Would include:
- Damon cooking for you
- They will always help you out
- Very protective
- They first have to approve a boy before you can bring him home
- They will annoy you
- Always joking around with them
- Cuddles
- You can talk with Stefan about anything
- A lot of house party’s


Reader x Kol

Requested by Anon

“Well we are looking delicious tonight?” Kol smiled and bowed, the girl at your side whispering to you, letting you know who he was.

“You know my brothers?” You asked although the way it was said told Kol it wasn’t a question, more demand as to how the stranger knew you.

“Yes, although not as well as my siblings know them.” He admitted and you rolled your eyes as a delicate fan was placed in your hand, your Au Pair hissing that you were old enough to take a Beau so you should display your affections properly.

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Stefan Salvatore Imagine- Hopelessly Head-Over-Heels In Love


The shrill sound of the school bell rang through Mystic Falls High sending throngs of students into the hallway.  You gathered your pencil and notebook before placing them into your backpack.  As you stood up, you noticed your best friend leaning against the door frame waiting patiently for you. A small smile crawled onto your lips as you stared for a second. His broad shoulders filled his V-neck and his jeans hung snuggly on his hips. You couldn’t deny that he was good looking and you couldn’t deny the way he made you feel. Stefan cocked his head to the side and moved away from the frame, “You coming?” You snapped out of your trance as a blush creeped onto your cheeks, “Yeah! Sorry.” Slinging your bag over one shoulder and grabbing your textbook, you exited the classroom and walked to your locker with Stefan.

“So,” he began as you swapped one textbook out for another, “I was thinking about having a little get together tonight.” You raised an eyebrow at him as you closed your locker, “A little get together?” A small chuckle escaped your lips before you turned and began to walk towards the parking lot. As you walked you nudged Stefan, “I don’t think ‘little get together’ is in your vocabulary Stefan.” Stefan gave you his best pained look, “I’m offended Y/N.  It’s only going to be a couple of friends.  You know, Elena, Bonnie, Tyler, Matt, Damon, and Caroline.”  Your heart fell at the mention of Caroline’s name.  Although you tried your best to ignore it, you noticed the way Stefan looked at her.  Being his best friend you even had the luxury of hearing how he talked about her.  It was obvious that he had a crush on her. You sighed and plastered on a fake smile, “Sounds like a lot of fun Stefan. You can let me know how well it goes tomorrow.”  Stefan furrowed his eyebrows as you hopped into his little red Porsche, but he didn’t say anything until he was securely behind the wheel. “What do you mean ‘let you know how it goes’?” he asked before starting the car, “You’re going to be there, right?”  You shut your eyes trying to hide your frustration. Spending the night drinking aged bourbon and watching Stefan try to flirt with Caroline was not your ideal Friday night. You opened your eyes and peeked at Stefan who gave you a pout. His hazel eyes kept sneaking small glances at you as he drove down Mystic Falls’ suburban streets.  You grinned at him, “I guess I could make an appearance.” Stefan gave you a genuine smile as he stopped in front of your house, “Thanks Y/N.” You hummed in response before getting out and walking to your house.

After getting dressed, you grabbed your car keys and headed out. Once you arrived at the Salvatore Boarding House, you sat in your car for a moment before making your way to the door.  Everyone was already sitting in the living room drinking when you walked in. Stefan, from his spot next to Caroline, got up, “Y/N,” he began, pulling you into a tight embrace, “you finally made it.”  He let you go and moved back to his seat, “Don’t worry, we waited for you to get here before starting the real fun.”  You gave him a tight smile, “Oh great,” you said flopping down next to an already drunk Damon, “I can’t wait.”  

