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Elena x Sister!Reader

(Y/N) Gilbert

“Oh wow look girls (Y/N) thinks she can join the junior cheer squad.” The trio of girls stopped in front of you, sneering at your hand me down squad kit that was a combination of Elena, Bonnie and Caroline’s.

“Is there a problem?” Your sister asked from behind you.

“No, we were just talking about the squad.” All nastiness vanished when the girls smiled at Elena.


“(Y/N) let’s go.” She huffed at them and pulled you off to an empty class room. “You need to stick up for yourself.”

“I didn’t have a chance and besides… they’re right I probably won’t get on the squad.” You huffed and she hugged you tight.


“Please don’t hate me for this but it’ll make things easier for you.” Elena hummed.

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“She was fierce, she was strong, she wasn’t simple. She was crazy and sometimes she barely slept. She always had something to say. She had flaws and that was ok. And when she was down, she got right back up. She was a beast in her own way, but one idea described her best. She was unstoppable and she took anything she wanted with a smile.

And she always had a way with her brokenness. She would take her pieces and make them beautiful.”

Wedding “She Don’t” Interruptus: 

Caroline [standing at the altar, mind reeling; internally screaming]: I don’t want to marry Stefan anymore, I don’t want to marry Stefan anymore, I freaking DON’T want to marry Stefan anymore! Can anyone hear me out there? Anyone? HELLO!?!?

Klaus: *busts into the venue like a wrecking ball*

Caroline: Oh. My. God.

Klaus: Greetings lovebirds! Such beautiful day for a halted wedding, is it not?

Stefan [glares]: What is happening? Why are you here? 

Klaus: I’m here to attend the ceremony, of course!

Stefan: As what? The ring bearer?

Klaus [laughing]: I have no use for rings, Stefan. Only fangs. 

Enzo [stands]: Bite him! Bite him!

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Bonnie: Which one?

Enzo [shrugs]: Whoever. I don’t care, I’m easy.

Klaus: I haven’t missed the exchanging of the vows, have I? *strides forward* *looks pointedly at Stefan* I’d be quite disappointed not to hear yours, old friend.

Stefan: But–but you weren’t invited!

Klaus: Ah, right. Then I suppose I’m here to collect your soon-to-be runaway bride who would prefer not to proceed. (I felt her screams of “I don’t” shredding through me all the way from New Orleans, truth be told.)

 *winks at Caroline

Hello love. In need of a hybrid escape escort this fine June day, perhaps?

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Stefan [to Klaus]: She hates you. She’ll never go with you, never!

Klaus: Never say never, mate…

Stefan: I am who she wants, you prick! She won’t go with you, I know she won’t go with you.

Klaus: I believe I understand her better than you do.

Stefan: No. 

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Caroline: Perhaps he won’t, but I will. Move out of my damn way! NOW.

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[She hurls Stefan over the altar and into the wedding cake, veins pulsating beneath her eyes, before flashing to Klaus’ side to interlock their fingers and dash away down the aisle.]

Caroline: Get me the hell out of this town, Mikaelson, and FAST! 

Klaus: Any place in particular you wish to go, love?

Caroline: Hm, well, you did once suggest Rome, Paris, and Tokyo…so why not start there?

Klaus [smirking]: I thought you’d never ask, Caroline; I thought you’d never ask.

The two of them fused closer and more intimately together in the years and centuries which followed, conquering the world and sampling all the joy, beauty, wonder, and mystery it offered them as supernaturals–never once looking back. There was no need, for they had it all now, you see… 

No human strings.

Power and prestige; honor and fidelity. 

Family–some of blood, other of hearts’ making. 

Infinite wrinkles of time to mold new histories.

And most important of all: a love that tangled and weaved, forever to grow and never to cease.


“Well doesn’t this look cosy.” Stefan hummed as he sat down and smirked at your boyfriend as his jaw tensed.


“What do you want Stefan?” You sighed and set down your glass.


“I overheard you saying you were going out on a date with a Gentleman, naturally when all I saw was this guy I figured you’d be disappointed, and someone like you deserves a Gentleman so here I am.” He fixed your boyfriend with a sarcastic smile and chuckled as he got up.


“Leave me alone, oh and by the way, seeing as you’re a Gentleman you can pay for the meal.” You snapped and hurried after your boyfriend.

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Damon: “See, that’s why I didn’t tell you. Because you would’ve never been able to do it. Don’t get me wrong, Stefan. I don’t mind being the bad guy. I’ll make all the life and death decisions, while you’re busy worrying about collateral damage. I’ll even let her hate me for it. But at the end of the day, I’ll be the one to keep her alive.”


*Requested* Imagine meeting Stefan without humanity and he is so flirty and sassy and the reader loves it and then Stefan’s is back bc of her.

