Mass Media Deprivation Project

First day of term + Mass media and communications class = first project of the term.

I have this batty, old biker dude for a professor in my COM 150 class and so he gave us our first project today, which is fine by me other than I won’t be able to blog for a week. It’s mass media deprivation so I can text, talk, message, etc, but no music, news, mass media sites, etc.

Honestly, after my Colorado trip, I already know it’ll be easy, and I have a ton of ideas of points to make in the paper already, so I have a feeling this class is one I’ll be able to work hard in because it’s stuff I like. So, yeah, I’m excited. 3 required papers, 2 extra credit papers, readings, etc. Yeah, changing my major was the best decision ever!!!

So, I guess this is goodbye until Friday!!