steiner for spinsters

Waldorf teacher school was awesome this weekend.  this is what the teacher had on the chalkboard when we came in.  Then she told us the story of Abrahama and Isaac via chalk drawings,  which was double awesome because one of the hippie girls in my class was raised in some sort of marxist atheist bubble and had never heard the story and is also very expressive.  So when the teacher drew the knife into Abraham’s hand, this girl yelled, “oh no!” and when the teacher drew a chalk angel coming to say the day,  the same girl gave a sigh of relief.

I drew a similiar picture with crayons,  but the teacher’s is more impressive.

Nonetheless,  "bring an image of The Flood" is one of my assignments for God class this weekend.  Waldorf curiculum makes an easy combination with  pretty much any religious education.