Remebering “one of these” in German

I used to get really confused about how to say this in German (”one of the/one of the(o)se”) because of what ending to use but it’s legit so simple - e.g.

Einer[1] dieser[2] Steine[3] = One of these stones.

[3] = The plural form of the final word, super easy (e.g. stones/Steine).
[2] = This always ends er because it’s genitive plural - thus dieser/der.
[1] = This is the bit that throws people, it’s declined like “dieses”, but if that’s too much thought just find the gender of the plural word + add the ending of its definite article - e.g. deR Stein

diE Katze = Eine dieser Katzen.
daS Haus = Eines dieser Häuser

Like honestly I can’t believe how simple it is after all of the confusion I’ve had :/

A nice game of Cards Against Humanity except half the cards are Legends of Flarrow themed

Black Cards

  • Rip Hunter recruited _______ to stop _______ from destroying the world
  • Why did the Flash travel through time this week?
  • Jefferson Jackson and Martin Stein fuse to form______!
  • ______ missing! Vanishes in Crisis
  • ______, you have failed this_____!
  • What did Cisco nickname the newest metahuman?
  • They thought Zoom was Hunter Zolomon but when they removed his mask, it turned out to be______.
  • Kendra and Carter never mention the time that they were killed by _____.
  • Few people know this, but “Ra’s Al Ghul” actually means “_______” in Arabic.
  • The real reason Rip Hunter left the Time Masters is because they prohibited______.
  • Cisco made a new gun that shoots______.
  • Mick Rory loves fire, but he thinks______ is even more beautiful.
  • Little did team Flash know that the Man in the Iron Mask is______.
  • Iris needed Barry’s help when her boss asked her to write a story on______.

White Cards (Besides all the names of our faves of course)

  • Getting high with a young Martin Stein
  • Dying and coming back to life multiple times
  • A musical episode of the Flash
  • Hartley Rathaway’s poorly hidden BDSM fetish
  • Mick Rory and Leonard Snart’s sex life.
  • Goddamn fucking Malcolm Merlyn
  • Yet another Jay Garrick
  • A vibrating hand through the heart
  • Inappropriate pop culture references
  • Lusting after your arch nemesis
  • Really bad CGI fight scenes
  • Plot lines stolen directly from Batman
  • White Egyptians
  • Dating your dad’s partner
  • Joe’s sexy dad bod
  • Miraculous recoveries from spinal injuries

Please feel free to add any of your own ideas to this by the way, I’d actually really like to play this too one day if you guys wanna