( Since it´s hard going from sassy to flipping the switch back on, I´m not sure if it´s sassy enough but I hope you enjoy nonetheless. Also this is not edited. Whoops. Now happy reading my lovelies!)

Word count: 970 

Your name: submit What is this?

It has been one of those annoying drives back into your hometown where you´re constantly cursing and yelling at people who seem to be unable to drive correctly. You´re taking a break from college to visit some hometown friends and just to get a little timeout from studying.

You pull up in front of the Mystic Grill ready to get several drinks after this horrendous drive. You´re astounded that the parking lot isn´t packed already as normal as you walk to the entrance. You open the door and you instantly stop in your tracks as you see a vampire drinking blood out of a woman´s neck while numerous of bodies are scattered around him. 

Being a family member of one of the founding families you are aware of the existence of all the supernatural beings in this town, but you never joined the council because you didn´t much care for it.

Y/N: “Oh my god I hate this town.”

You´re contemplating if you should leave because this vampire could easily kill you, but then again if he really wanted to kill you he would´ve already. And besides your blood wouldn´t taste good anyway because of the vervain you´re taking every day.

Y/N: “Ugh, what the hell”

Stefan retracts his fangs from the woman’s neck, watching your reaction as you walk further into the room, not running away as expected.

Stefan: “Huh. Normally people run away screaming by now.”

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Request: Hey! I was wondering if you could do a Kai Parker Imagine where the reader is taken as a hostage kind of thing by him, they get to know each other and he beings to feel comfortable around her? And he decided to let her go if she goes on a date with him? Xx

Pairing: ReaderXKai

Word Count: 1.8K

Warnings: None really…

Authors Note: Thank you so much for requesting! Sorry for the lack of imagines, Im in my final year at school and there is just a lot of pressure and homework egh meaning its hard to find time to write… so I hope you understand ☺️anyways I hope you enjoy ❤️ Ps. Kai is just aghhhh 🙌🏼



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With a bag over your head, the feeling of suffocation taking over your body was starting to make you shake. Your last memory was…

“Hey! Y/n!” You hear Matt yell from behind the bar.

“Yeh?” you questioned whist turning to face him.

“Don’t forget your shift starts at 7 tomorrow morning” he yawned whilst drying a wine glass.

You just nodded and headed out, that’s when the darkness hit….

“Well well well, I guess that my little Salvatore is finally awake, I have heard many stories about you” You heard a strange voice chuckle from behind. Shuffling followed, the sudden outburst of noise, You could sense them getting closer.

“You know my name not my story” You hissed as the bag was ripped off from your face. You rolled your eyes at the face that was staring at you.

“Oooo I have a feisty one” he grinned and knelt down to match your eye level.

His face seemed familiar, You couldn’t put a finger on it….. Literally. The sudden sting from the vervain soaked ropes made you grimace.

“So who are you, and what do you want?” You asked rather calmly , his face suddenly changed as he saw you wince but he shook it off.

“I’m Kai Parker, a sociopath and I was going to kill you” ‘Kai’ smiled and patted my knee.

I flinched at the contact and he put his hands up in defense as he stood up.

“Hey! I said ‘was’. Don’t be a sour lemon” He giggled, You rolled your eyes yet again at the stupid humor you were forced to put up with.

“Could you just let me go?” You sighed.

He shook his head and wagged his finger.

“No can do missy, just because I might not kill you doesn’t mean I’ll let you go that easily” Kai walked towards the door.

You stared at the ceiling and he spoke again.

“I’ll get you some food, then the fun will start!” he laughed and the door slammed shut.

You sighed again and fiddled with the rope that tied my hands together. You had Kai’s damn face in your head even though he wasn’t in the room.

You weren’t going to lie, you found his features highly attractive and strangely intriguing. It was concerning, very concerning.

5 minutes passed and the door swang open, Kai walked in holding two bags.

“I got you two types of blood, O- and B+” he stated and held them both out.

“I would’ve thought you already know which blood type I prefer” You said sarcastically.

“Oh I do, but I didn’t want to seem creepy” Kai said as he placed the O- bag on your lap. He threw the other out of the door.

He walked up to you slowly and tilted his head.

“Ok, so because you don’t have hands I’m going to have to feed you this” he tutted, as if it was your fault that your hands were tied behind your back, and picked the bag back up.

He took a knife out of his pocket and slit the top of the bag, then he brought it to your mouth.

“Open wide” he chuckled which caused you to smirk.

Kai’s hand scraped my chin and You lunged forward with your fangs. Biting his hand hard enough to make him fell back.

“Ohhh she bites!” He grinned and grabbed his hand.

You sent him a warning look. A never touch me again look.