Everyone, aside from Damon and yourself, were playing a poor version of charades.  You and Damon sat on the couch closest to the bar sipping on your drinks.  Although you knew it would be best if you paced yourself, you didn’t care and let your buzz set in.  After about an hour you and Damon, leaning against each other, were completely gone. “I like you,” Damon slurred before downing the rest of his drink.  You scoffed, “I don’t like you.”  A small burp fell from your lips, “I like someone else.”  Damon raised an eyebrow, “Do you now?  And who might that be?”  You stood up from the couch, wobbling a bit, and put your finger to your lips, “You have to be quiet,” you said shushing him, “Your brother can’t figure out that I like him.”  Damon’s eyes grew big, but before he could reply you were already walking towards the front door. The cool night air hit your face as you walked outside.  You shut your eyes and stood on the front porch for a moment letting the refreshing breeze blanket over you. As you stood there you heard a familiar voice around the corner. You opened your eyes and slowly rounded the corner to find Stefan and Caroline standing by her car.  Not wanting to be spotted, you hid behind the wall and waited.  Your mind was clouded from alcohol consumption, but you heard everything he was telling her clearly.  “Okay,” he began, “I’ve been feeling this way for a while now.  Really, I’ve been feeling this way since the day that I met you. You make me a better person… a better me.  But most importantly, you make me feel alive again and make this life worth living.  I just wanted to let you know, even if you don’t feel the same, that I love you.  I am hopelessly head-over-heels in love with you.”  Tears pooled in your eyes and your hand covered your mouth attempting to quiet your sobs.  Although you had figured that Stefan had a crush on Caroline, you had no idea that he was in love with her.  And even though it was a long shot, a small part of your now shattered heart had hoped that he had reserved those feelings for you.  The once refreshing cool night air now felt like a suffocating hand around your throat.  Your breathing felt labored as you tried your best to control your hyperventilating. You stood hiding behind that wall for another moment before willing your legs to run.  As you ran down the gravel road you could hear Stefan calling after you. Even though every part of you wanted to stop and turn back, you kept running.  Winded and with tear stained cheeks, you finally reached your house. You crawled into your bed and stared at your ceiling as everything banged around recklessly in your mind. You were in love someone who loved someone else. You were in love with your best friend.  You were hopelessly head-over-heels in love with Stefan.

The next morning your phone was littered with text messages and missed calls from Stefan. Ignoring them, you got up and went to wash the remnants of last night off your body. Your parents were both at work for the day, so you had the house to yourself. On any normal day, you would be excited to be alone.  However, today you wanted anything else than to be left alone with your raging thoughts.  You sat in your room staring at your phone.  Stefan’s text messages apologized and begged you to call him back.  Tears began to well up again and threaten to fall from your eyes when you heard a light knock on your bedroom door. You quickly turned to find a sad looking Stefan leaning on the door frame.  “At least I know you saw them,” he said using his head to motion to your phone.  You dropped your phone on the bed next to you and wiped your eyes speechless.  “Can I come in?” Stefan asked quietly.  Unable to speak, you just nod in response. Stefan slowly walked over to your bed and sat in his usual spot next to you.  The two of you sat in silence staring at the wall parallel to your bed. The stillness in the room was heavy, not the same as the usual tranquility you felt around him. You took a slow breath in before breaking the quiet, “What are you doing here?”  Stefan turned towards you still holding the same sad expression on his face, “I know you heard me talking to Caroline last night. I came here to explain what happened.” You rolled your eyes trying to mask the hurt you knew he could see written all over your façade. “That’s okay Stefan,” you began, giving him a weak smile, “I’m happy for you.” Your heart clenched with every word you said to him.  You let out a sad chuckle, “I just don’t know why you didn’t tell me sooner. I thought I was your best friend.” Stefan sat up straighter, “I didn’t tell you because I don’t love Caroline.” You gave him a confused look, “What are you talking about? I heard you tell her.” Although you were sitting next to him, you refused to look Stefan in the eyes. Stefan placed his hand under your chin forcing you to look at him, “I don’t love Caroline. I was asking her for advice.” His deep green eyes, like a vast valley of wild lilies, completely transfixed you. Just like every other time you looked into them, you got lost. His hand gracefully moved from under your chin to the side of your face. His thumb caressed your cheek, “There’s this girl. She’s beautiful, smart, and everything I would ever want in a woman. She brings light into my dull life. Her smile could stop traffic and her laugh is my favorite song, I could listen to it all day.  Her voice is the only thing that could bring me back from my darkest days.  I love her and I would do anything for her.  I needed someone to tell me how I could tell her all of that without sounding like a fool.”  Still hanging onto his every word, you sighed, “Why did you go to Caroline?”  He gave you a small smile, “I couldn’t very well go to you.”  You furrowed your eyebrows, “Well why not?”  Stefan, still rubbing his thumb against your cheek, licked his lips and pulled you close until your lips were barely touching, “Because,” he said in a whisper, “that girl is you.”  Before you could respond, Stefan pulled you into him and his lips hit yours.  Your heart jumped and butterflies rampaged in your stomach.  His hand fit behind your head pulling your near.  He slowly released your lips and looked deep into your eyes.  With all the passion he could muster, he whispered softly, “I love you Y/N.”  Out of breath and elated, you whispered back, “I love you too Stefan.”  


