Artist: Stefan Vincent
Track: I Would Give Anything to Feel Nothing

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Stefan Vincent - I Would Give Anything to Feel Nothing


Stefan Vincent - I Would Give Anything To Feel Nothing [STHLM LTD]
yes baby, yes! let’s start this sunday weekend with a crazy track by Stefan Vincent //


Stefan Vincent - Cynosure


Stefan Vincent - The Void She Left


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artist: Stefan Vincent
title: Conflate EP
cat nr.: BALANS010
format: 12” vinyl & digital
release date: 29th of april 2013
file under: Techno, Ambient, Electronics
A1 Conflate Four
A2 Fool Me Again
B1 Conflate Five
B2 Welder

We have got a stunning debut lined up for magical number 10. Amsterdam’s Stefan Vincent will release his first BALANS twelve by the end of april and we are really extremely excited to unleash these 4 gems into the world.

Both Conflate Four and Five are about as trippy as it gets, reminding us of the golden 90’s era of psychedelic Detroit and Berlin techno. But with a distinct Dutch flavour off course, think Steve Rachmad under his Ignacio monniker. Washes of synth arps are getting all the room they need to breath, expand and contract thanks to the ultra minimalistic grooves of both tunes.

Stefan showcases a different side of himself on ‘Fool Me Again’ and ‘Welder’. Two downtempo, electronic, ambient cuts. ‘Welder’ embraces futuristic synths and abstract, alienating sounddesign, while ‘Fool Me Again’ is Detroit melancholy at it’s best: try and not get goosebumps.

Stefan Vincent his podcast is not a dj-set, it’s a wicked live-pa with only own material!

The 179th Podcast of my weekly Podcast show Invite’s Choice!
This show with guest: Stefan Vincent

Arguing that it’s about time for Stefan Vincent to step out of the limelight is understating matters. After all, if you’re able to count the heads of some of Holland’s finest labels, including Balans and Dynamic Reflection, and the likes of Laurent Garnier, ROD and Dimi Angélis among your fans, you’ve obviously been doing something right.

His relative anonimity isn’t something that troubles the Amsterdam-based producer and live-act however. More than willing to invest time (the man literally lives in his studio), Stefan has little love for a rushed approach. His path, unlike that of many, hasn’t lead from playing records to eventually taking on music production. Instead, after discovering work by personal inspirations like Rachmad, Surgeon and Mills, Stefan put his own creativity to work.

Now, with a good amount of solid techno releases under his belt, the urge to translate his music to a live audience has followed. Again however, those expecting thought-out predictability are likely to be disappointed. In a sense Stefan’s live-act, consisting of only his own material, is a sneak peek into his studio. A highly danceable one that is, with ample room deliberately left open for live, on the spot re-interpretation.

So far Stefan’s career has seen him play certainly not the least of venues, including Doornroosje, Paradigm, Simplon and HAL 16. His release schedule does its own equally impressive name-dropping. Included on the list are Dynamic Reflection, Manual and soon Darko Esser’s Balans is set to follow.

Put together, it’s pretty hard not to come to the conclusion that this year might just be his year.

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Duck House - Three Years

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