Wait.  WAIT JUST ONE MINUTE.  Caroline was Stefan’s only constant when he was in the quarry drowning over and over again?  REALLY?????????  I’m going to cry.  Did I miss something??  Am I confused?  Is Stefan talking about when Silas trapped him in the safe and he was stuck there for three months drowning over and over again?

Because I’m pretty sure, no, I’m POSITIVE that it was ELENA who he envisioned telling him not to let go.  To not turn it off.  To hold on.  NOT Caroline.  Also, wasn’t DAMON the one who was there telling him to just turn it off?  To let go of his humanity and to not feel?  Elena was his constant during that time.  It was because of her that he didn’t lose his grip on reality.  


Do I have this wrong????  I’m I misunderstanding???? I’ve had some wine so it’s definitely possible.

If so, then blame @scienter , she encouraged the wine drinking :)


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they don't have this amazing relationship, it's not built on trust or love it's merely there because Stefan needed a love interest. If they had made it believable that Stefan was truly falling in love with Caroline and didn't rush it within a matter of episodes then maybe I could support it but how can I when when Caroline was realising her feelings all she would do is make Stefan feel guilty for leaving and I laugh when people try and say they were building up when it was a platonic friendship

I didn’t say they had an amazing relationship and I’m starting to wonder if you’ve been reading anything I’ve been saying about Steroline. How many times have I said that that their relationship is awkward and clunky and Stefan is disengaged and not invested and it’s uncomfortable to watch? But. The buildup to Steroline was there. It was a standard friends to romance ship that the show bungled. And it does start in 4x19: “I think that one day you’ll fall madly in love and you’ll have moved on without even realizing it” and they pause and stare at each other, that’s a narrative signal that the show is going to begin building a slow-burn to a romantic relationship between the two of them.  

Season 5 was mostly about how Caroline comes to realize that what she feels for Stefan is more than platonic and it starts when he has PTSD when she tells Elena that she read up on psychology and biochem and Elena says, “You did all of that for Stefan?” “Of course I did.” And with Katherine: “Have you and Stefan ever…?” “We are friends.” “Your loss, he’s great in bed.” And when Katherine hijacks Elena’s body and Caroline sees her in the Salvatore mansion, Caroline is freaking out about it and she’s having disproportionate reactions to things regarding Stefan and doesn’t quite know why until she’s confronted by Elena at the cabin, “Where did that even come from?” “I have … I have no idea” and then from then on she sort of knows that what she feels for Stefan is more than platonic. Even Damon knows because he goads Tyler about it when he discusses that Caroline is with Stefan on a “super secret mission” “Don’t worry, wolf boy, I’m sure they’re just friends” and Lexi knows, the only person who doesn’t know is Stefan. 

But season 6 rolls around, Damon is dead and Stefan leaves town and it’s really telling that when Elena calls Stefan and cries, he can listen to her and talk to her but he’s unnmoved, he can talk to Alaric and he’s unnmoved but he sees Caroline’s name on his phone and he breaks it, he can’t even hear her voice because he knows the fantasy he created would be shattered. When Caroline tells him to stay, he can barely look her in the eye and just walks away and the first few episodes is Stefan reacting in certain ways to Caroline that he can’t quite explain, he has this incessant need to avoid her or to make her forgive him and he’s a mess about it but he keeps telling himself that it’s friendly until it’s outted that Caroline had a thing for him and it forces him to think about how he feels for her and I was with it because it was there, it’s actually all there, I would show you gifsets and pull quotes and maybe I will later but I can’t do it right now because technically I’m at work but then the show loses me around their first kiss because then the writers speed up their progression and suddenly it’s Stefan being in love with her and thinking that what he has with Caroline will be better than what he had with Elena and they just shat on this meticulous build-up that I was actually very invested in and they completely lost me after that because it was rushed and it was forced and it was badly written and they stepped on Stelena’s neck and I had respected the ship for NOT doing that. 

And then 6x21 rolled around and Stefan and Elena had that brief moment together and I was hit with my SE feels and I remembered, I remembered in that moment what it was about Stelena I loved so much and I realized that Steroline would never be able to make me feel that way, that they would never that intimacy or that chemistry or that connection, like they just never could. And then they actually did get together and they were awkward and stiff with each other and it just solidified my belief that it will always be Stelena. 

I believe that. It’s always going to be Stelena. 

But the Steroline buildup was there. 

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Stefan will never love another woman the way he loved elena

I absolutely agree and I just don’t think it’s anything that can be helped. There is no way that he could love any other woman the way he loved her. I was telling another anon that I think that Stefan loves Caroline as much as he can love her but it’s still not with his entire heart because his entire heart belongs to Elena (and Damon) and no one else. In this episode he hallucinates a dead Damon who is constantly trying to kill Caroline and it symbolized the idea that Stefan would never be happy as long as Damon was in his life and Caroline is obviously Stefan’s happiness, which is why Dead Damon constantly threatened to kill her and I would buy that metaphor if I actually believed Caroline and Stefan were happy together but all I see is Caroline being frantic and Stefan being disengaged and them monotonously saying “I love you” and I think they only said that out loud to each other once. Even the phone call they had this episode, it didn’t end with them saying, “Love you.” “Love you too.” Simple things like this that the show isn’t getting right that I’m like … but are you actually invested in this, Stefan? Because with Elena, you guys couldn’t see each other without hugging or kissing, if anyone laid a hand on her, you were torturing them, you constantly told her not to shut you out, and with Caroline you’re … what? What exactly? Stefan went hard for Caroline when they were friends but now that they’re together that same investment is gone so it’s just so clear to me that it’s always going to be Elena.