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Oh mighty patrick stan... tell us some facts about him

haha i don’t know if i’m the “MIGHTY” patrick stan but i’ll definitely share some facts with you

1. he doesn’t like chocolate. this is also referenced in his short film “moustachette” when the waitress gets him a chocolate milkshake by mistake and ryan key calls her out on it, saying “he doesn’t even like chocolate”

2. his favorite ninja turtle is donatello

3. he doesn’t like the song “wonderful christmastime” because he worked at this grocery store and they played it constantly

4. he quits being a vegetarian when he feels like it

5. travie mccoy calls him “p steezy”

6. gabe saporta calls him “lord groovius”

7. he doesn’t like the spotlight and refers to himself as the anti-frontman

8. he wears hats partly because he’s shy and doesn’t like to be seen

9. he LOVES shoes and at one point he had over 60 pairs but now he only has a few

10. before fall out boy went big, he was a david bowie impressionist for spare money

11. he got kicked off his high school radio team because his teacher thought he dropped the f bomb on air but he claims to this day he didn’t say it

12. he plays just about every instrument you can think of

13. in addition to #12, he speaks a lot of languages including spanish, french, german and japanese

14. he has a fuckton of songs and he’s forgotten how to play most of them, including sophomore slump, blue rabbits (god bless), this city, w.a.m.s. :(, tiffany blews and grenade jumper

15. he doesn’t like acoustic stuff that much

16. his favorite movie is ghostbusters (the first one and the remake, he doesn’t like the sequels) but it used to be rushmore

17. he doesn’t ever want to be president of the united states

18. he used to have extremely bad social anxiety but it’s gotten more mild now that he’s gotten famous

19. he hasn’t eaten chicken nuggets in years and he doesn’t plan on it

20. his favorite kind of books are non-fiction “how to” manuals

21. he wishes he had sung better on “sugar, we’re goin down” but he’s glad that he kept it that way so he could have an image on what to fix in the future

22. his favorite kind of flowers are lilacs

23. he LOVES indian food!

24. he didn’t like “uma thurman”

25. he didn’t like “young volcanoes”

26. he’s allergic to cats but he loves them

27. he actually used to have a tripod cat named marzipan

28. he hates BBQ sauce. he thinks it’s gross

29. he loves the color orange

30. his favorite album is david bowie’s “low”

31. his favorite food is his mom’s pumpkin squares

32. he was extremely violent as a teenager and it’s been noted by his friends that it wasn’t uncommon for him to strangle pete against the wall over lyrics or chord progressions

33. in 2015 he was on a plane and the flight attendant called him out for listening to “headfirst slide into cooperstown on a bad bet” and he got really embarrassed

34. he’s never mentioned what his favorite fall out boy song is but he loves infinity on high and he thinks it’s a really solid album

35. he drummed in a grindcore band called xgrinding processx before fall out boy

36. he played drums for my chemical romance for one show in 2006

37. he used to be roommates with bob bryar but i’ve heard patrick has bob blocked on twitter now

38. he holds the record for “the most interviews conducted and completed in a 24 hour period”, with 72 interviews

39. he slept on his friend’s floor while he was touring for soul punk because after paying for his band’s hotel rooms he couldn’t afford one for himself

i hope u enjoyed this i know a lot about patrick

Nothing on the outside world seems to make me happy, it’s just the simple things. Like seeing a bee take pollen from a flower, that’s life, and to a three year old child that’s still life. But the thing is as you grow this world makes you take your eye off the things like that, and we need to bring it back to that if we ever want to make it anywhere, because if we’re trying to build up our lives to have material things and those don’t satisfy our needs then what are we living for?
—  Capital Steez