Kathrine x Fem!Reader

Requested by Anon

“You have to tell them to stop!” Jeremy snapped.

“But she’d be stuck in there to.” Bonnie pointed out and you rolled your eyes.

“I’ll be fine just hang on.” You sighed and tossed your mask down as you hurried up to the room where your brothers were fighting. “Stop!”

“(Y/N) what are you doing?” Damon growled and you rolled your eyes.

“Just trust me you don’t want to do anything until your little witch figures something out.” You sighed and pulled Damon off Katherine. “just trust me brother, she’s playing a trick.” You glared at Katherine as she sat down.

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Stefan Salvatore Imagine Requested- I’m not the Kind of Person you Fall in Love With


Alright here is the Stefan Salvatore imagine requested by @kaitlynw011 .  I hope you enjoy it! xx.

Saturday night and you were sitting on your couch cuddled up in a large blanket.  Your television was playing some sappy 2000s romantic comedy, but you weren’t paying attention. Your mind was reeling as one awful name echoed in your head.  Klaus Mikaelson, it made you shiver.  Klaus decided to revisit Mystic Falls and was hell bent on taking his once right-hand man back.  Your sweet and loving boyfriend, Stefan Salvatore.

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Klaus: “Does that guy have a dead wish?”
Elijah: “I didn’t wanna say it like this but i have to agree with my brother“
Kol: “There is no good in that guy“
Stefan: “I won’t let him hurt you”
Damon: “How can you love him, after everything he has done”
You: “wauw… I know he has done stupid things, but so did you guys. I actually thought you would be happy for me, guess i was wrong…” and you walk away
Elijah: “(Y/N)… Wait..”


Reader x Elijah

Requested By Anon

It was hard to keep a secret from your brothers, mostly because you were a source of one-upmanship over the other, Damon bought you a Ferrari so Stefan bought you a private jet. Stefan gave you original and sign copies of Shakespeare’s plays so Damon bought you Shakespeare’s dome.


They liked to know every intricate detail of your life, once ending up having a conversation with Stefan about why people get hiccups just because you had nothing more to tell him about that you hadn’t already told Damon, so you told him about the girl that had walked past you with the hiccups.

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Breath-taking, Stefan Salvatore.

Requested by the wonderful @loganhendandstefansalvatore4ever.

Notes: Sorry if this sucks but I haven’t been feeling quite good lately and sorry for not having your personal name included, hope you like it anyways.

Summary: Y/N throws a Christmas party at her place like always but this year something changes…

Prompt: “Is this mistletoe?” “Shut up and kiss me.”

The clingy red dress sparkled in the darkned room like a chandelier made of the most precious diamonds: it had a décolleté that cut its way from her neck to the lowest part of her chest, the skirt fell under her knees and the material was following her graceful movements as she walked throughout the room, cheerfully smiling at every person she locked eyes with.

Christmas was the best time of the year for Y/N.

Every 25th december night she threw the same party and every student in Mystic Falls had to be there, literally no one could miss the chance to participate at the most popular event of the whole school period. Even Caroline Forbes, consumed by anger and jealously, was always present, trying to win the title of “The Best Dress”, yet she understood that she didn’t have the chance to steal it from Y/N.

She was always gorgeous.

Caroline and Y/N, we can say, they weren’t best friends and could never be but there was a person who was special for her, someone different from the other guests… Y/N looked around, her eyes E/C searching for a figure and when she saw a man on the balcony, a glass of wine in his hand, she couldn’t help but smile. She walked towards the balcony but was suddenly stopped by a blondie who stood still in front of her.

