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20.1.16 Doing some bullet journal planning and uni reading today on the constitutional framework in France from my shiny new textbook. Can’t wait to start French Public Law in the new semester next week! (French nerd alert)

Happy Birthday Sam Heughan born 30 April 1980 in Balmaclellan, Dumfries and Galloway.

Sam attended Kells Primary School in New Galloway before the family moved to Edinburgh when he was 12, he went to James Gillespie’s on the edge of the meadows before finishing his school education at the prestigious  Rudolph Steiner School. 

After leaving School at 18 Sam worked and travelled before returning to Scotland and enrolling in the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, graduating in 2003. 

Sam built a solid career in theatre in both Scotland and England starring in productions of Plague Over England, Macbeth, The Talented Mr. Ripley, Amphibians, and King John. He has also been featured in notable indie films, “Emulsion”, and “Heart Of Lightness” but of course it is one particular role that has catapulted him into worldwide stardom, that of Jamie Fraser in Outlander.
For those who don’t know Outlander (yes there are some!) it follows the story of Claire Randall, a married combat nurse from 1945 who finds herself hurled back in time to the 1740’s in and around the time when The Jacobites and Bonnie Prince Charlie made the final illfated attempt to put the Stuarts back on the throne.  Sam plays Claire’s “love interest” she is forced to marry. 

Heughan is also very active in several charities, raising awareness as well as donations, by personally participating in marathons, and triathlons, for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Research Organization. He is also a patron of the Youth Theatre Arts Scotland. 

I have a number of friends who follow the series and have read the series of books by Diana Gabaldon that Outlander is based, there is a lot of speculation amongst the massive online following as to whether Sam and his co-star Caitriona Balfe have continued their online romance into the real world.



If you’re wondering if your Aries crush likes you back then sorry they probably don’t. This lot are very open when it comes to admissions of love/lust/whatever. If they like u, u will simply know. They’ll have told u already 100 times or at least it will be ridiculously obvious. Aries are very straight forward and they hate dilly dallying. If you’re the one they want they will get the ball rolling immediately. Expect lots of texts and a keen interest in meeting up & organising dates whatever. Straight forward people! Will prob show off in front of you whipping out all sorts of weird party tricks & jokes, making sure your eyes are always on them. May get obviously jealous if they see you having a good time with someone else.
If you’re still unsure, just ask. They’ll be upfront if it’s a go or no.


If your Taurus crush cooks something amazing and time consuming for you then u can betcha they love ya. These are people who like to indulge in the good things in life and when they like you they will 100% share with you. Taurus is good at setting a romantic mood so if they invite u over to theirs “to just chill” and there’s low lighting and cushions and drapey fabric everywhere and some ambient dance music playing and a bloody cheese platter and red wine, yep this one wants you. Aside from that though it can be hard to tell if they are into you. Taurus likes to take a long time to get to know someone. They’re trying to work out if you are worth the hassle. With time though all becomes very apparent. You will probably have to be the one who brings your feelings into the open first and they may need time to process that, but if they come back to you smiling (possibly tipsy) well, mission accomplished.


Gemini may be flirting with you and you may think omg they like me back, but be careful. Look at their next interaction. Oh they are flirting with that person too? Yep, that’s a Gemini for you. Naturally charming and flirtatious so flirting with you is not a good enough confirming sign. Gemini is a sign of nervous energy & when they are with their crush this nervousness can become quite apparent. They will talk and talk and talk but about nothing really & will probably say all sorts of strange things. Their nerves compel them to speak and they feel that conversation is a good way to snare u temporarily so they may bask in ur glory. If your Gemini suddenly becomes a nervous wreck or has a personality change (maybe becomes silent/shy) in your company they quite likely want you. 65 - 85% of the time though you will know a Gemini likes you because they invite u to everything & message u lots, but this depends on how many crushes they have on the go.  U could also ask one of their friends, cos everyone else will have the gossip. Gemmy in love can’t stop talking about u when ur not around.


