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Episode 1 of Legends, Season 3:
  • Jax: We broke time?! How the heck did we break time?
  • Amaya: And more importantly, how do we fix it?
  • Mick: Then get to Aruba?
  • Sara: I don't know, guys; just let me think!
  • Ray: Rip?
  • Rip: I left you alone for 5 minutes! 5. MINUTES! And the whole time-stream has collapsed!
  • Sara: Rip, I...
  • Rip: Nuh-uh! None of that! *drops bags on the floor*. Clearly you guys weren't as ready to be left alone as I thought you were.
  • Nate: What are you doing?
  • Rip: Until you guys can be expected to behave like adult Time Masters, we will have daily class sessions on how to do this properly; and everybody, *points to Mick* EVERYBODY shall participate! Sara, please pull up 8 chairs and GIDEON, please call up a virtual chalkboard; this is going to be a long night.
  • Stein: 8 chairs? But, Mr. Hunter, there are only 7 of us attending these classes.
  • Rip: I came across someone in my travels.
  • Len: Miss me?
  • *Sara and Mick's jaws drops*
  • Ray: Snart!? But, but, how?
  • Rip: I found him lost and unconscious in a Time Storm that YOU GUYS started!
  • Len: In other words: reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated. *winks at Sara*
  • Rip: Now as much as this would be a good time to throw a "Welcome Home" part for Mr. Snart, we have more pressing matters to attend to that I would like to start right away, preferably before that T-Rex steps on our ship! Sara, chairs!
  • Len: Is it possible for you to look the other way if I were to, I don't know, pass a note to someone during class?
  • Rip: Behavior like that will not be tolerated, Mr. Snart.
  • Len: Too bad. *smirks back at Sara*
  • Rip: *Muttering* I should have known they weren't ready to be left alone the moment they set a course to intervene with the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.
  • Gideon: If I recall, Captain, that was my main argument for why you should have stayed.
  • Rip: No need to sound so smug about it, Gideon.
Handsome Enough to Tempt Me

For @oqpromptparty. Missing Year, Pride & Prejudice AU.
Art by the incomparable @ninzied (x). 

Prompt #2: Pride & Prejudice AU with Regina as Mr. Darcy
Prompt #114: Missing Year, Snow ships OQ

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It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single woman in possession of a decidedly unfestive temperament must be in want of a dance partner.

Or it was a truth acknowledged, and insinuated to Regina within an inch of its life, by the perpetually optimistic declarations of one Snow White, at least.

“Regina, I will not have you standing about watching everyone else be merry all evening – not on my birthday, and especially not when we’re short of women to partner the men as it is! One dance, at least, that’s all I ask.”

Regina closed her eyes, rueing the snippet of weakness in her that had seen her agreeing to come to this damned party when she could have spent the night in no one’s company save her own, for once unbothered by the constant complaints and naggings of her former subjects. Snow had been persistent with her invitation, turning the full force of her hopeful doe eyes on Regina every time she begged some excuse, until it had just become simpler to give in to the younger woman’s wishes.

Still, Regina had only agreed to attend the ball, entirely intending to hole up in a shadowy alcove somewhere – preferably near the casks of vintaged wine and ale unearthed for the occasion – and glower at any who strayed a bit too close for her liking. She’d even dressed the part of witch-in-the-shadows, knowing it would irk Snow, by donning her customary black and adorning it with a high, standoffish collar that perfectly framed the proud tilt of her chin.

Dancing, or any manner of interaction with the other guests, had not been part of the deal.

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Pics from Friday and Sunday at animinneapolis~ I was Briar Rose/Aurora. This cosplay is also a WIP, and damn does my wig need some TLC after this con. The Rapunzel in the pics above is @kairaboucoffee She did an amazing job~ Sadly don’t have any pics of her long wig.

Bonus pics-

Irritated BF, after I put a fake bird on his head. ‘Take it off, take it off, take it off’

Awesome cosplay repair man~ He even had a freaking glue-gun!

Lets be honest, nerds are fucking weird (*Myself included*). This person apparently moved all of the books from that shelf, so they could hide in the bookcase. No idea if they were trying to take a nap, or hide or just thought they were being cool.

Look at the cool Stein! Had his own chair, and he said since his blade for the scythe didn’t end up working out, he ended up taping that pic of Spirit to the blade. Good choice man, good choice~


Arrowverse/Numbers Crossover AU

A serial murderer is targeting innocent young women and the FBI are no closer to finding him than they were when they first got the case. sneaking a peak at the files Lisa brings home one night, he’s suddenly struck with an idea;

What if he could use math- one of the few things to ever make sense in his life- to help catch the monster terrorizing Central City?

