Honestly I’ve never seen chemistry like the type between Paul and Nina. Ian and Nina dated and I don’t see the same chemistry between them onscreen. When Paul and Nina look at each other as whatever characters you can literally feel the fireworks. It’s literally why I ship any ship that has to do with Paul and Nina lol

“I know we’ve only know each other for a short while. And I know Im in competition for your affections but, uh, Ive never met a woman quite like you. I look at you and I see an angel. Its to a touch of skin, my entire body ignites. I kiss you and I know that Im falling in love.”

“-I am in love with you.
-Theres is just so much you don’t know about me Stefan.
-More to learn and love.”

“-I will love you forever.
-Forever is a very long time, you know.
-Not long enough.”

“I love you, Stefan. We will be together again, I promise.”

“I never compelled your love. It was real. And so was mine”

“Yes, I have done terrible things. But I do love you Stefan. Even if you don`t believe it…”

“You came back here to fall in love with me all over again, didn’t you?”

"Maybe I miss you”

“Love. Hate. Such a fine line.”

“You loved me once. You can love me again”

“You hate me, huh? That sounds like the beginning of a love story, Stefan, not the end of one.”

“-What game are you playing?
-Fine, you want to play with me?
-I don’t know. How can I play if I don’t know the rules?
-No rules Stefan. Don’t you remember? No rules.”

“You’ re Katherine Pierce. Suck it up”

“You’ re Stefan Salvatore. Suck it up”

“Don´t forget you loved me before you hate me”

“I’m here. I’m with you. We’re together”

—  -Katherine and Stefan, TVD.

“The same thing that makes me nervous, which is never knowing what will happen next. That’s what I love about it. I never know what character I’m going to play next; I never know what location I’ll be in next. With each new character, I find something new about myself that I didn’t know before."  

- Paul Wesley

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God I miss Steferine. The paring was never boring.

WORD. They were fucking fascinating. Stefan & Katherine challenged each other in such a way that they were forced to grow as characters.  I really do miss Steferine. They were a dynamic pair. 

I especially love how Stefan was able to draw out Katherine’s humanity. Although Kat had a reputation for caring just for herself, scenes like this demonstrate otherwise.

Their story was character driven. That’s what I enjoyed about it, and it’s what I miss. Although Stefan & Katherine were problematic (oh boy were they), the consent issues, the power struggle, and the lingering affection pushed their narratives beyond the usual TVD ship drama. Steferine was interesting because it was a driving force for their character development. 

I still consider this the most touching moment on TVD.

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