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who do you think suffered more? stefan or elena? whatever your answer is, can you analyze her/his life, just like you did with bonnie?

Stefan. You just need to look at his life:

Again, let’s take a moment to appreciate that after Damon left Stefan in 1864, Stefan didn’t think he would have anyone in his life and he met Lexi who helped him be the kind of man he wanted to be

his one friend for over 100 years and Damon kills her on Stefan’s birthday.

I don’t think we really discuss how traumatic it would be for Stefan to not only come face to face with the woman who destroyed his life but to experience her consistently masquerading as the woman he loves

and who is hellbent on destroying the one form of peace he’s achieved since starting the life that she manipulated him into:

then you have Stefan’s drive to do the right thing and his guilt and his pain and his self-hatred and his familial obligation compel him to give up his own happiness, his own humanity for his brother:

who shows no regard for Stefan’s happiness

Season 4 Damon and Elena are together and it ends with this

and he shows his discipline and resilience by suffering the pain instead of turning it off while he fantasizes about the love of his life who chose his brother

and neither she nor Damon rescue him.

Then he deals with PTSD

and when he shows graciousness and empathy toward someone who consistently messed with his life

she hijacks the body of the woman whose breakup with him triggered his PTSD more than actual torture and then tries to manipulate him into having feelings for that woman again so she can be with him

Plus, you know, Stefan went to hell

then he sacrificed for Damon again

who abandoned him

Not to mention he found out that he had the possibility of having a family as a human

Then he sacrifices again

and then becomes human and dies

And this is pretty much glossing over Stefan’s life, doing the various highlights and not counting the day to day pain he suffered whether it was physical

or fighting an overpowering addiction that makes him hate himself and is a natural part of who he is on a daily basis.

Essentially, Stefan’s entire life is either Damon attempting to or successfully ruining it or him suffering through situations because his vampirism and his good intentions work at cross purposes but his sacrifices require him to cause damage that end up emotionally and psychologically tormenting him and every time he thinks he doesn’t have to do anything bad again, an impossible situation arises that requires him to make decisions that are self-destructive.

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Elijah, Klaus, Stefan, and Damon realizing that they’re all in competition for your affections

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“Bad day?” You asked, you had noticed him from a far distance. I mean who couldn’t, his raven black hair and broad back.

After all you did come to mystic falls to see the Salvatore Brothers, you just happened to run into Damon first. “Bad century” he said as he turned around. Once he saw you his eye’s widened and a smile came to his face.

“ Y/N? What are you doing here!” He exclaimed, he rushed to you using his vampire speed and hugged you. “Can’t I see my favorite people after 7 years?” You questioned, he pulled away and smirked at you.

“Stefan is going to be very surprised to see you” Damon said, his smirk became bigger though as his eye’s got darker. “But I think he can wait for awhile” he spoke in a low voice. He looked over your body and licked his lips. Next thing you knew you found yourself being pushed up against a tree with Damon’s mouth on yours.

This was going to be an interesting visit.

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"lol um just random scenes? " you should analyze their reunion in 2x11 (different anon)

On the one hand, the reunion scene made me laugh because Stefan and Elena were broken up but they weren’t really broken up.

and Stefan is in the tomb for literally one episode and not even a full one

and it wasn’t even a long period of time because Katherine is explaining the realities of desiccation to Stefan, he hasn’t even begun to feel the effects of it yet. But when he and Elena reunite it’s like they’ve been apart for years

which is actually a theme for them:

and the sheer relief on both of their faces, like they felt that one week they weren’t officially dating, lmao

and their reunion is so much more heartfelt than the delena one and that had actually been literal years

also this reaction

is a combination of lust and happiness which I find funny because if you’re used to seeing Stefan naked on the regular and then it just stops,  I mean…

It’s a good reunion scene, I think it might be my favourite or second favourite.

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Also I noticed that Elenas bedroom door is open in the 2x11 reunion scene. Those two either did not gaf if someone walked in or they forgot that other people lived there

They literally never gaf if people see them.

In 1x13 Damon leaves Stefan’s room without shutting the door and Elena is like

Elena and Jeremy share a bathroom but in 1x04, they’re like

In 2x16 the door is open


It seems like the only time they feel the need to close the door is when they’re sneaking around

and even then they’re loud

not to mention in 2x05, Caroline and Damon are both in the house and SE are in the living room clearly amping up to something with this


Questo patire del non-eroe, dell'uomo mediocre, io lo considero, appunto perché privo di senso evidente, non più trascurabile che la patetica sofferenza di un vero eroe, e forse ancor più commovente, poiché l'individuo normale deve vivere solo la propria sorte senza avere, come l'artista, la saldezza e la beatitudine di trasformare il proprio tormento in un'opera di forma duratura.
—  Stefan Zweig, Maria Antonietta: una vita involontariamente eroica.


Is Stefan cancer free? Yes and no….

Stefan is still in Stage 4, the post that’s been going around lately has a poor choice of words. As technically the cancer has been removed from his body he is not cured. There is a high chance the cancer could come back. I of course pray it doesn’t but spreading this screenshot/article is harmful if you don’t educate people about it first. Make sure people KNOW he inst magically cured.

People who don’t know any better will take this at face value and be like “lol dont needa donate now” when that’s not true. He still needs us and he still needs donations.

Please do not start celebrating that he’s cured but he happy and thankful the growth was removed. I know he’s fighting for us. He sees the support coming in from all over the world and I think that’s what inspires him so much to keep fighting this.

Do NOT spread false info and keep donating! So when people say hes cured, remind them of this post and that he still needs us.

Thank You.