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Millennial women: we are a threat to Hilary’s campaign.

Over the last two days two popular feminists have made statements insulting and berating those that identify as women for not supporting Hilary.

It has become clear that they are trying to guilt us for our convictions.

The first quote from Madeline Albright is thrown around a lot as a guilt tactic. She’s suggesting that as a woman I have an inane responsibility to vote for another woman, no matter what my personal beliefs or convictions are.

This is not only insulting to female supporters of other candidates, but insulting to Hilary and her current supporters. If Hilary wins people will try it say it was only because she’s a woman. If you support Hilary it’s because you’re blindly voting on gender. You don’t have a brain, mind, or opinions other than whether or not you’re voting for a woman.

The 2nd quote is from Gloria Steinem. Gloria was asked why young women seemed to be supporting Bernie Sanders more in the polls.

Steinem had the audacity to claim that it was not only because we want to impress men, but ALSO because we aren’t “activists” yet. Are you kidding me?

An acclaimed feminist is quoting the rhetoric that women do something for the soul purpose of impressing boys? Not only is that extremely sexist and cisheteronormative; but its the same sentiment that women have been fighting against for years. Its the same thought process that female sport fans/players exist solely to impress guys. That girls go to college to find husband’s.

Suggesting that young adult female voters are too incompetent to learn about candidates and to make an informed objective decision is absolutely ridiculous.

Furthermore, Bernie Sanders is advocating for very progressive change. So to suggest his supporters aren’t true activists yet is so extremely obtuse and ageist.

So young people: I’d like to remind you that you’re a threat. The Clinton campaign knows that as young feminists we may feel guilty not voting for a woman.

Stand with your convictions. Whether you’re a Hilary supporter or a Bernie supporter know that your vote is more. Its more than voting on gender, and its more than voting to impress men. It’s voting to see the kind of country that reflects your values and political beliefs. 

Ignore the impending smear campaign against us that is ahead.

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Seems Gloria Steinem is getting saltier that usual lately.

“The first one now will later be last, for the times they are a changing”. GLoria Steinmen, Madeline Albright, I think its time

Seriously by their logic all Latin Americans should support Rubio and all African Americans should support Carson, lets not go down that road

Writing as meditation instead

@beach yoga girl said that the biggest part about meditating is the silence and the stillness so then that way whatever message you are supposed to recivere from God/Creator/Mother Earth/ Universe/etc.  can come into your heartspace and you understand.  I like that but I have too many thoughts all at once and my anxiety makes it super duper hard to only meditate that way so I want to meditate by writing. I was really religious about writing before bed last fall semester and really liked how I was able to clear my head and get everything that was swirling around in there to settle down and then I could focus with a clear mind to sleep.  I have a lot of thoughts from when I was reading My Life On The Road by Gloria Steinmen for the Our Shared Shelf book club but didm;t write them down.  I was reading the book on my iPad/kindle so I was able to highlight the sections and quotes that I liked or made me think and I am pretty confident that I am able to go back and just seeing the highlighted passages and reading the lines around them I will remember what I was thinking.  If not then oh well that wash;t supposed to get written down anyways.  I also am starting to read the color purple for #OSS book club but I don’t foresee me having any parts to highlight or have thoughts on since I don’t respond as well to fiction writing in that way.  Just like Handmaiden Tale- I didn’t have any ah-ha moments or things i wanted to highlight.  I also just got The Goddess Pose book and I am very excited to start reading that as well.  

Lately I have been really feeling a call and a push to get more in touch with my creative side and my spiritual side.  I have been burning more incense and listening to music more lately.  I like doing those things to help me feel in the creative mood even if I don’t create anything other than thought because by using things like music and smells that appeal to your senses or are sensual- by the dictionary definition of using your senses you are bringing yourself into your body by being very aware of your environment and your surroundings.  And if you bring yourself into your body you are bringing yourself into the here and now, the present moment because that is the only place your body is or will every be or can ever be.  Your mind and thoughts are what bring you to the past or the future or the dream world (which may help you with being creative but in different ways).  For me being aware and mindful and present helps me be more creative than focusing on daydreams or sleeping dreams, but that is different for some people.  But the creativity aspect aside, bringing yourself into the present moment is beneficial in so many ways.