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My first Royai fanart ever! I initially just wanted to draw Riza growing out her hair but since Valentine’s Day is coming, I needed to add Roy in the sketch as well.


Roy’s probably just mad at himself for not knowing what to give his wife precious lieutenant for V Day~

I don’t know if Arakawa really thought about it but I love the fact that she gave the pretty pink princess/alkahestrist we all know and love the name May/Mei. Depending on how you write/pronounce it, it could mean  美 (měi) “beautiful” which she totally is or 妹妹 (mèimèi) “little sister” which she obviously is to Ling.

But it could also mean  梅 (méi) “plum” aka plum blossoms which are known to bloom during late winter. The Chinese regard the plum blossom as a symbol of strength coz I mean like how many flowers bloom in winter? Plum blossoms also symbolize hope and endurance in difficult times.

In the series, May/Mei travels crosses a freaking desert to travel to another country for the sake of her clan. She stayed by Scar and Al’s side even when things were going rough. She had to transmute the soul of the man she cared about even if she obviously didn’t want to but did so anyway because she also had to save the life of that young man’s older brother. Not many preteens can handle that kind pressure and life-threatening experiences, but May/Mei pushed through it all and survived all while giving hope to others that they can survive too. Much like the meaning of her name.

I’ve been tagged by @a-proud-fangirl and I’m so honored because I’m rarely tagged for anything. :’)

1) Who are you named after?

I was named after my paternal and maternal grandmothers (Lilian + Annabelle = Lianne), and after St. Stephen the First Martyr because I was born on his feast day. But after researching, I found out that my birthday isn’t St. Stephen the First Martyr’s feast day but St. Stephen the King’s.

2) Last time you cried?

Two Sundays ago due to stress, anxiety, and being triggered after someone said they dislike Royai family+baby fics and would avoid that at all costs. Like honestly, I’m still affected by that and screw you. You’d think I’d be a little more understanding coz you have anxiety too but nope. Take a long ass hike. I don’t want to start a fight but I swear if I could snap someone’s neck just to satisfy my anger I freaking would.

3) Do you like your handwriting?

Yep. A lot of people say it could be its own font and I wish I had a graphics tablet so I can actually make it a font.

4) What is your favorite lunch meat?

Sweet ham? The ball of ham they usually sell here during the Christmas season?

5) Do you have kids?

Nope. Not yet. Someday, when the time is right. :)

6) Do you ever use sarcasm?


7) Do you still have your tonsils?


8) Would you bungee jump?


9) What is your favorite type of cereal?


10) Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?

Haha nope!

11) Do you think you’re strong?

I do my best to hold up the facade that I am. But physically speaking, I could say I’ve been better. I’m not sickly nowadays though.

12) What is your favorite ice cream?

Your good ol’ basic vanilla soft serve or ube (purple yam)!

13) What is the first thing you notice about somebody?

Their eyes. I’m honestly so fascinated with various eye shapes and I think if your eyes look pretty (from my perspective), then overall, you’re attractive.

14) Football or baseball?

Both. I can play both. If you mean football = soccer, then yes.

15) What is your least favorite thing about yourself?

My anxiety. That’s seriously the only thing holding me back. 

16) What color pants are you wearing?

I’m wearing peach-colored shorts right now.

17) Favorite smell?

My mom or my dad’s respective perfumes. And the smell of vanilla.

18) Who was the last person you spoke to on the phone?

My dad when I was having a panic attack over enrollment a week ago ha ha. :/

19) Favorite sport to watch on TV?

I’m not into watching sports on TV. I prefer playing them. But if you consider MMA a sport (I guess it is), then that’s what I like to watch.

20) Hair color?

Really dark brown no I won’t say it’s black coz in both indoor white light and natural light, it is dark brown

21) Eye color?

Same as above

22) Favorite food to eat?

ANYTHING JAPANESE OR KOREAN and sinigang and my grandmother’s cooking!

23) Scary or funny movies?

Scary, coz I like to ~suffer~

24) Last movie you watched?

More like rewatch. Arahan. It’s a Korean action film. Pretty funny.

25) What color shirt are you wearing?

White with black and blue prints

26) Favorite holiday?

Christmas season!

27) Wine or beer?

I used to hate beer but now I love both. 

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Not even half the cast could make it. :( But at least we still had fun catching up after five years(?) of no contact (except between me and my best friend ofc).

 Anyway, here’s the incomplete cast and crew of Snow White and the Seven Sins from left to right: scriptwriter/director, Greed, technical director, The Witch/Prince, yours truly as Snow White. ^u^

Psst, I wrote a dumbass fanfic featuring Roy Mustang and the homunculi based on the actual script we used for our mini-play. You can read it here!


So this week I decided to make tiny pixels of every member of achievement hunter and of most of the teams. Under the read more (I’m so sorry mobile users) I have each of the members seperately, as gifs, in their teams and gifs of the teams, and I’ll keep adding to it as teams are made/I remember them. I’m also working on Fake AH Crew and King AU versions. If you have any suggestions for me or requests I’m open for asks. 

For now have fun looking through them!

You can put them on your blog if you credit me. 

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