“Y/N, hi, you look so beautiful!” Her excitement was clearly fake but the H/C- haired girl took a breath and smiled at her. “Thank you, Care, you look gorgeous as always.” On the other hand she was honest and actually thought that Caroline was gorgeous: she had a sumptuous and long blue dress made of the most precious material, Y/N wondered how she managed to afford something like that. “Do you mind if I, um… I have something I really need to do, see you at the ceremony.”

Caroline nodded and smiled brightly. “May the best win!”

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Stefan Salvatore Imagine Requested- Moonlight


I’m so sorry this took forever to post!!!  This was requested like forever ago by @nicolerachel12 .  I really hope you enjoy this and that I did your request justice!!  Enjoy you guys! Xx.

Pairing: Stefan Salvatore x Reader

Warnings: Mild language and some violence

“Welcome to Mystic Falls”.  A sigh fell from your lips as you drove past the sign and into your home town.  Memories came flooding back with every passing second.  It had been years since you drove on those familiar streets. Being a Greek Goddess, although it sounded majestic, wasn’t a great trait to have while living in Mystic Falls. The supernatural weren’t well liked where you came from.  That was the exact reason why you left to begin with.  Having to live in fear while in your own home got old after a while. 

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You walk in with your new boyfriend Stefan. You see klaus looking at you two and immediately walking over towards Stefan
Klaus: ”What are you doing here with her?“
Stefan: ”uh.. i’m a little confused here. From what i know you two broke up, so it’s none of your business anymore”
Klaus: ”(Y/N), never thought you would lower yourself to a Salvatore“
Before you could say something, Stefan takes a step towards Klaus
Stefan: ”I suggest you don’t make a scene here, it could get pretty ugly”
Klaus: ”an Original against a 100 year old vampire, hmm I wonder who would win“
You: ”Stefan, come on, let’s get out of here. he’s not worth it“


Stefan x Reader

Requested by Anon

“So, you’re alone for Christmas?” Stefan asked as everyone finished saying goodbye and headed off to their families.

“Yeah but I don’t mind.” You smiled as he walked you to your car.

“You never know Santa might come early.” Stefan chuckled as he slammed the door, watching you drive off before heading to home.

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The right man, Stefan Salvatore.

requested by the lovely @loganhendandstefansalvatore4ever , hope it’s like you wanted it to be! 

prompt 4 with Stefan Salvatore.                                                                          Summary: Reader and Stefan are spending Christmas at her parents’ place, he seems nervous about something and she discovers why…

warnings: none, just fluff, love, Christmas.                                                        Please forgive my soul if there are any grammatical errors, english is not my native language and I’m still learning to express and describe everything correctly.                                                                                        (Gif used not mine)

I eventually named reader’s parents, I hope you don’t mind at all!

“Do you think they’ll like me?” A raspy voice suddenly muttered above the sweetish song that was playing on the radio, a chuckle followed the question. “Someone is excited here.”

The girl spoke, pure entertainment in her voice as she gently caressed her boyfriend’s messy hair. She eventually cuddled up more onto him as the two were laying on the couch, surrounded by a pleasant holiday atmosphere: the pine sweet smell of the Christmas tree ghosted through the room mixing with the cinnamon scent of the candles disposed on the fireplace, along with some silly and colorful socks hanged on it, as the flames were dancing in the heart of the fire.

The room was lightened up by the shiny Christmas lights and some gifts were placed under the tree.

“Stefan, baby, they’re going to love you.» She tried to comfort him, slightly turning her head to face him so Stefan could lock his eyes with hers and his smile widened a bit. She’s beautiful, he thought, he had those big E/C eyes, that seemed to look deep into his soul and the playful smile that was gracing her lips as she observed him, was somehing that she only had. The way she laughed, the way she cried…

“Earth calls Stefan.” She giggled, “Are you there?”

The man nodded, coming back to the real world and then took her hands in his. “I want everything to be perfect, that’s all.” He muttered, kissing her knuckles and observing her as she stood up, pulling her hair back into a messy bun. “Just don’t worry about it, everything is going to be perf-, oh God, the gingerbread cookies!

He watched her run away towards the kitchen and laughed, shaking his head.

