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so do I because it would be so out of character for Stefan to just punch him and be done with it I mean Damon burnt the love of his life and his reaction is just a punch? okay

Well honestly, Stefan’s reactions to when Elena is in danger or merely uncomfortable because of someone else?

So like … yeah Stefan would LOSE his shit if she was burned.

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I seen something in Damon... He was hesitating to tell Stefan that he Burned Elena. The way he looked worried about his brother if he told him he burned her & trust I'm no Damon fan but I just question why would he hesitate?

I think he hesitated for a few reasons. I think he himself is still in shock that he “did” this (even though it’s so clear that he actually didn’t burn Elena because that would be such a slap in the face to DE shippers and JP and CD wouldn’t risk that) and he doesn’t know how to handle it so he’s just not processing what happened and I also think he thinks that would be the line he crossed that Stefan wouldn’t accept; I don’t think he thinks Stefan would ever forgive him for burning Elena and that’s even taking my Stelena feels out of the equation and my Stelena interpretation, because whether or not there’s any romanticism to their love, SE’s love is eternal and Elena has a profound meaning for Stefan and if Damon burned her, that would fundamentally shift his relationship to Stefan and I don’t think Damon could handle that.

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the way you talk about stelena hits me with feels omg

LOL. I’m glad! I honestly don’t get people who aren’t hit with feels when they watch Stelena or when they think about what Stelena were to each other; Elena’s life was in neutral, she didn’t feel particularly happy to be alive, she was actually like a ghost in her own life and she met Stefan who made her want things, made her glad to be in this world, made her a strong sister and a good friend and happy for herself, being with him DID that. And Stefan didn’t know how to feel anything but misery, anything but guilt and self-loathing and being with Elena reminded him of beauty and happiness, of faith, it pulled him from the depths of his own despair. How is that not moving? I mean look at this:


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