that it has to be Damon and it’s the problem when a villain keeps making threats “Or I’ll drag you back to hell”, so then do it. At least with Supernatural when Zachariah wanted Dean to do something and Dean was like nah, Zachariah was like OK so what if I give Sam stage 4 stomach cancer? Or hey, how about if I take away his lungs? And we see him inflict these tortures on Sam while Dean watches. Or Dean starts off the season coming out of hell and we get flashbacks to what hell was like for him and we find out how much it fucked him up so when Uriel and Castiel threaten to throw him back into hell, it’s an actual real threat because we’ve seen the effects and why he would be scared. This whole thing with Damon is like … every time Cade says he’ll send Damon to hell I’m like motherfucker, no you’re not or you would’ve DONE did it by now, stop.

4. Kat and Paul look gorgeous together, like I just … seriously, they’re really beautiful people.

5. Bonnie being able to see Enzo is like Jeremy being able to see Bonnie and Elena hallucinating Damon. I’m bored.

6. Lol I’m sorry, that picture of Caroline and Stefan, their smiles are so tight.

7. I find it interesting that nearly every time Stefan is going to leave town or stays in town it’s because of Elena. He comes back to MF to meet Elena. In 1x09 he says he’s going to leave town to protect her but he stays because in 1x10 she says she loves him and because Logan Fell had just become a vampire. In 3x21 he tells Damon that if Elena chooses Damon he’ll leave town, he stays because Elena became a vampire and because she chose him. In 4x23 he’s going to leave town because Elena chose Damon. And now in 8x14 he’s going to leave town but Elena is in trouble so he stays. In 5x09 Katherine even made it a point to tell Stefan that he stays in MF for Elena.

8. Caroline, isn’t it a bit premature to tell your toddler children that you might not marry Stefan?

9. LOL I do find it a bit weird that Kai would be singing at karaoke but it’s made up for the fact that I could listen to Chris’ voice for hours and Paul’s facial expression as Stefan watches Kai sing is HILARIOUS. OMG.

10. I like seeing Paul and Chris interact, they work really well and really easily together although I don’t feel like I’m watching Stefan and Kai, I feel like I’m watching a visual representation of a Chris/Paul tweet conversation but it’s entertaining.

11. Hmm, the show is doing some pretty tight close ups on Kai and Stefan, they almost shoot them the way they shoot Klefan, I wonder if Klaus would be jealous.

12. I was literally like “why the fuck isn’t Damon coming to save his human brother from being stabbed” and then Stefan says, “What took you so long? and Damon says he went to put in a song. I get that’s supposed to be funny but seriously it just once again shows how fucking thoughtless Damon is, like you went to put in a song when your human brother was going to head to head with a psychopath heretic from hell? Fuck you, Damon.

13. Stefan didn’t actually say that he wants to figure out if he wants to be with Caroline, though, he legit said I need to figure out who I am and I need to do it alone. Like whatever, Caroline.

14. Also where are the twins if neither she nor Alaric are watching them in this scene? Like if they’re setting shit on fire because of temper tantrums and are literally prone to blowing each other up now, I would be around them all the time.

15. I do like how Kai is like hey, hey! Maybe you should stop talking about your love life and wonder wtf is happening with your kids? I mean I could help.

16. BE is basically DE.

17. I like how Stefan has, like, an actual plan to kill Cade but if you’re going to kill him, will you not slash his arm and punch him and make witty remarks, can you just stab him?

18. Because you see what happens, Alaric’s cell phone rings and he stops ringing the all important bell.

19. Really? Did they really make Stefan go, “DIE” as he’s trying to kill Cade? I wonder if Paul was like, do I really have to say this though? Can’t you give a line like that to Ian?