Hmm this isn’t an easy one to call. Cancers are moody and with them u may feel like yesterday u were their favourite person, but today they’re ignoring u but ur sure u  did nothing wrong! I’m sure u are in fact still their fave, it’s just Cancers are worry warts & maybe are scared that u don’t like them back so in a way shut u out for a while. When it feels like they like you though u two are probably eating something really great together, snuggling up watching something, feeling very much at ease in each others presence. Maybe they will read u their fave poem. There will be a lot of fun & quick back and forth chatting. A Cancer who likes you wants you to have a fun time with them so will keep the atmosphere light and silly.
This is another of the signs where if you don’t know if they like you or not, you’re the only one wondering. They will have told everyone around them & will prob be writing a tweet about u right this second. Cancer is a warm & caring sign, if u get a lil papercut they will fuss over you like u lost a finger. If they introduce u to their parents then yep you have them.


Leo will let you know they like u. They might not simply text u, “ur the one for me x0x0x” but they will show u how they feel. Every time u hang out with Leo they will be trying to outdo the last d8. These are extravagant types & will do anything to ensure ur having the time of your life with them.
If you let Leo be in charge and control these dates they are bound to like you even more, they love to be flattered too so dish out the compliments. Make them the centre of ur world. If they like u back you will receive compliments right back. Leo compliments are very genuine & feel very good to receive. They only compliment people they admire so it’s a good sign if they’re telling u how smart they think u are or how kind u are to those less well off or sexy u r or whatever. Leo will want to see u every day and probably for the majority of the day too. They can become very jealous of u spending time with anyone else & u will see this clearly, it’s unhealthy af but a good sign ur their crush.


Super picky Virgo will come to you when they deem u worthy of their time. Not an easy one to chase. These people want their partner to be perfect. If they are giving u the time of day, giving up their time, then u can feel safe and know they are most likely very keen. Once they decide ur the one they become fidgety & nervous in ur presence. Initially anyway. Virgo is a smarty pants intellectual sign so ur dates probably involve long discussions about idk pretty boring things. Tbh this a test. They’re checking that u can stimulate them. That ur on to it. It’s unlikely that they will open up much to u for quite some time. Let them know they can trust u & if they do end up talking feelings with u that’s a good sign they’re crushing on u too.
Virgo will want to look after u and make sure ur healthy, eating good & happy, so will cook some super food salad, take u on a hike then listen to all your woes and hug u tenderly. They will dote on u but without displaying tooooo much affection. If u really want to know how they feel about u just ask them. They’re great communicators.


If Libra likes u they will want to spend a lot of time with u. They are happy to hang in group situations but will make efforts to get u alone. Libra is a very social creature so them wanting to just be with one person a a time & not in a gang is a great sign. Libra will find ways to touch u when they like u, they become very affectionate. Lots of hugs, hand holding, they will lean on ur shoulder. They can be like this with ppl who are just their friends tho so look out for them giving u special treatment. Maybe at the end of the night they gave u a prolonged hug while everyone else just got a quick squeeze. Libra might like u but can take a very long time to make their mind up so patience is key here. It’s possible that they will have even told u that they’re into you but they’re still not making the next move or maybe have distanced themselves from u. Show Libra that u rule & are worth it. They will appreciate the display of confidence. These guys can play hard to get, but stick with. A Libra who wants u will dress very well when they think they might see u.


When Scorpio likes you the world revolves around u. Ur the one they will message first if they think up something fun to do. In a group they will ignore everyone else and just chat chat chat to u. They will wake up & think of u so send u a text. But they never straight out tell u how they feel. They prefer to work u out first. If they think u feel the same way, then they divulge. If they appear interested in u then they prob are.
These Scorpios don’t fake interest. They only bother with those they truly want to be around. Sometimes u will look up and ur Scorpio crush will just be looking at u. They don’t even look away when u catch them. Just eye contact. Tbh they are prob thinking ‘wow i could just eat them up’
Sometimes you think your Scorpio crush fucking hates you, they can be quite rude and hostile to u & say cruel things u know they don’t say to other people. Forgive them tho, they don’t mean it and in fact like u a lot & just aren’t dealing with it very well yet.


