stefano ughetti


CAMO Rally Collection AW13

Inspired by a famous race taking place during the 80s in the brand’s founding grounds of Biella, Italy, designer Stefano Ughetti challenges us to follow our instincts when it comes to personal style. Similarly to race car drivers who must rely on their instincts at all times, the collection channels the concept of following your inner voice. Besides trademark classics like the CAMO trousers and jackets in an array of wintery fabrics such as heavy wool and tweeds, the collection also delivers outstanding knitwear and accessories. The double breasted green wool and navy herringbone suits are definitely on the list…


CAMO SS16 Pitti Preview

“JUMP” is the name of Stefano Ughetti’s latest collection, another iteration on the already outstanding portfolio CAMO has been building during recent years. Carrying on the heavy emphasis on the unstructured casual tailoring motto, Stefano explores new lightweight fabrics, textures and shapes, resulting in unique silhouettes with rugged, yet elegant feel. The balance between sophistication and deconstruction is perfectly achieved through a collection that sees the return of trademark models, as well as the introduction of several new ones.

If on the one hand CAMO presents soft tailored suiting offerings, on the other hand the oversized sweaters, tees and low crotch pants bring a welcome irreverent addition to the table. This time around, besides the continuous evolution of the models and collection as a whole, the range of accessories increased, with sleek sneaker complementing the hats and sunglasses offerings. Also, a comeback for the Hawaiian collared shirts and new interpretations on the v-neck sweater and tailored shorts.

Ph: Beyond Fabric