20. Oh so Damon killed himself to save Stefan and Elena. I mean I guess. He comes back to life anyway.

21. They’re making Kai really petty, like really, he’s this obsessed with killing two toddlers?

22. What does being psychic have to do with knowing Damon can hear him.

23. I can’t believe there’s a literal fight for Damon’s soul. OMG.

24. *SPOILERS FOR OUTLANDER* So there’s this show/book called Outlander about many things but at the centre of it, there’s a love story between Jamie and Claire and throughout the series, Jamie makes these declarations of love to Claire and says he’ll do anything for her, that he’ll be her shield, he’ll die for her etc. and there’s this villain called Jack Randall who is a sexual sadist and he has a particular interest in Jamie who he nearly flogged to death years earlier, basically Randall gets a hold of Claire and is going to kill her in front of Jamie so Jamie offers up his body to Randall in exchange for Claire’s safety and in that scene Randall nails Jamie’s hand to a table and kisses him while Claire has to watch and then Claire is forced to leave Randall and Jamie alone and in the next part we basically see the rape and torture that Randall inflicts on Jamie over and over. A lot of people had issues with that and asked the author why she felt the need to show the brutal rape of Jamie and her response was this:

“So, OK.  Throughout the book, we’ve seen that love has a real cost.  Jamie and Claire have built a relationship through honest struggle, a relationship that’s _worth_ what it’s cost them.  This is the final challenge, and Jamie’s willing to pay what will apparently be the ultimate cost.

   Why would I throw that away?  To have him escape rape and torture (he–and we–_know_ what’s coming) by the skin of his teeth would be to undercut his sacrifice, to make it of little moment.  (It would be like someone turning up in Gethsemane and telling Christ, “Hey, buddy, you don’t _really_ have to do this.  Come with me, I got a secret way outta here…”)”

And this is what TVD fails to do with DE. It’s one thing for Damon to be willing to go to hell for both Stefan and Elena but Bonnie shows up and actually saves him from having to undergo that threat and it undercuts his sacrifice because he didn’t actually have to sacrifice anything, he just had to be willing and it’s not impactful. So I’m not even a little moved by what Damon did because he didn’t do anything first of all, second of all after everything he’s done throughout 8 seasons why wouldn’t he choose himself, I mean, it’s the least he can do.

25. “Bonnie, wake up”, Stefan can you check her pulse?

26. “That little psychic blast must’ve blew me into my body” that literally makes no sense.

27. Damon and Stefan sitting on Damon’s car, drinking is basically just Sam and Dean. Stop it.

28. So Alaric wants to open a poor man’s Hogwarts/Charmed “Magic School” omg that is so lame and unoriginal. I also realize how lazy it was for Charmed to call that academy “Magic School”.

29. “Someone who can create a safe, supportive and loving space for kids … someone like you” is that Caroline, though? I’m sorry but she doesn’t seem like any of those  things to Josie and Lizzie, she’s shrill and just tells them to stop doing things, like I don’t know why she didn’t actually ask Josie and Lizzie how they felt when their magic was going haywire, like we don’t actually see her BE with them, she just scolds.

30. So I actually like the proposal scene with Steroline, I think what Stefan says to Caroline is sweet … I just don’t believe it. I just don’t believe that everything he wants is there with her, I just don’t believe that he loves her that deeply and Stefan doesn’t get here on his own and he never gets to the romantic speeches with Caroline on his own and it’s like … how do I explain this … when Stefan and Elena were going through their separations, even if they were both doing something else, I always got the impression that they were on each other’s minds, that there was a struggle to stay away from each other but they were doing so because they thought it was the right thing to do at the time. I never get that with Steroline when they’re apart, it just feels like their lives break off and there isn’t a residual connection there, it feels like they’re perfectly fine being separated and their lives are easily untethered so when Stefan comes back like MARRY ME, it doesn’t feel like he’s stopped fighting what he wants and it doesn’t feel like he’s wanted to do this all along and he’s finally just acting on it, it feels like Damon said, “life isn’t going to get any better than you marrying Caroline so marry her” and Stefan went “true.”

31. Also, every time Candice and Paul kiss it really feels like they’re trying to use as little lip as possible, like this was supposed to be a passionate, deep kiss, like it was supposed to be this:

also people underestimate how sweet Mattoline could be, like I frankly never see Caroline look at Stefan like this:

but anyway, their kisses always look like they want to do the least possible and not open their mouths:


32. The Bonkai reunion was meh but someone told me the Grahamwood chemistry is gone and like, where? When Kai said “This is kinda hot” I believe he meant it.

and the personal satisfaction Bonnie gets from this:

she looks cheeky not like she has this vicious vengeance, like nah, the Grahamwood energy stays on point.

