stefan mutch

TAKING IN THE MILKY WAY: A sight for sore eyes for lack of a better term here. What you see in this image, is not merely stars illuminated by the rich orange-ish,red hue of sky above, but if you look further to your left a view of the milky way.

Stefan Mutch’s photograph is entrancing for a number of reasons, particularly because it contrasts a very tender environment below with one of wonder and relative mystery above.

Mutch explains that although he didn’t capture the aurora he planned to whilst on the Otago Peninsula, New Zealand the high humidity from the day caused the city’s lights from Dunedin to reflect into the sky.

This must have been quite an amazing sight, especially to view in relative solitude (based off of this photo I’m guessing that there weren’t a lot of other people around).

The best of our planet with a view of what exists outside provided a moment of real natural beauty. Thankfully Mutch was able to capture it for us, so we can all feel as if we were there.

This image was featured as National Geographic’s ‘Photo of the Day’ on April 11th 2013 and was sourced from the official website.