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There I was, minding my own business in Gotham, failing horribly at trying to solo Nepheritos, when I found this man just standing there in the water. He didn’t move, he didn’t run or shout something like “I hope the heroes kick your ass!” or anything. He just stood there in his khaki blazer with an eerie peacefulness only a man with answers to certain questions could manifest. Suddenly, the Brainiac threat didn’t seem like such a big deal. This modern day Christ was here to save us. He, who is able to stand undisturbed, even by my Villain’s menacing presence, is going to make it all right. How? I don’t know. When? I know even less. But some day, at some point, he will wake from his trance-like state and rid the universe from Brainiac’s evil once and for all.

I believe in you, Gotham Jesus… I believe in you!

How I got banned from DCUO, the MEPPS incident part 2

Recommended music : Oingo Boingo “Insanity”

I’ve just been perma-banned from DC Universe Online for the crime of disagreeing with them, and asking for an apology almost a year ago.

To be honest, I’m not entirely shocked by this development.  It came to a head TODAY because I publicly disagreed with them about the new direction they’re going to take the game.  My post opened up with “I’m a stupid casual gamer”, and that was enough justification for them to ban me on “insults”  And I can’t log into the game, so I’ve apparently been permanently banned.

To understand this, we have to go back in history to June 13, 2014.  I was livestreaming when Ted “Mepps” Stewn decided to add some “fun” into my livestream.  Basicaly, he broke his own “Terms of Service” by harrassing me in world, dropping enemies on me and repeatedly killing me.  I thought it was a bug, until he admitted it to me in world chat.

(Video can be found at :

I was not happy with him doing this, and he never gave me an apology.  He claims he did, by saying “I apologize for the confusion”, but he never apologized for his ACTIONS.  There’s a huge difference.  All I wanted from him was an apology, and some understanding that what he did was NOT ok.

I should mention, there are a TON of videos of Mepps doing this to other livestreamers.  In all the other cases, they fall all over themselves once they realized they were being trolled by Mepps.  I’m guessing he was expecting the same reaction from me, and I’m not going to fanboy over his presence.  Besides, he had once already peeked into my livestream before, and did not interfere, so I know he’s capable of keeping his hands to himself.

But to this point, I was unhappy.  One of the members of the Dev team just broke the TOS of his own game, and then in message after message blamed ME for not enjoying it.

I didn’t appreciate this, so I pursued it.  I went to the BBB (waste of time, they never side with the customer), I went to Sony Online, I went up the chain of command and eventually got in touch with Linda “Brasse” Carlson, Director, Global Community Relations for Sony Online Entertainment.  She assured me of a few things, one of which being that Ted (Mepps) actions were considered acceptable and appropriate by SoE, I was the only streamer who did not enjoy being trolled by the SoE staff, and that his actions were “meant to enhance the excitement surrounding the livestream.”

I was also, at one point, reassured by Head GM Kaeldread thet he had “sent (the incident) information and this contact to his (Mepps) manager.”  I didn’t believe him at the time, I have no reason to trust anyone over there.  But, having been stonewalled for literally months I threw in the towel.  Having exhausted all my options, I tabled it, saved e-mails and correspondences, and moved on.

Now enter into today.  DC just announced a new system they’ll be unrolling in the near future that I disagree with.  Any time I see a wall of text post I mistrust it, especially when they include graphics and no real explanation.  But from whatI see, they’re basically dealing with their power creep problem by removing any reward for doing low end content.  They also want to release content monthly, but it’s all DLC.  It’s a pretty blatant money grab, if I understand it correctly.

So I posted my disagreement to this plan.  My opening sentence is “Hi, I’m just a stupid casual player, but here’s what I get out of this.”  And I got perma-banned.

I posted a screen shot on Twitter, and MEPPS responded.

It’s interesting that Mepps responded, and not anyone else.  This tells me that HE pulled the trigger, and he’s going to engage me personally to try to smack me down.  Can I prove that?  Of course not.  But there are a lot of other people who could respond, or they could have just not responded, but Mepps decided to not only engage, but do so repeatedly.

So my opinion, here’s what’s going on.  First the DCUO dev team is in an echo chamber.  They don’t like negative feedback, and never have.  So my post was met with “kill it with fire”.  It’s funny, for a game about super heros the dev team is VERY think skinned.

Second, DCUO, and in fact all of SoE / Daybreak games is a troll culture.  My proof?

Among dozens of videos, this screen shot.  They think it’s cool to troll players in their own games.  Never in my history of online MMO gaming have I ever seen a GM team that actively harassed it’s own customer base.  Hell, most of the time they’re not even IN the game, let alone interacting to harass players.

Third, this was personal.  Mepps history with me is long, and verifiable.  So what I think happened is that he got chewed out by someone at SoE corporate, and he’s just been waiting for an excuse to get revenge.  And now, he’s got it.  I’m banned off the forums, I’m banned off the game.  And all for what?  Because he thought he could get fanboyed by trolling me on my livestream, and then was shocked when I didn’t.

We’ll see how this plays out.  I’ve reached out to Daybreak Games to ask them for a statement, they’re still mulling it over.  But seriously, if they’re so thin skinned that they have to resort to this?  I’ll give them a chance to respond, but I have a feelign my next script is writing itself.

Edit add : I’ve also been blocked by their twitter feed, so they’re not even going to see any of this.

And, of note, so has Mepps on his personal feed.

But other members of the DCUO dev team have not.

So this kind of seals it for me, that this *is* personal for Ted Stone.  But, I’ll let Daybreak defend this.


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