stefani bags

i just recently got my friend into The Creatures and they know all of their names, but they refuse to call them by their names. so i thought i would share a master list with you guys because this shit is great.

  • Jordan = hat man
  • Dan = the one that likes Batman
  • Seamus = blanket man (i showed them one picture of him with a blanket over himself and thats now his name)
  • James = beard man
  • Aleks = eyebrow man
  • Dexter = trash man
  • Spencer = receding hairline Simon Pegg man
  • intern Joe = chicken jesus (was once chicken man, but yesterday they changed it because of his face reveal)
  • artist Joe = super beard man
  • Aron = bag man (because of the del taco bag)
  • Stefani = i approve