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Casting Shadows

Chapter 3 - Elena

“Here’s dinner.” Qetsiyah tossed a packet of blood at Stefan, before sitting down on a chair in front of the bed.

Stefan hungrily ripped the pouch open with his teeth, and gulped it down, his hand crumpling the bag until he squeezed out every single drop. Finishing the blood bag, he panted harshly, a ravishing hunger still filling his body.

“What do you know about Silas?” Qetsiyah asked, watching Stefan closely.

“Huh… I know that he’s a bloodthirsty immortal who’s killed more people than I can count, and that was before he stole my identity, locked me up in a safe, and dropped me in the bottom of a quarry.” Stefan’s anger at Silas came out in his voice. He wanted to kill him for what he’d done to him, he’d stolen his life and only god knew what he’s been doing with it. Though Caroline had found him, which meant that she had figured it out.

“You made it through.” Qetsiyah replied.

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Casting Shadows CH1

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Casting Shadows

Chapter 1 - Bonnie

Silas searched with his mind for Stefan in the water. He heard him struggling in the safe, his hands beating against the door, taking gasping water filled breaths, choking as he drowned, one last gulp left him as he died.

Silas smiled with satisfaction and entered Stefan’s mind. As the magic held within his vampirism healed his body, it left his mind open to his influence.

Stefan was in the boarding house, standing in front of a window, bright light streaming inside, giving off a surreal feel to his surroundings. His gaze swept the familiar room, an off feeling in his chest, that something wasn’t right.

He could taste the lingering saltiness of water.

His chest felt tight, as if it was pushed down with pressure.

A smirking figure appeared across from him, his own face looking back at him with malice.

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Not Even Amara Had Captivated Him Like This

Chapter three is up! Silas never expected to fall in love again. Especially not with her. His infatuation with her looks had grown far beyond just that. He was in love with a woman who couldn’t possibly love him back. Will Katherine Pierce ever learn to truly love someone again? Kilas, Steroline, Beremy, Delena in later chapters

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