stefanie nieuwenhuys


This is great. Master’s design student Stefanie Nieuwenhuys found diamond shaped woodchips on the workshop floor of an architecture classroom and thought of snakeskin. She layered and layered and layered them and produced wooden biometric scale detailing on a variety of garments and neck pieces. 

Not our first thought but it’s also “eco-couture”; done very elegantly. There’s usually a stigma attached to that sort of thing but this is a nice example of it done well. 

Stefanie Nieuwenhuys - Biomimicry

A brilliant concept born from a casual discovery.

After finding several discarded woodchips - leftovers of some architect student, no doubt - on the floor and noticing the interesting patterns they made the fashion student was compelled to pick them up, reminded of a snakeskin handbag she had once purchased.

Setting to work, she layered them onto a fabric like reptilian scales.

The result, as you may see, is stunning.

“In this project I have strived to create a luxurious sustainable garment using nature’s natural patterns and shapes, also known as bio-mimicking, such as reptile skins.

By combining modern techniques such as laser cutting with hand-sewn details I have created a garment with a luxurious appeal without depleting any natural resources; using discarded pieces of plywood and cutting the shapes out as efficiently as possible, and applying them on the fabric.

This process is both sustainable as it is durable. It is this quality to both retain nature by mimicking its attributes, and making use of the product’s tendencies to last, by means of its lifespan and its aesthetic perception, that makes it sustainable.

The process of biomimicry and its tendency to endure, creates a perfect natural balance; creating a biological ecosystem of a simulacra of nature, without discarding nature’s inherent harmonies.”

“I believe in creating pieces that are timeless and keeping some of the older techniques of the craft alive. I believe in using what you have available to you and letting nothing go to waste. So I guess really all I can say is that I will continue to incorporate sustainability into my work and see where that leads me.”

Don’t forget to check out the source link and see more of her brilliant works!