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TVD finale theory

so as you guys know Ian and Paul said that there won’t be any unanswered questions in finale. so I was thinking about everything and I got this perfect idea in my head (perfect for me, no need to agree)

Stefan and Elena are both humans, which leads them to live their lives together, because let’s face it, in 20-30 years Stefan will look like pedophile if he’ll be with Caroline. so we’ll get Stelena’s happy ending with normal, human life they both wanted, have kids and grow old together. 

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That leads us to two broken ships - Steroline and Delena. 

we know that one major Character is going to die and I think it’s Damon. I know lot of you think it’s Bonnie Bennet (AGAIN) but I think she just passed out or something. If Damon won’t die then He’ll end up with Bonnie, Who’ll become a vampire somehow. I think one really big hint of Bamon being endgame was when Enzo let go of Bonnie’s hand and she slipped into Damon’s arms (THAT SCENE THO) so yeah We get Bamon endgame

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Then we get Caroline, who’ll be heartbroken when Stefan will become older and older. So Klaus will come and get her and that promise of Klaus being her last love, however long it takes, won’t be another hole in the storyline. and let’s face it, Klaroline is one of the best ships ever. 

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I know a chance for all of this to happen is like 0.001% but I can dream. this has always been my perfect finale and however TVD will end I will just imagine everything happened like this. 

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Doesn't it bother you that the writers made Stefan a pedophile/rapist in canon? Lot's of people claim that about Damon but that's just their own speculation and isn't based on anything in canon. But, Stefan is an actual, canon rapist of Elena and the writer's know that. They made sure DE didn't get together until after Elena was of legal age but they had Stefan stalking her and seducing her when she was still a minor. That's pretty nasty...

Let me tell you a little bedtime story.

Once upon a time there was a little, misunderstood rapist and his name was Damon. He couldn’t get laid, so he compelled himself girlfriends and took away their free will. He also had a brother named Stefan (who’s a sex god), and he didn’t rape anyone. The end.