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Real? The feeling I get when I’m close to you, when all my hairs stand up? That’s real! Or the fuzzy giggles I get in my noggin when you talk about killing things? I shit, girl! That’s real! Oh, MegaGirl, I’d love you if you was the horse that ate my cousin!

Below the cut, you will find a total of #55 GIF icons for Stefanie Scott (neutral/sad expression) as requested by anonymous — the gifs for these icons are not mine, and I credit the creators & hunts [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x]. I simply coloured and edited these. All of these are in style RA1, and were made by Rayke. Please like / reblog if you use!!

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—- STEFANIE SCOTT mini gif pack !

Below the cut you will find #40, medium ( 245x150 ) gifs of the beautiful actress, Stefanie Scott. All of these gifs are from the first three episodes of the 2nd season of A.N.T. Farm. I am okay with you making these into gif icons for PERSONAL USE ONLY, which means you can’t publish them. I ask that you don’t add these to your own gif hunt , but you may link, or make crackship gifs out of them. Each one of these gifs was made, from scratch, by McKenna. Please/reblog if you use these or found them helpful. I will make additional posts as I make more.

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