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can you do an analysis of the 516 stelena scene u reblogged

Well it’s interesting because throughout the series we have seen men confess something to Elena and have Elena respond with her, as I like to call it, K-drama gape:

and the point of the K-drama gape is to be noncommittal, it’s to let the dudes say what they need to say without it seeming like she’s encouraging them or shutting them down so Elena is meant to be positioned in this place where she’s not leading them on but she’s also not being dismissive of their feelings, she’s just supposed to be stunned by what they’re saying, which is why I find 5x16 interesting because it’s not that.

She is clearly affected by the situation. It’s not an expressionless gape, I mean, she holds her breath, there’s a tension there that isn’t the tension she has with her other suitors where it’s her trying to think of saying the right thing or saying the hurtful thing and feeling bad, she just seems thrown.

And narratively speaking it’s a direct parallel to her situation with Damon in 2x01:

which adds another layer to her exhales because it’s as if she’s relieved that she can count on Stefan knowing who she is, something she couldn’t do with Damon


1: “Please don’t leave me. I’m a work in progress but I’m trying.”

2: “Do you know who I am?” “You’re a monster.”

3: “You know, you’re really cute when you sleep.”

4: “If I could go back and do it all over, I would. Anything to get you back.”

5: “You’re gorgeous. This doesn’t change my opinion of you.”

6: “If you ever touch her again, I swear, you will wish all I did was hit you.”

7: “Stop tickling me before I rip your fingers off!”

8: “Rings on or off, baby?”

9: “I need you in every shape of the word. I need you emotionally, physically and at this exact moment, sexually too.”

10: “Stay away from me!”

11: “You are not wearing that out. I will rip it off of you.”

12: “How about I take you under the table right now, with my fingers?” “My parents are coming!” “Guess you’ll have to be quiet then..”

13: “New plan: we keep her alive and sell her organs. You can get a lot of money for kidneys.” “No! You weren’t supposed to kidnap her in the first place! Take her back, now.”

14: “So you’re saying you don’t want to have sex with me?”

15: “You disobeyed me.” “I know but-“ “No buts- you deliberately disobeyed me.”

16: “You could have gotten yourself killed!” “But.. I didn’t?”

17: “He’s the opposite of friendly. He’s unfriendly. As in, don’t be friends with him.”

18: “What did I say?” “You told me to behave.” “What did you do?” “The exact opposite.”

19: “Honestly, I only ask for your help because it’s so cute when you try.”

20: “You know, you’re adorable when you’re mad.” “I can literally kill you.”

21: “Hey, I know being evil is kind of your thing and all, but do you think you could like, not, for just a few days. I’m exhausted. I havent slept in like three days because i’ve been kept up with your schemes. I have three assignments due and you’re not helping. Do you think you could give me a break, just this once?”

22: “That was a great ‘being a hero’ speech, why are you telling me, the bad guy, it?”

23: “Why do you have a basketball? What is a basketball going to do?!” “It’ll hit you!”

24: “You need to sleep.” “Fuck no!” “You can sleep willingly or I can choke you until you pass out. You’ll enjoy either.”

25: “This is the person that took everything from me and I can’t let them take you too.”