33. Finally, what anons kept asking me about, Katherine Pierce being the Queen of hell. I am going to admit something, I think the show and the characters gas Katherine way too much, she isn’t the baddest bitch of all, I don’t think the characters are toast because she’s running hell, I don’t even think she deserves to run Hell, she’s petty, it’s not like she has master plans that completely destroy lives, she just makes things inconvenient for the core group like *ugh* I mean I guess I gotta go fix Elena because she has venom in her system, like what were the major consequences of what she did in 5x15 to Elena? Elena didn’t see Damon for an entire episode and couldn’t sleep with him immediately. Getting Jenna to stab herself was rude but the major consequence of that is Stefan and Elena breaking up. She outted the Klaroline sex and it just fractured an already fractured relationship with Tyler. The worst thing she did was cause Jeremy’s death and that wasn’t even intentional, it was just like oh well … yeah, my bad, bye. Like she’s a mean girl on steroids, that’s kind of it, she isn’t like this Badass Villain that no one can top and OMG SHE RUNS HELL. I mean Rebekah caused just as much damage as Katherine did because they’re both petty.

Overall this episode was … one of the least offensive episodes of the season, I guess. No real strong feelings about it. Sorry it took so long to review, I hope it was worth the wait :)

ShipTag Shitposters and their Combatants

Every fandom has these bunch of daring,crazy people who love to meander through shiptags….I mean that’s aggravating territory right there,right? Many don’t even bother. Why? Why would they put themselves through that insanity you ask? Well, a variety of reasons have been documented. From wanting to find new shippers to welcome ; to not following hundreds of blogs so that they don’t have to see a certain gifset cross their dash a million times ; to the bashful admittance that their dash was dead, they were bored and there was no other option. Thats all these insane people consider before they trudge into deep waters notoriously called ShipTag.

Now,here depending on the fandom, we see a delightful* array of posts. From a hundred gifsets of THAT SCENE in different filters, to people squeeing over everything and nothing, to getting called stupid and delusional for shipping IT, to a you’re-forever-scrolling-through-it-fanfic ,to a gagging gif with the shipname tag, to this-should-be-in-a-gallery-fanart, to insanely believable manips, to people insisting why this ship is sooo wrong, to people explaining why that scene worked so well in the narrative, to people calling real people names over fictional people whose fate the fans have no control over, to those fluffy and deadly HC’s , TO that omnipresent “let’s just get along as a fandom” post that pops up at regular intervals.

Yeah. Let’s just call that : INTRO TO THE SHIPTAG to all you naïvetes who are wondering what on earth is she blathering about.

Onto the topic. Having identified myself as one of this inane crowd, I thought I’d try to put the shippers - who try to combat this ongoing endemic of shitposting in shiptags - into the below categories (I know mum I know, I can’t fit people into neat little boxes..but this is for fun. From what I’ve observed during my tenure in the fandoms. If you feel there’s an insight I’ve missed, feel free to add!)

We have

The Exasperated Veteran - who has been here forever, used the tags liberally forever, and is sick of the constant stream of uninstigated hate and doesn’t hesitate to call it out. Well versed with the oft-repeated phrases of the antis and not engaging for a blackhole-of-a-conversation with the hater, these shippers are the ones packing the awesome comebacks that they know the hater can’t twist to further their means.Or we have

The Peaceful Mediator - Some Veterans come in this category, though it’s not inclusive to them. People who point out that they have witnessed this exact same debate with different ships in multiple fandoms. Wise people who have achieved enlightenment who claim the hate is not really worth the energy. Or one of those naturally subdued, calm, kind, nirvana-like-in-the-face-of-aggravation, let’s resolve this by talking it out people(this sort I really admire) who manage to keep it peaceful but not letting the shitposters get away. Or we have


The Amateur Newbie - the one who is fresh and happy and naïve to the innate workings of the fandom and is appalled and confused that - ‘shipping can be negative too??’ Ends up diving into a passionate defense of their ship thereby gullibly engaging the hater and going on and on in circles ad nauseam ad infinitum stupidly falling for and answering selective incendiary phrases every ship has handy which is lost on the noob unfortunately. And then we have the

The Restrained Drifters - the silent shippers that drifts through the tags occassionally because they ‘know’ not everyone stays in their lane while shipping so why-face-unnecessary-negativity?-shipping-is-s'posed-to-be-fun and when they do visit the ravaged land;away from their Dash of Bliss, they control themselves from breaking into defense for their beloved ship and optimistically perseveres and scrolls past until they’ve had enough of it to give a few of them a piece of their mind.

