• what she says:i'm fine
  • what she means:patrick stump's voice is so delicate and soothing yet he manages to sound so violent and angry at times and his vocal range is so wide and his voice so diverse he can sing any genre of music and still sound amazing and sometimes it's like he doesn't breathe at all and to think he almost ended up as a drummer and not as a singer? what would the world be without patrick stump's voice? would the sun still shine? would we still have air to breathe? would the earth still spin? woul

So this summer on June 21st I have the privilege of meeting Patrick, Andy, Joe and Pete, and I too am making a book to give to them. 

Yes this has been done many times before, but this is more than just a “thank you” book for them. I’m trying to incorporate as many fans as I can so that when they see they book they don’t just see me, but also see the effort of the many other fans that went into the book’s creation. It will also [hopefully] include other items instead of just paragraphs thanking them. 

There is really no boundaries to what can be submitted, go crazy and submit as many times as you want. 

The only thing I request of you is that when you submit your pieces, you include your first name and your age with them. I’m asking for your first name because it will make it a lot more personal than just reading paragraphs from an anonymous person, and your age because I want to show them that the ages of people in their fan base ranges greatly. 

The book will have pages dedicated to Patrick, to Andy, to Pete and to Joe, as well as pages dedicated to the band as a unit and like I said, the boundaries to what you can submit are literally endless. 


Some examples of things we are looking for:

  • Pictures of you with your country’s flag (You can be holding it, you can wear it on your shirt or you can incorporate the flag into the picture any way you want) You can include friends or just one by yourself. The flags will symbolize how their music has touched people from all around the world and not just America. I want them to see how far their influence has gone. I don’t have many followers from other countries so if you could reblog this so that your followers can see and get involved. 
  • Pictures of you with any FOB merchandise (CD’s, vinyls, tshirts, guitar picks, etc. You can even include any soul punk merch for Patrick’s page)
  • Paragraphs addressed to any and/or all of the guys (You can thank them, tell them how they’ve affected you, heck go ahead and tell them what you had for breakfast this morning. Anything that will let your personality shine through)  
  • Drawings/Paintings/Any fan art you’ve made (They always appreciate awesome drawings of them, their logo or their lyrics. Pete used to have a collection of fan art in his house by the way) 
  • Any FOB inspired tattoos you may have (Lyrics, Logos, Phrases, ANYTHING) They also appreciate and are shocked when people are bold enough to tattoo something FOB related on them. 

  • **Just added**  The last page of the book I’m going to write something along the lines of “we have your signatures, now you can have some of ours” so if you guys can write your signature on a piece of paper and take a picture of it and submit it to me to go in the book that would be awesome! Even if you don’t want to submit anything else and just want your name in it, submit your signatures to me and I’ll get them all in there!
  • Literally anything else that you would want to say to them/show them if you had the chance (Even if you are meeting them on the Monumentour or have met them in the past, you can still submit to the book, they’d probably remember you, too!)


The deadline for submissions will be May 21st which will give me exactly a month to put the book together, and I’ll post pictures of it and its contents once it’s made. 

Even if you’re not a Fall Out Boy fan, please reblog this so that your followers can see this and potentially submit because it would be pretty embarrassing if I received nothing and had nothing to add to the book. It would be pretty disappointing to me as well as the guys when they see a half-blank book. 

You can submit through my inbox or my submit or by using the tag #patricksbootydance !!

You can either type up your paragraph, name and age in my inbox or submit or you can upload a typed document, or a picture of you artwork/letters. Any way you decide to submit will be okay, everything will get into the book and I will give credit to everyone who participates!

Thanks guys and please reblog this to spread the word even if you are not planning to submit, it would mean a lot!!!

If you have any questions feel free to contact me!

Looking forward to seeing the end result!