steepedsea: xenosaga

Just a super quick doodle for now. I’d like to spend more time on a nicer illustration later to finish off the year… She’s been an inspiration to me for so many years now.

good morning, kos-mos: a fanmix for a lovely android and the girl she was born to protect.

track list: 01. shelter (orchestral cover) by porter robinson 02. cold water by j.fla 03. there she goes by sixpence none the richer 04. wasted daylight by stars 05. like i do by minipop 06. you are the moon by the hush sound 07. the scientist by coldplay 08. i love you, sincerly by xenosaga ep III, the original soundtrack

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I’ve had to unfollow a bunch of people for posting questionable things recently so now my dash is a bit dead, so can u maybe like or reblog this if u post some of the things I like

I love


-Xenobalde chronicles (and xenoblade x)

-spyro (both the classic games and the new beginning series)

-dragons in general

-sonic (unironically)


and things I like to a lesser degree

-the legend of zelda

-kill la kill

-soul eater

If you think it’s okay to draw sexualized art of minors (yes, even if they’re aged up), ship minors with adults, or just ship any abusive or pedopilic things in general just don’t even bother because I will not be following you

Also jokes about child abuse or hurting children make me super uncomfortable so please just don’t