…Damn, he loved her.

Y/N’s parents seemed to be the type of kind-hearted and reliable people that we often see in movies.

Y/N’s dad immediately patted Stefan’s shoulder, he was an average height man and was wearing a Christmas pullover that his daughter gave him years ago, he also called Stefan “son” the second after he met him. Her mother was a graceful and petite lady, she hugged both of them and smiled softly.

“Come in, dear.” The woman said and Y/N pulled him in, intimating to go sit with her father at the dinner table as the two women prepared the supper. His hands were slightly sweating as he sat on the chair, Andy - that was her father’s name - poured a plenty amount of wine into his glass and then into Stefan’s. “Are you treating my girl right?”

Andy’s joyful face suddenly changed into a severe look as he took a sip of his drink. “She’s my life, sir.” Stefan replied but when he opened his mouth to speak again two arms embraced him from behind. “Dad, please, don’t stress.” She uttered, kissing Stefan’s cheek, sitting down next to him.

“I’m just making sure he’s the right man, babygirl… Oh, and please son, call me Andy.” Claudia gave an odd look to her husband and then served the dinner to everyone, when she finally sat down, she spoke: 

“We would love to hear more about you, Stefan, do you have any relatives?”

Y/N cleared her throat and gave a squeeze to Stefan’s hand under the table; the man, on the other hand, smiled genuinely at his so called mother-in-law. “Well I do have a brother but we haven’t been in touch for a while now, my parents sadly passed away years ago… It almost seems like a century has passed.

“Oh, I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to…”

“No, no, it’s okay seriously, that was a long time ago.”

Claudia nodded and Andy started talking about how he sassed his boss at work ad how he risked to get fired and that evening passed full of laughter and dad jokes. Stefan eventually helped Claudia with the dishes and after that they went to sleep.

What’s more joyful than waking up on Christmas morning?

That’s what Y/N thought as she opened her eyes, quickly looking for her boyfriend to announce how excited she was about the day and how much she craved those gingerbread cookies she had made the day before, but he wasn’t there. “Stefan?” She called for him and got off the bed, still enthusiastic about giving her gift to Stefan. She went downstairs and smiled as she saw everyone cheerfully talking on the couch: Claudia was wearing a comfy red pullover matching with her husband and Stefan was just… Stefan.

Everyone stopped talking as she walked in.

“So excited…” She scoffed and reached the others in the living room. The vampire seemed quite nervous and she couldn’t understand why. The atmosphere was kind of strange.

He was holding a tiny package in his hand and was smiling at her. “Well, Merry Christmas… everyone?”

No one said a single thing and it seemed that they knew something she had no idea about. First of all, why was she the last one to get up? 

It all came up suddenly into her mind, Stefan’s anxiety about everything being perfect and the silly smirk that Andy had on his face. “Uhm, did I miss something?” She questioned but everything she got as an answer was Stefan’s chuckle as he gave her his gift. “Is this thing going to explode?”

Her hands were shaking as she unrapped the little box and when she opened it, she couldn’t believe her eyes: a ring.

It had a little shiny diamond on the top and she could notice a small sentence engraved on it, “You, always.”, it said. Her eyes locked with his as they got watery, her mouth formed a sort of “o” and she covered it with one hand. “Stefan, are you serious?”

He kneeled in front of her, in front of her parents but it was like they were alone, just she and him. It was surprising how much love and happiness was filling the entire room, warming up everyone’s heart.

“Since the first time I met you I thought that you would’ve saved me from my demons, and you have.” He spoke clearly, taking her hand in his, “You’ve been my best friend, you’ve been there when no one else was, standing by my side through the hardest times. Everyday I wake up with you by my side and I think that I’m the luckiest man in the whole world; you’re full of beauty and pure love and you’re truthful, amusing and sincere. You’re my life and I love you wildly, insanely, deeply.”

“I love you, Stefan Salvatore.” She murmured, tears of happiness streaming down her cheeks.

“Y/N Y/L/N… Will you marry me?”

She nodded multiple times and when Stefan put the ring on her finger she hugged him tightly and kissed him like she never did before. Claudia got up, sobbing, and hugged them both as Andy whispered: “He’s the right man.”