“Look, I only want you to drink something. If you don’t want that, then ok” he sassed, with a concerned expression. He moved to the closest chair and sat so that he was facing you.

“So, are you going to explain why i’m here?” you say sighing, this wasn’t the first time you had been 'kidnapped’, in fact the last time you were it was 1987. You had managed to get into a it of bother with so werewolves, no biggie.

“Ah! Right! So, basically Im pissed at your brother Damon because he is making it very difficult to merge with my twin sister.” He explains looking you straight in the eye to show he was serious.

“ And that has something to do with me because?” You say in a duh tone.

“ Well, we both know he and Stefan would do anything for you even let me end the world…” he chuckled. You pulled a confused face, what was this dude on? Coke? Meth? Its got to be something…

“ Basically I kill you if I don’t get what I want.” He smiles, tossing the now resealed blood bag on a nearby table.

You just look at him, he looked troubled but full of life at the same time… very confusing…

“Okay” you say, settling back into your seat, the ropes stung as you moved making you mumble curse words under your breath.

“ Okay? What do you mean, Okay?” He questioned.

“ Okay as in Okay, fine you keep me for as long as you want” you yawn.

“ My pleasure” he smirked, getting out of his chair as he neared you again. Kneeling down to you eye level.

“ You make me so confused Y/n” he whispered. Looking everywhere but your face, making you shuffle in you seat.

“ Thats my job” you wink. Catching his full attention.

“ Could you at least take these damn ropes off of me? Please?” You huff.

He quickly moved so that he was behind you, then untied your hands.

“ If you try to escape I wont give it a second thought on snapping your neck” he says happily, and within seconds of your hands being free you had him pinned up against the wall.

“ Its a shame I don’t play nice” you whisper, nose brushing past Kai’s, keeping intense eye contact. His breath hitched, you could hear his heart pounding. This made you smile, aw he was nervous or just scared…

“ I dont find that any problem” he smirked, you returned it and backed away.

You took a good look of your surroundings, you were in Mystic Falls High School… Great. You instantly rolled your eyes.

“ You do know that this is a shit place to hold a hostage?” you say raising your eyebrow as you turn to face Kai.

“ Oh really? Where would you suggest I put you?” He says amused by the current conversation, what was so funny?

“ I don’t know? Somewhere they wouldn’t look” you say in a duh tone as you slump into a chair.

“ Wow I didn’t think of that” he fires back in a mimicking tone. You caught his eye and began to chuckle.

“ Why haven’t we ever talked before? We would be great friends” you laugh to yourself as you run your hands though your long locks.

“ Friends..” Kai mutters to himself, looking down at his hands that were holding the back of a canteen chair.

“ Its maybe because your brother Damon doesn’t particularly me, in fact I’m pretty sure he hates me ” he grumbles, moving to sit opposite you.

“ Well that doesn’t mean that I have to hate you” you say with a reassuring smile. “ My brothers are very protective, but to be perfectly honest I just want to be free and live life dangerously” you mumble, losing yourself in visions of what kind of life you would of hoped for…

You never chose to be a vampire…

Stefan and Damon did.

“ Thank you for not hating me, the whole town does” he chuckled.

“ No problem, so wheres this blood bag? I promise I don’t bite” you bite your lip slowly.

“ I’ll be right back” Kai laughed.

Over the next four to five hours you had learned that Kai wasn’t as bad as the rumors say he is.

He was really sweet when you talked about how you had an awful tine in the 20’s. The guilt still riddled within you, Stefan had become the Ripper… and you his accomplice.

You went for town to town, killing every weak soul you could lay your fangs on… Stefan was bad but you were worse.

The deadly duo is what Lexi called you, flashbacks still haunted your dreams making it impossible for you to attempt to rest.

In the 50’s you told yourself you couldn’t live like that no more, so you tried Stefan’s “Vegetarian” option. It didn’t satisfy the urge so you decides weekly visits to the local blood bank was as good as it could get.

You refused to kill for food…

Kai thought what you had done was some how heroic, managing to suppress the need to feed on humans and recover from a seriously bad habit.

In turn Kai told you about his time in the isolated dimension for 20 odd years. How he met Damon and Bonnie in a supermarket and that his family were responsible for him being locked away.

“ I never wanted to hurt my sister, never… I just wanted to follow the family tradition, to merge… But Im too dangerous” he wandered.

“ Hey, you’re not dangerous at all.. You said you were going to kill me but here we are four and half hours later eating chocolate pudding from the schools cafeteria, if that doesn’t scream ’ this guy is really a sweetheart that loves chocolate’ I don’t know what will” you say as you scoop another spoonful of the gooey delight. He just chuckled in response.