We’ve talked in brief about The Defenders.

Now The Offender,

The Fanatic(aka The Toxic Underbelly) - every single fandom(no matter how good they seem) has these. There is always a bunch of people who relish in channelling their frustation with the show/writers/characters/plot progression/CurrentCanonPairing into ship hate thus giving a bad name to all the good ones. The ones who just couldn’t grasp why everyone isn’t seeing the stuff they do and are not shy about distributing their opinion. You know the type - the anon hate, the non-anon hate , the unasked reception of reasons and metas and clues and quotes as to why their ship is the RIGHT and claims very other ship is pointless and obviously the aforementioned shitposts.

Purpose of this post : I dunno

Personally I don’t get it. When we take out the trash, aren’t we considerate enough to package it in a bag or whatever so it doesn’t bother our neighbours. I’m not saying don’t take out the trash…you gotta take it out obviously, you shouldn’t have to keep it bottled up inside . We segregate it, separate recyclable stuff, recycle it, you see stuff you hate and wanna throw out, but we don’t just put a dirty nappy or used tissues out in the hall of the apartment complex, do we? We package it up, so that it doesn’t disgust/irritate anyone who comes across it, nor do we put it in a box people will be tempted to check out (like an unattended cake box or a carton of beer or whatever it is that tempts people). Okay I’m not sure how many followed that shitty(no pun intended) analogy. Anyway.

What I’m saying is I get people want to rant and curse on their own blogs (that IS what this platform is for) but is it too much to ask (apparently yes) to find an alternative name when wankposting? How hard is that? Yeah This is Tumblr; This is The Internet; after all it IS easier to be inconsiderate when under the protection of a faceless icon than a next door neighbour. But yeah for what its worth, I said my piece.
Anywho, I know this post will definitely end up as yet another Plea into The Void….but I hope it has amused a few :)


Over the next two weeks, as TVD comes to an end, I’ve decided to dedicate everyday to something TVD related on my blog. One day could be my favorite quotes & GIFS. Another a post on the different relationships and friendships, favorite cast photos, seasons, & moments. I hope to have this week with each day dedicated to a few different of my favorite TVD Characters and to end it, a post on all TVD has taught me.        The Vampire Diaries has has been such a staple in my life and its much more than just a TV show so this is my way of celebrating the last eight years. ❤  

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i an actually teally annoyed that katherine will be back because i ship steferine (i know they are a really dark ship) as well as stelena and i'm kind of worried that the writers are going to ruin them too like they did stelena..

I frankly think the show ruined them when she hijacked Elena’s body in season 5.

the worst thing about trying to decide to read a fic:

-horrible writing.

-the summary is good but the story is written in a different language or is badly written.

-opening it to find no spaces between the paragraphs.

-both your otp and notp is tagged and you have no clue if you want to take a risk or not.

-tagged major character death and you start sweating.

-hasn’t been updated in 80 years but the summary is on point and their the best fucking writer ever.

-you start reading only to find that the person updates every ten years and you just happened to catch them on a day they finally updated.

-you find a writer and check them out, only to find out they mostly write about your notp - and of course they always update, have perfect writing and have stories that are epic.

-stories with so many fucking tags, you just shake your head and move on.

-the “i suck at summaries please check it out still” and you just, pause because it has your otp and you debate whether or not to take the risk.

-you find a pairing you never considered before and think holy shit, that could be hot and spend all day hunting through the tag.

-you ship a pairing so fucking hard, only to find like two fics and you start weeping.

-when you find a perfect story only to check the tags and see some weird shit that disgusts you and you scream why.

