Hey Guys! So myself & Nat decided that the tvd fandom needed a place that could be completely hate free and where ANY blog, no matter who you ship or stan, could be a member- which is why we decided to start the TVD blog network!

This blog will sort of work like a stan or shippers club- except it isn’t restricted to the specific ship or character. We will be hosting events just like any other club as well as a page with all the members of this network!

You can also send us a positive message about anyone within the fandom and we will post it on the page! We may begin to do tinychat sessions for anyone that wants to meet & talk to new people. If you follow the tvdblognetwork then you will get updates on chats and you will also see positive discussions about different characters, ships and the show in general!

If you are interested in joining the network, all you have to do is send us an ask (un-anonymously obviously) or click JOIN, telling us a little bit about yourself (eg. your favourite ships, favourite characters, etc. You can include as much or as little as you like! The sky is the limit with this :) This is just so that we have a little bit of background knowledge about you- but don’t worry too much about it!

Once you have submitted your membership form, we will write a short description about you and add it to our members page :) (We will be accepting every member that submits themselves- so don’t worry about not getting accepted!)

To help us raise awareness of the blog, we would greatly appreciate it if you could reblog this post to spread the word! We hope you decide to join the network! xo

If you want to follow us, the owners of the blog are damonspain (Olivia) & elenahsgilbert (Natalie)

We will be tracking the tag tvdblognetwork if you want to make posts about the blog for us to see!

Credit for this beautiful gif/graphic goes to iwantyoudamon (Anna)