Team FBI

John Diggle (Team Leader): Former Army officer, he’s now the head of the elite Major Crimes unit of the FBI. Saving lives is his passion but his one true love is His Wife Lyla and daughter Sara

Sara Lance (Behavioral Analyst): Youngest daughter of a police captain; while her older sister decided to uphold the law in the Federal DA’s office, Sara chose a more hands on approach. For Sara it’s all about how people think/work.

Felicity Smoak (Technical Analyst/Field Agent): MIT Grad, she was caught by the FBI and outed as the White Hat Hacker known as Overwatch. To avoid prison she accepted the offer to work for the FBI.

Lisa Snart (Newbie/Law Student): Newest agents on the team, Lisa decided to skip the bar exam and join the FBI in an attempt to gain resources to locate her abusive father who escaped prison her last year in Law School.

Dr. Caitlin Snow (Coroner): Federal Coroner,Forensic Pathologist, gentle soul who is not to be messed with. When Caitlin realized she could help just as many people solving crimes she didn’t hesitate.

Barry Allen (CSI): Youngest member of Team FBI, Barry is the lead CSI of the Federal Forensics Unit. The son of a doctor and a crime novelist, Barry has always felt the need to help people.

Team CalSci

Leonard Snart (Mathematician): Genius Mathematician for an early age, he used his skills to run numbers for bookies as a kid to raise money to support his sister. He spent most of his youth protecting Lisa from their father, until Lewis was put away for life and Lisa and Leonard were taken in my the Steins.

Cisco Ramon (Engineer): Youngest sibling and seemingly unappreciated in his family, Cisco is a brilliant engineer who prides himself on building technology that could benefit the disabled.

Wally West (Mechanical Engineer): Youngest child to a Central City Police Detective, he’s a genius behind the wheel and under the hood. His driving desire to push the limits sometimes gets him into tight situations but for Wally, Faster is always better.

Martin Stein: Department Chair of CalSci’s Math and Sciences department, he took Leonard under his wing after he and his wife Fostered the Snart sibllings.

Soul Eater characters as things I've overheard from my friends and family:
  • Maka: Believe in yourself, you onion!
  • Soul: He's a poet trapped in a bro's body.
  • Kid: I will kill you and then Lysol the hell out of you.
  • Liz: Here's to you, here's to me, and if we ever disagree, fuck you, here's to me.
  • Patty: I will murder you in your sleep with that wedge of cheese.
  • Black Star: When I die, make sure my funeral is lit.
  • Tsubaki: Please don't fuck my ukulele.
  • Crona: Rest in spaghetti, never forgetti.
  • Ragnarok: Yeah, I really want a bagel! I'm willing to die for it!
  • Kim: (on queerbaiting) Don't dangle gay people in front of my face! Unless it's at a strip club. Then do that.
  • Jackie: One of these days my clarinet reed is going to slip and it's going to slit your throat.
  • Blair: God is real and Garfield created him. There is no God, only Garfield.
  • Shinigami: I promise no one will be possessed by a demonic spirit in this class.
  • Excalibur: Why do you always sound like you just got your wisdom teeth removed?
  • Asura: Once upon a time, a guy waved at me. So I chopped off his hands. He now has no hands.
  • Kami: Okay, I will admit it was wrong of me to strangle you, BUT...
  • Marie: THIS is how you suplex a chair!
  • Stein: Don't kill any kids. Only I can do that. And only when there's no witnesses.
  • Spirit: A hole has opened up in the western sky. I'm gonna fuck it.
  • Sid: The zombie apocalypse is not a question of if, but when.
  • Nygus: I am trained in the art of whup-ass.
  • Joe Buttataki: His brain moves at the speed of Joe.
  • Medusa: I'm going to feed you to my family! And I'll tell them it's a nice lamb stew, but really it'll be you!
  • Arachne: MY TITS ARE STEEL.
  • Shaula: I will murder your entire family with a whiffle ball bat.
  • Giriko: I named my dick Sparta, so when I whip it out I can yell "THIS IS SPARTA!"
a hostile new carthage

The fastest dissolving game of Monopoly ever attempted. Featuring not one but six dick jokes. LoT. Team fic.

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home-of-devils-deactivated20150  asked:

Sam sat bored out of her mind in stein's class, trying really hard not to fall asleep. She was still trying to get away with having her hood up in stein's class, failing every-time, half the time he didn't even look at her.

*He looked back at Sam as Stein was talking about something he didn’t care about listening to as he knew he wouldn’t need it, He was sitting up on his desk and not in his chair, Stein didn’t even try to tell him to get down as he knew Black*Star wouldn’t ever listen, While Black*Star watched Sam he wondered why she always wanted her hood up like the light hurt her*