steepedsea: xenosaga
312 Screenshots of the entire Xenosaga trilogy in native 3000-4000p/Widescreen
By Imgur

Quite a long time ago, I had stated in a post here that I was going to do an album of the Xenosaga trilogy in 3000-4000p/widescreen, though I never got around to putting it together until fairly recently. I didn’t get as much as I would have liked to for the first two episodes, so I may add more from those if I ever get back to it. But for now, I’m mostly content with what I’ve managed to get. Of course, you’ll need to open an image in a new tab or hit “view image” to get the most out of each one. Most of them are in 4000p, but a few of them dip a little lower than that, with only very few going as low as 3000p.

Feel free to enjoy and do whatever you please with these.

I was in an electronics store and had a crisis when I realized that laptop screens could actually be good, and I ended up getting a new computer. Dude, it’s blowing my mind how much nicer this one is. Not that you could tell from this tiny doodle, but coloring just feels so good now. My god.