When this lot like someone they try very hard to get their attention. If they see ur online they will quickly send u a message. The way a Sag crushes is pretty playground actually. Like they will show off to you & try and make u laugh by pulling faces & shit. Very playful. Sagittarius is an honest and open sign. They are likely to just tell you they like u. Especially if u seem sort of clueless about it.  In the same way though, if they don’t like u they will also let uknow. When around you a Sag will just smile and appear delighted if they’re crushing on u. If they’re up to something awesome & fun they are bound to invite u along. It’s pretty easy to tell with a Sagittarius, they don’t play games & are very straight foward. So if it seems good it most likely is.


If ur hanging out with one of their best buds & they are complaining that they haven’t text back but ur phone is vibrating non stop with messages from them, well they most def like u. When u get on a Capricorn’s radar, they will try and find out as much about u as possible. So when u hang out and they know u have 3 brothers and went to Steiner school but u never told them that don’t be shocked. Them admitting they know this info is a way of them telling u they are interested in u & ur life. They can treat u a bit hot and cold, & that stems from a fear of getting hurt. If u can prove urself trustworthy, Capricorn will tell u all of their secrets. And when u start feeling a bit like their private diary u can be 100% sure it’s a match.


U two will have to be good friends already. Aquarians view the friendship element of a romantic pairing to be the most important. So you’re friends and u already know they like u as such. How to work out if they potentially want to do pashing with u? Well, suddenly they will be more interested in the mundane aspects of ur life than ever. In the past a story of u forgetting to put the teabag into cup before u poured the kettle would have bored them to death. But now, they’ve never heard anything funnier. When Aqua is hot on u you become the funniest most interesting person in the world. Now you’re off to dinner at theirs expecting the whole gang to be around, but it’s just u and them. And there are candles on the table.
Aqua can be romantic in a very cheesy way. How endearing! Best sign is that you have long long conversations that go well into the early hours & they just never get bored of what u have to say.


Lol Pisces will prob be writing u a long love poem right now but most likely never give it to u. If u do receive a love poem, or maybe a brief but totally cute note then chances are u make them feel all mad butterflies and likely heart achy love sick. Pisces will incorporate u into their art when they like u. Maybe write songs about u (for u), send u long letters or draw silly pictures for u. Creativity is very important to them & so when they include u in this work it’s a given that they think u are important too. These cuties will give u so much time and affection when they like you. They will let u know that they are always here for u. They will let u in on all their deepest thoughts & feelings and describe in detail all their wildest dreams. With a Pisces u will prob see their affection for u in their eyes. Tho it may be clear they like u this sign wants a confirmation that it’s reciprocated before plunging in any deeper. So go ahead, let them know!

The Fall of Mr Fifths
The Fall of Mr Fifths

I know, I know

There’s nothing more appealing than the sound of high heels down the marble tile hallways of your distict’s one allotted city funded Steiner school bilingual or Montessori followed by a single high pitched scream

followed by breaking glass

Oh my God. I saw this and simultaneously laughed and kind of got freaked out, because this actually happened to me once. Gather round children, Snow has a story to tell.

I went to a very small school, and my class in grade 7 only had 13 students. It was a Steiner school, and everyone else had been there since kindergarten, which made me the newbie outsider, so I never really fit in with the rest of them, even though I’d been there a whole year at this point.

One time, we did a week-long camping trip to a remote island that had a history of convicts. Our campsite was close to some old ruins, supposedly a convict church. Our PE/maths/science/outdoor ed teacher (that’s what happens in a school that bloody small), Frank, decided it would be fun to hold a seance in the ruins of the church. At night. On the full moon.

Everyone else saw it as a joke, or a bit of fun, so they were happy to join in when Frank started placing candles in a circle. And I was just like “Dude, what the fuck, hold up a minute. I don’t think this is a good idea.” Frank and I never saw eye-to-eye, and we often disagreed because I knew far more about outdoor education than he did, but this was the worst idea he’d ever had.

He said there was nothing to worry about, and everyone else agreed that it would be fun, so of course I was just seen as the weird outcast like always. They kept getting ready to hold the seance, so late at night night, I started packing up my tent.

