stef's art


Aftermath/continuation of this. Because watching a vampire tear into your bf (I think they’re a thing here? maybe??) and thinking he’s dead is a terrible life experience.


If any one is interested, I am opening up ART COMMISSIONS!! 

I’m hoping to get a table for London Comic Con in the future, so this would be great practice! Thanks!

Typically I do traditional pieces, so all my examples here are drawings done by hand. I’m happy to post the physical copies to residents in the UK. If you live outside the UK and would like me to post your art then I can do that but I’ll have to charge extra for postage and packaging.

I also do digital art drawings, which you can find on my tumblr, however I don’t have as much practice with them which is why they’re not included here. If you’d like me to do a digital drawing though, just ask!

I’m more than happy to draw OCs and ships, as you can see above I’ve drawn my own Inquisitor and my cousin’s with their love interests. However I won’t be doing nsfw.

Extra characters will be £3 more per character!

Backgrounds will be £1 more too!

I’ll be accepting payments through PayPal! :)

Feel free to pop me an ask if you have any questions!!