Time does not apply to children born in the SNL ‘verse!

(1) Tina and Jimmy have an 8 yr. old son named Lorne in the space of time between Jimmy leaving SNL in 2004 and this cameo: April 9, 2005
(2) Seth and Stefon get married: May 18, 2013
(3) Seth and Stefon look for a new home for their children: February 15, 2015
(4) Kyle and Leslie have a baby named Lorne: May 13, 2017
(5) Kyle and Leslie send Lorne off to college: November 11, 2017

Seth Meyers remembers his wedding to Stefon on 'Late Night'
It’s already been a whole year since Seth Meyers and Stefon ran away together on Bill Hader’s final episode of Saturday Night Live — but Meyers remembers the wedding like it was y…

IMPORTANT: Today is Stefon and Seth Meyers’ wedding anniversary !

Saturday Night Live (1975)

In order to make Bill Hader laugh, and break character during the “Stefon” sketches, John Mulaney would change some of the jokes right before the live broadcast, meaning that when Hader was reading the cue cards, he was reading some of the material for the first time. His trademark gesture of covering his mouth with both hands, was his attempt to (often unsuccessfully) conceal fits of laughter.