“ Wow, you’re the first person to ever say something like that to me… ever…” Kai whispers, shuffling closer to you. You guys were both sat on the tiled floor of the school’s kitchen.

“ Well its all true” you whisper back, setting your chocolate pudding and turn to face him.

“ I tell what, I’ll make you a deal” Kai grins, brushing some of your hair behind your ear.

“ What kind of deal?” You ask, moving your head toward his warm hand.

“ I will let you go under one condition”

“ Hmmm.. Im not sure if I like where this is going” you squint your eyes at him playfully.

“ Go on a date with me” he states confidently, cupping your cheek, rubbing gently along your cheekbone.

“ Thats it?” You say, kind of surprised by how little he wanted.

He nodded slowly, waiting for your response. Instead of replying, you moved closer to him. Your hands slowly snaked around his neck, you could hear his heart speed up.

After a torturous few seconds you planted your lips onto his. Your cool lips moved perfectly against his warm ones. The kiss itself got more heated by the second…

You eventually pull away, and bite your lip, concealing a huge grin. He was an amazing kisser.

“ I take that as a yes then?” He laughs out, catching his breath.

“ You got yourself a deal” you wink, moving back to continue your make out session.

Such wicked, tragic things

I was in a S2 AU mood, so here is my first, where Katherine realizes that Caroline is a vampire before Stefan/Elena and Caroline’s storyline proceeds very differently.


She woke up one morning a monster.

                That sounds dramatic.  People will say it’s impossible, to wake up one morning a monster.  They’ll say that it had to always be there.  That the signs would have been there in a hundred wicked little actions that people simply missed.  They would say she didn’t wake up a monster, but that she had been one all along, and others had simply ignored the signs.  But that’s not the truth. 

                The truth is that Caroline was unconscious in the hospital one night, recently crowned Miss Mystic Falls, and the next morning she awoke with aching gums and a thirst for blood.  Cheerleader to monster in one night.

                And then the memories come.

                She’s not the only monster in town, it turns out.  Stefan is one, and so is his brother Damon.  The brother who used and abused and nearly drained the life right out of her.  And Caroline decides if she’s going to be a monster, she might as well do it right.  She’ll be the monster that hunts other monsters.  Sort of like Dexter. 

                A vampire Dexter, and it makes her giggle.  Or maybe it’s her disbelief.  Because Caroline Forbes doesn’t kill people, yet there she is, standing over Damon’s dead body.  Because it turns out real vampires are more Dracula than Edward, and the stake she shoved through an unsuspecting Damon’s heart actually worked.

                He hadn’t seen it coming, hadn’t expected stupid little Caroline to shove a wooden chair leg through his heart until it was done and she was hissing you suck.  Only she hadn’t thought much beyond that.  So now she’s sitting next to Damon’s dead and greyed body laughing hysterically, because what does she do now?

                “Wow, I wasn’t expecting this.”

                Caroline’s laughter cuts off, and she stares up at Elena.  Elena with heavy, cat-like eyes, dressed in dark clothes that cling tight to her curves and wicked smile that isn’t at all Elena-like.  This is the girl who smothered her, not the friend that Caroline has known since birth.

                “I thought I’d killed you, but this is so much better,” Elena says, and she kneels down next to Caroline and looks at Damon.  “He was a dick, and not nearly as good as his brother in bed.  Really, you did me a favor killing him.  Damon is a pain I really didn’t need” – Caroline is staring at Elena with an open mouth, she knows she is, because this girl is so far removed from her friend that Caroline knows it can’t really be Elena.  The friend she knows isn’t a good enough actress to have hid a whole other persona – “oh, that’s right.  You think I’m my pathetic little Doppelganger.  Well, let me reassure you that I’m not.  I’m Katherine.”

                She holds out her hand, and Caroline doesn’t know how to react.  This is the girl that smothered her, and Caroline is sure that her new monstrosity can be linked to that.  She thinks that she should probably be grabbing the stake out of Damon and shoving it into this Katherine.  Katherine notices the way Caroline’s eyes dart towards the stake and she gives a derisive snort.

                “You killed Stefan’s brother, Caroline,” she says is a pragmatic tone that means Caroline is paying attention.  “Stefan who has over a century on you.  If he realizes what you did… you won’t survive to kill anyone else.  You need me, baby vampire.  You need me to help you hide the body, and you need me to teach you how to do it right next time.  So what will it be?” – Katherine pulls the makeshift stake out of Damon and holds it out – “Kill me and continue on blindly, or take my help and learn how to be a proper little monster?”

                Caroline takes the chair leg, but she doesn’t attack Katherine.  Instead she just watches her solemnly, waiting to be told what comes next.  Katherine smiles smugly and pulls her to her feet.

                “Wonderful!  Now, first lesson – body disposal.”

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