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Even as Stein has him by the throat with the edge of a scalpel digging into his side, caught up in the throes of insanity, Spirit just can’t bring himself to fight his ex-meister - not out of fear, but out of complete and utter(ly illogical, Spirit knows) faith.

“Stand down - it’s okay. He won’t hurt me - isn’t that right, Stein?”

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SteinSpirit domestic round 2

  • Lots of touching. There is a lot lot lot of touching between them. It’s mostly leaning against each other, sitting on each other, and the rare occurrence of hand holding.
  • They mostly have take out as opposed to actually eating out. Mostly because Stein likes to be inside with Spirit rather than outside. Where there are women. Stein is very possessive regarding that.
  • Of course, he doesn’t mind Spirit having some flirting alone time with women. It’s just when it’s supposed to be their night, Stein keeps a tight leash.
  • Spirit is pretty much the only other person who wears Stein’s coat. Stein finds it extremely sexy. 
  • Especially if Spirit is wearing nothing else underneath.
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Domestic steinspirit headcanons

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  • Spirit is the big spoon, mostly to keep Stein from sneaking out of bed and grabbing his scalpels. 
  • Sometimes after sex cigarettes are shared, as in, one between the two of them. Spirit more often leans back against Stein and manages the cigarette between them. Spirit keeps it even, one puff for you, one puff for me. If Stein would do it, he gets a bit greedy and he gets ashes on the bed. Stein holds Spirit and the ashtray.
  • Stein likes playing with Spirit’s hair and, one day, actually cut off a small lock of it with one of his scalpels. He keeps it in an undisclosed place of his laboratory and often teases Spirit about possibly making clones when in reality he just stares at it once in a while.
  • Whenever they have sex or are simply spending the day together, Stein changes his soul’s wavelength to match Spirits so they’re in resonance 99% of the time.
  • Spirit doesn’t trust Stein in the kitchen but he can’t really cook that well so they go out to eat more often than not.