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Why would i stan a lead who’s treated right, has most of the focus, always gets appreciated and is in all episodes….

when i can obsess over a character who has so much potential but it’s always thrown away, who’s taken for granted, used and abused and their pain never acknowledged, get blamed for everything going wrong while all the good they do is forgotten, and no matter what they sacrifice and how much they try it’s never enough, and they barely have any screen time.

  • Liz: I have to ground you. I am grounding you. You are grounded.
  • Caroline: What about school?
  • Liz: Fine, other than school. And no TV.
  • Caroline: Our TV is broken.
  • Liz: Then no computer.
  • Caroline: I need my computer for homework.
  • Liz: Then no… uh… *glances around*
  • Liz: No Stefan.
  • Stefan: *interrupting* What?! No Stefan?!
  • Liz: NO STEFAN!
Defining Moments {SE Pt. 4}

OK folks! We are winding down now, part 5 will most definitely be the final part of this series. I want to thank you all again for the continued interest/discussion/support of this series and I hope that I continue to keep you guys entertained with this section. Hopefully it surpasses your expectations.

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Caroline didn’t know how fast she was going before she crashed the car into a tree. Well over 100 kilometers per hour that was for sure. It was hard to tell if she was driving that fast because she urgently needed to get to the airport or because she’d wanted to express her rage somehow far away from the girls.

                She hadn’t been sitting in the car long, the hood dented, airbags deployed, before a police car flashed its lights in her rearview mirror. She groaned. The gash on her forehead was already healed. She didn’t want to talk to anyone, see anyone, she wanted to be left alone. Her husband, her loyal and kind and honest husband, had been honest with her and told her about the affair he’d had with her best friend, the one woman in the world he would do anything for, and she just needed some fucking space.

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