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New group shots with new 50mm Lens by Annette29aag
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Still using auto focus but exploring lots of possibilities and having fun:)


Late Night Inspiration

…for taking a bunch of quick lil’ photos of my new and some old Minis. I’ve been hunting down Robecca and Twyla for a good while and finally got them both. Although I only collect the Original Ghouls, Ragdoll Frankie had to be part of my Christmas decoration. I also decided to get Pattern Skelita, because she’s a better match with my costumized normal sized Skelita. Plus: Toralei. She. Is. Gorgeous. (>^u^

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Some more photos of Skelita


Mi colección al completo!! 

This is my entire collection!!

Turn Down the Heat - 11 (Leonard Snart/Reader)

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“Dammit…” You cursed as the simulation failed again. You, Rip, Roy, and Stein had been working on it for three days now.

“What if we adjust the suit to the fractal ratio of…” Ray started to say as he did some math on a paper.

“It’s not the fractal is the physicality of the core.” Rip looked at him, “We been over this.”

“Rip, we have to try everything. You can’t just shut us down every time.” Stein looked at him, “The only way to discover a new idea is to explore the old ones.”

“We’re out of time…” You whispered.

“Thank you!” Rip nodded toward you, “Yes…we’re running out of time and can’t explore what we know won’t work.”

“No.” You looked at him, “We are out time.”

Rip looked at you from across the table. His face fell when he began to realize what you were suggesting, “Y/N…you told me…”

“I know what I said.” You looked at him, “I’ve studied it the past few days. I think it’s are only option now.”

“Uh… care to fill us in here?” Ray looked at you with at that hopeful smile of his, “You have a really scary face right now.”

You swallowed leaning forward placing your hands on the table, “There has been two instances of a person interacting with a core. The first was when a core was established and they thought their suit was strong enough to withstand. It wasn’t…the body just disintegrated and only readings were collected.”

Stein took a deep breath, “And the second.”

“The second happened about 15 years ago.” You looked at him, “The same situation we’re in, but for the first time. We got small fragments of information but because of the leak it didn’t make a lot of sense until it was too late. From what we understand they tried to have someone realign the core. It was the same result, but the readings were different. They were able to move it, there just wasn’t enough time.”

“So you’re suggesting that one of us goes inside and realigns the core.” Stein took a deep breath, “Resulting in that persons death.”

“Not just anyone.” You looked down at your hands, “Me.”

“Miss L/N…I don’t think…” Stein started.

“It has to be me.” They all looked at you, “I’ve been in there…during repairs, when the core was out. I know the structure…and judging by the scans made by Gideon…I know about where I need to push to align it.”

“You really just need to push it.”  Ray looked at you skeptically. 

“Yeah…” You looked at Rip, “That isn’t the problem though…”

Rip’s eyebrows came together as his head tilted. Finally it came to him and he rolled his eyes, “Snart.”

Stein glanced between you and Rip, “What does Mr. Snart have to do with this?”

“I am without a doubt, 100% positive, that if he learns of this plan he won’t let me execute it.”  You said not looking at any of them.

“Why…would it matter-”

Ray was cut off by Rip loudly, “I told you getting involved with him would-”

“Shut up!” You stood up pointing at him tears coming to your eyes. You blinked them away letting your hand fall, “Shut…up…I am doing this for him so be grateful. After all…I’m the expendable one right? I wasn’t even supposed to be here…but if I hadn’t…”

They all stared at you as an awkward silence began to fall over the room. You took a deep breath picking up your personal pad swiping some information to the desk panel, “I’ll need all of this to be set up before tomorrow morning. I’ll handle the rest.”

You collected your work and turned to leave. You paused only for a moment when Rip spoke, “What about Snart?”

“I said…” You felt the tingling sensation in your nose as tears rushed to find their way out, “I will handle it. You don’t have to worry Rip…your…crew and mission will be safe.”

You stepped out quickly taking several deep breaths to calm down. You walked to the quarters hall and stopped outside a door taking another deep breath before knocking.

The door slid open revealing a very confused Mick Rory, “Y/N?”

“I need your help…and I don’t think you’re going to like it.” You stared at him, “And before you say no…this is the only way we get this bus moving again. May I come in?”

He stared at you for a long time before sighing and stepping aside letting you inside. You stepped in quickly letting the door shut behind you. You felt his voice rumble, “Speak.”

You swallowed taking a deep breath, “Tomorrow morning…I am entering the core to realign it. Doing so will free the ship from the stream, but…in the process…” You looked him in the eye, “I will die.”

You felt his hand around you neck pushing you against the wall, “I told you not to hurt him…Do you realize what you’ve done?”

You gasped clawing at his hand trying to get him to release you, “…Mi…ick…”

“This will destroy him.” His face was close to yours, “What were you thinking?”

Finally his grip loosened enough for you to talk. A tear slipped down your face, “I didn’t…know…I wouldn’t have…I wouldn’t have done anything…But I’m the only one who can do this…and I’m doing this for him.”

Mick stepped away from you giving you some air, “What do I need to do?”

“I need you to keep him occupied. He’s been coming to find me every morning…I need you to stop him from doing so.” You rubbed your neck, “Even if it means knocking him out.”

Mick stared down at you, “Fine…you’re sure you can get us out of here?”

“Yes.” You nodded, “I’ve had Rip looking for options. There’s only ever been one, I just needed to pinpoint the push point better. I have it. I’m going to get you all out of here.”

You stepped past him into the hall walking toward your quarters pausing slightly as you passed Len’s. You sighed walking into your own room jumping when you saw him inside, “What are you doing here?”

He smirked with his feet up on your desk, “I thought we could spend some time together.”

“I really can’t…I have to go fix a breaker on deck six.” You set your things down pushing his feet off.

He stared at you for a moment before standing up. He moved your collar down seeing the red mark from Mick’s large hands, “Y/N…”

“I need to work.” You turned to leave.

“Stop…” He grabbed your hand, “What’s going on? What happened to you?”

You stood there frozen in place. He stepped closer to you putting his hand on your shoulders as you faced the door, “Y/N, talk to me…who did that to you?”

“No one…I’m just stressed out.” You told him putting a hand on his before you turned around looking at him, “I just need a little space, okay? I’m not used of someone being around for me.”

He looked down at you unsure of your answer, “Alright…I’ll uh…see you in the morning…”

He moved past you to leave. Before he was gone you turned grabbing his hand making him look at you. You stepped up to him touching his face as you leaned up on your toes kissing him, “Have a good night.”

He smiled a little, “You too…don’t…electrocute your self.”

You swallowed watching him go. He had no idea what was to come and it broke your heart even more.


This is my basic Monster High doll collection!! i´m proud of it. I get all basic SDCC dolls after a great effort. I´m in love with Voodoo, Manny, Finnegan, Gooliope and Holt they´re so cute. *-*

I will wait for Luna, Mouscedes, Astranova and Elle because here in Spain no even these dolls. 

I´m so happy too cause i´ve got all the pets. Aren´t they so cute?