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This is for all of the Goonies, If you could describe each other using one word what would it be?

Mikey: Mouth is annoying.

Chunk: And ugly.

Mouth: HEY.

Stef: And annoying.

Mikey: I said that.

Stef: I know.

Mouth: Yeah, well, Mikey's dull.

Data: I think Mouth is really smart. And Mikey is stubborn.

Mouth: I see I have one friend here.

Mikey: Data’s geeky. In a good way.

Data: Chunk is clumsy.

Mikey: And… confused.

Chunk: I hate you guys.

Andy: Stef is very patient…

Mouth: HA.

Andy: …with me, at least.

Mouth: Brand is very intelligent.

Mikey: And you’re very sarcastic. Brand’s not that stupid, Mouth, and he’s way stronger than you. Watch yourself.

Brand: What d'you mean, not that stupid?

Data: Andy is… um…

Chunk: Yeah, she’s, uh…

Mouth: One-dimensional?

Mikey: Shut up, Mouth. Andy’s… nice. 

Andy: Oh, you’re sweet.

Mouth: I’ve got a better one for Mikey — he’s the Overlord of Ass-kissing.

Mikey: Shut up, Mouth.

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Awww! Mouth, you & Stef are so cute together!! I seriously ship you guys! <3 y'all act like a married couple ^.^

Stef: Oh, for God’s sake.

Mouth: It’s okay, I think she’s in denial.

Stef: Mouth?

Mouth: Yeah.

Stef: I can hurt you. I know many, many ways to hurt you.

Mouth: It’s nice how you’re so open about these things, Stef.

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Where do you see yourselves in 10 years? (i.e - married, kids, etc.)

Stef: Uh… no… college? I mean… I’m fifteen.

Mikey: I hope not married. I’d be — hang on — oh. I’d be twenty three. That’s not that bad.

Mouth: I’m never getting married. Girls are nuts.

Andy: Mouth!