Frank was like “You know, walking in the bush at night is dangerous.” And of course I was like “Nowhere near as dangerous as what you’re doing.” I knew the area because I’d hiked there on my own before, and there was a beach 5km away that they’d be walking by the next day, so I said “I’ll be down near the beach, you can join back up with me tomorrow. I refuse to have any part in this.”

Everyone tried protesting, but because I’m a skilled hiker and I can see in the dark, they had no hope of catching up with me. There was nothing they could do to make me stay anywhere near that. After a few minutes they left me be, and held the seance without me.

About half an hour into my walk, I heard someone running up behind me, and saw a torch. (I had my torch off to deter anyone from trying to follow me.) It was Kerry, our homegroup/English/home ec teacher. I turned to her and sighed, all like “Kerry, thanks for coming out here, but I really don’t need any help, and nothing you can say will make me go back.”

She looked relieved, and said “I know. I don’t want you to. I came to camp out here with you. You were right.” I raised an eyebrow at her, as I wasn’t used to Kerry outright encouraging me to break the rules Frank set. She went on to say, “It was all fun and games until Frank started reciting the Lord’s Prayer in reverse. He got really freaky, and it wasn’t fun anymore.”

I asked her about my peers, but apparently they still found it fun, and thought she was weird and a “downer” for ultimately agreeing with me. So we continued walking together, and when we got to the beach at around midnight, we set up camp and waited until morning for the others.

They finally caught up with us at around 11am. Everyone was really quiet, except for Frank who was boasting to me about how much fun they had, and he said it was a shame Kerry and I couldn’t join. I asked everyone what had happened, but they refused to tell me anything.

I went for a walk out on the beach, as the group was resting for lunch, and eventually Vee (one of the kids) found me sitting by a rock pool. She looked to me wide-eyed, and asked “How did you know?” And I was really confused, like, “I didn’t know anything. What happened?”

So she told me. Apparently, after the seance, the wind dropped and it became utterly still. When everyone went to their tents for the night, they all saw dark shadows moving around their tents, and there was this deep growling sound, and occasional squealing. There was something in the camp, and Vee said it didn’t sound like Tasmanian devils. (My first suspicion when she mentioned the sounds.)

It left after about an hour. Nobody was willing to check, but they thought it might have been Mill (the class clown) playing a prank. But when Vee decided to check Mill’s tent, she found him in stunned silence. Mill was never silent. He didn’t say anything that night, and he didn’t say anything for the entire trip until the usual school week started again and everyone just dropped the topic.

Either they were all in on some big prank that was being played on me, or some freaky fucking shit happened that night. Let’s just say I’m glad I didn’t stick around for whatever the Hell happened.

Main lesson folders.

It’s Friday night and I’ve spent 4 hours working on my main lesson folder. :O How hardcore am I? I’m realy enjoying this main lesson though! ‘The evolution of consciousness’ :) That’s probably the only reason I’ve spent so long on it. At least I’ll be up to date for Monday, hey?

Does anybody else find themselves doing that? I’ve realised Steiner kids spend more time on their main lesson folders than any other subject. No? Just me? :P We freak out more when we haven’t done our main lesson work, than German or Science, for example. Meh, anyway, I’m going to go and do my German or English lit and then toddle off to bed. That’s another thing I spend a lot of my time doing. Sleeping. :) I’d go to bed at 6 every night if I could. :) Also, LISTEN TO GRACE PETRIE! I’m obsessed with her right now. She is just incredible. <3

The Waldorf educational philosophy’s overarching goals are intended to provide young people the basis upon which to develop into free, morally responsible, and integrated individuals equipped with a high degree of social competence. Teachers generally use formative (qualitative) rather than summative (quantitative) assessment methods, particularly in the pre-adolescent years.


You tell me again everyone NEEDS to suffer through high school.

One of my first memories was seeing a goth girl at my school when I was TINY. I didn’t know her, she was obviously one of the older kids (My school went from Kindergarten up to A level age I think? It was a Steiner school, if anyone is familiar).

