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Stefan Chow’s ongoing series Big Cities Small Things provides a fascinating glimpse at the ordinary places that made the local news after a fire, a freak accident, or a brazen caper. 

Chow discovered that the kind of news people like to read varies from place to place. In US cities like Los Angeles and New York, stories tend to be violent and sprinkled with gruesome details. Japan has taste for bizarre stories, like the discovery in a Tokyo train station of a suitcase containing a woman’s body. 

Check out more of Chow’s sweeping scenes.


Photos Courtesy of Stefen Chow

How much food could you buy per day if you were living at the poverty line? In the U.S., that might equal one live lobster, two whole pomegranates or 39 Oreos. In Thailand, three fried fish. And in Brazil, you could have just part of watermelon.

Photographer Stefen Chow and economist Lin Hui-Yi ask us to confront these food choices in their ongoing project The Poverty Line. They visually represent hypothetical food options for someone in poverty with the concept of “One Frame. One Day. One Person.”

Lobster Or Pomegranate? Food Choices On The Poverty Line

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