A Year To Prove You Wrong CH11

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A Year To Prove You Wrong

Chapter 11

Beep. Beep. Beep.

Caroline reached her arm out to turn the alarm off, before dragging her hand back and snuggling back under her covers. It was Monday morning, only a day since she and Stefan had last kissed, and she didn’t want to get up. She wanted to stay in bed forever, and not have to face Stefan after he broke her heart by pushing her away. She just wanted to never move until she could forget that Stefan Salvatore ever existed.

Yeah right.

Like she could seriously forget Stefan if she tried. He may have been an ass to her in the beginning but over the course of knowing him she had seen the real him and she fell in love with him. She didn’t want to think of her life without him. But she also didn’t want to imagine what their previously easy going and fun working relationship would be now.

They had kissed. Twice. And both times had taken her breath away and rocked her to her core. She had never been kissed the way that Stefan kissed her, lovingly, passionately, and with all of him. She wanted more. She wanted Stefan, she wanted to be with him, and she wanted to love him.

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