steffie and care

Whatever. Stefan and Caroline are delusional. That’s fine; this wouldn’t piss me off if Stefan didn’t act like Damon is the scum of the Earth. Stefan absolutely refuses to acknowledge anything good about Damon; he continues to see Damon as just the worst, irredeemable, not good enough to be on the receiving end of Elena’s affections, completely unworthy, selfish. But yet am I not supposed to barf when he sits and tries to rationalize and understand Klaus? How about trying to show your brother some of that same understanding Stefan?!?!? How can a character be so blind? I can’t. I give up.

And then Caroline. It was not her place to tell Stefan that. Friend or not. Elena is also her friend, was her friend first, and she specifically asked her to not open her mouth and that she would tell Stefan when she was ready. I don’t care what anyone says Caroline’s inability to keep her mouth closed is going to have serious repercussions for Stefan and Damon’s relationship, and possibly her relationship with Elena. When it really didn’t have to be, because ultimately Damon did the “right” thing so to speak, he stalled for a moment I mean it’s only his first chance at happiness hanging in the balance. No Big Deal. But ultimately he wanted to do what he felt was the right. And her implication that he would take advantage of Elena and he couldn’t be trusted is worst thing about the entire situation regardless of her past with him, because ultimately this isn’t about her. She’s potentially ruining a lot of relationships with this.

Caroline is the present day Lexi. When Stefan made that comparison in S2 I didn’t get it, I thought it was a really shallow comparison since they were both blondes. But she’s as toxic for Stefan as Lexi was in the past. IMO. She feeds his delusional mind, his feelings of entitlement, this idea that he’s “better” than Damon. This is exactly what Lexi did and we see how much of a winner Stefan is today. And that’s the opposite of what Stefan needs if he’s ever going to get a clue and grow the f*^Ck up.

End of rant.

—    - why wasn’t i following you before. ugh.