-a fic with good writing and summary but it’s so short or is only fan-art.

-a crossover fic where you have both of your fandoms but don’t have both of otps, just one.

-one shots that are so good you wish they were longer.

-when your notp is tagged but it’s labeled as a past relationship or says your otp is endgame, and you have to go through the notp’s awkward breakup in order for your otp to happen.

-when someone doesn’t tag properly and a plot twist hits you and you want to cry.

-you finally find a great fic that has been updated and the last update says writes block, personal issues- can’t do this, asks for co-writer, discontinues it or says lol i hate how this is turning out, deleting.

-when a writer as twenty stories to update and you cry because you like all of them and you have to wait.

-when you remember a story from like five years ago and you search for it, only to find it’s been deleted or can’t seem to find it anywhere.

-when a writer gives you an update schedule and you’re excited because they follow it but then they start missing it and you just…

-when a writer deletes a story and rewrites the same story but you like the original better.

-when your reading a story about a rare pairing that interests and your otp hate each other or just friends and it’s just so weird to read.

-when one half of your otp is in another relationship and the other half shows up with someone else and then you remember, right i’m not reading a story about my otp so i can’t get mad.

-when your otp is popular but it’s not as popular as another ship in the fandom and you hate how the other ship as so much more stories than your ship.

-when you try to read an ot3 relationship because it has two characters you love but the other character is usually from your notp and you hate when your notp share moments.

-when you beg an author (usually one where they aren’t in the fandom really) to write more stories about your otp and they say maybe and it never happens.

-when the writer literally shits on your favorite character and you can’t go through it anymore.

-when your otp isn’t the main pairing and you don’t really care about the other pairings in the story and skip to your otp parts.

-when a story has a million words and it’s so good and you know that you will spend all day and night reading it until your eyes hurt.

-when a story have 200 parts to it and you lose all hope after a while because the story is dragging.

-when your otp is going through something and so many stories are filled with angst, fluff and hurt that it makes you cry because yup, i need to read about my pain for my otp.

-when the writer refuses to write the smut you been waiting for and your otp is stuck in unresolved tension mode forever.

-when the writer unexpected changes the story’s events and you are disappointed by the direction.

-when you find a great au and the characters are so out of character… it makes you sad.

-when you open a fic only to find you hate the point of view and you scream.

-when you request a prompt and the author writes it but you are disappointed and just smile through the pain.

-when you have such a good idea in your head and you try to write it but it’s so bad that you delete it and cry, hoping someone else writes the brilliant idea that you had.

-when you don’t ship something anymore but see a great plot and you click the story and take a deep breath - because shit is about to go down.

-when you reading a great story but get distracted and skip some parts, shit goes down in between and then you think fuck, and have to start over.

-when it’s tagged “slow burn” and you say i can do this and it’s chapter 30 and my ship still hate each other like what.

-when the author says this is their first time writing smut and you think on god they better do this right - only to find out they writing eight pages on your otp making love. like yes.

-when the smut is so rushed or improper you feel cheated and log off because done. like so done.

-when it’s tagged “everyone lives” and your eyes water because that’s all you ever wanted in life.

-when the author leaves a cliffhanger and says in the author’s note “lol sorry about the cliffhanger, i’ll update soon”. you ain’t sorry, stop lying.

-when you see that the story is complete and do a happy dance, only to realize that it ended badly or the sequel/series hasn’t been updated.

No matter how much I missed you or how much I was in agony, I never would have erased everything we ever had. Even if I was drowning in grief. I’d rather hold onto every moment I ever held you, every laugh that I ever heard, every shred of happiness that we ever had. I would rather spend every waking moment in agony then erase the memory of you.
—  Damon Salvatore, Vampire Diaries

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honestly haven't watched tvd since season 5 and i was nervous about watching the finale bc i wouldn't know whats going on but seeing fro some of your posts people who have kept up with it barely know whats going on, literally only watching because i have a sliver of hope stelena might be endgame (ik i'm dumb, but NONE of my ships ever work out its very sad, michael and jane, brucas, jax and tara, etc.)

Yeah I’m 99.99% sure SE won’t be endgame