I just have vague memories of the ghostly white skin, long dark hair, dark makeup, flowing black skirt etc and being like THAT. I DON’T KNOW WHAT THAT IS, BUT YES, VERY MUCH THAT.

(My other early experience with alternative people was my dad’s best friend’s daughter, I was in my dads car and saw her in her leather jacket, half of her head shaved, other half in green liberty spikes. Didn’t see her for years and years until she moved across the road from Jake and I at the old house and we’ve been friends since.:’) )

ANYWAY, the reason for this tangent, is because I was on twitter and saw someone new follow me, and saw their name and was like “Nah, couldn’t be, MUST be a different girl…”

It is in fact the goth girl at Steiner I saw when I was but a wee tot!:’) She’s not goth anymore (although still alternative!) but how strange is it that after all these years she’d suddenly find me on twitter? 

I thought it was a fun little coincidence~

anonymous asked:

What are you origins?

I’m not sure if this is the way you intended the question, but I thought I’d answer it as generally as I can. 
I was born in 1988, October 24th, on the edge of the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia, a little before the mountains, and the paddocks and farms.

I went through my childhood attending a fairly run of the mill preschool. I was the best friend of the most popular kid in my class and a little overweight. 
Throughout my early life I was always into everything fantasy and science fiction. I painted little toy soldiers and played video games. Watched a whole lot of cartoons. The 90s shaped the bones of me. 

I went to an alternative high school. There are a number of them around the world called Steiner Schools. We sang John Lennon songs with the teacher before biology class and on one of the seven camps we went on in year 9, we had to get up each morning and sit in front of a tree.
Plenty of strange stuff. But those years planted the seed of creative thinking in me, despite how hard I rebelled against it at the time. 

After high school I was lost for a little while. Eventually saw a psychologist who recommended I begin writing in my spare time. Since I was 18, writing words for a rock band seemed more appealing to me than writing prose or poetry, so that was the route I ultimately took. That went fairly well for a time (by Australian music industry standards anyway). Sold out a few tours and appeared in a few teen magazines. 

Soon that started dying and I started to feel lost again. Spent a few painful years sort of wandering without a purpose before I picked up the pen again and started writing and I have never looked back. 

Now, I’m 26, and this is without a doubt the happiest and most focused I’ve ever been or felt. I am so grateful for every chance happening, wrong and right turn that lead me to here, because yeah, this is a really incredible feeling. 

anonymous asked:

Hey your style is amazing! My question is did you get a lot of shit at school for the way you dressed?

I kinda feel like “no”, but when I actually think about it, yeah I guess. So, the first school I went to was a Steiner school, it was SUPER tiny so there really wasn’t any room for bullies, but the shit I got there was from two areas. One was more subtle. I’d known the people in my class since Kindergarten. You start Steiner when you’re like.. 5 or something? Then leave when you’re 16/17 I think. Something like that. So we grew up together. But, as we got older, I definitely noticed myself being excluded a lot more, not invited to parties that everyone else wad going to, etc, which was such bullshit because we’d all been best friends for years. And I’m willing to bet a lot of it had to do with my developing fashion and style choices.

The bigger problem, was the teachers. Steiner is a private school, they don’t have to follow the same rules as mainstream schools, and there’s no principal, there’s a “board of teachers” or something. Half the teachers were parents, and one of the ones most in charge was a woman who I had ALWAYS felt extreme hatred from, even when I was a tiny little child (who happened to go to school with my mum and never liked her, shocking).

Steiner was meant to be a non-uniform school, but I got in trouble for everything I wanted to wear, even if it was more appropriate than what other people were wearing. I’d get in trouble for stuff other kids weren’t getting in trouble for. When I was like 13 I was starting to get really sick of it all, so I’d already looked into moving school, and its just as well I did because a week later I was “expelled” because I missed exactly three homeworks. Soooo yeah~ Nightmare.

Then I was in a mainstream school and that was just your normal attempts at bullying, but I took great delight in fucking with the bullies, getting them in trouble, basically messing up their whole social order haha.

It was much easier to deal with that than horrible corrupt nasty teachers.