steep mountains

BAnze Osterman

Observing the sky

The valley so exceptional that it defines people’s characters.

For us it is not a valley, it is The Valley. It is the place of freedom, looseness, inspiration and joy. Combining everything a man needs; pristine steep rivers, shear mountain slopes, rock walls, countless trails, unspoiled nature and good friends. We find it hard not to visit it every weekend.

Situated at a sunny side of Alps it possesses a distinct atmosphere that brings people to sane and together.

→ through the flames (and into the lava)

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pairing → Jungkook x Reader

genre smut, fluff, slight humor, crack || dragon!jk, fantasy!au i guess

☆ warnings  public indecency, dry humping, fingering, non-penetrative sex, cumplay, i’m sorry

☆ word count  → 7.8k

Your boyfriend is a dragon.

Or so he claims.

or; the perks (and unexpected complications) of dating a fucking dragon

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A “Bendy and the Ink Machine” Theory: Why Bendy is so Resentful

The first thing everyone thinks of when they see the art and characters of “Bendy and the Ink Machine” are the classic, old-school Disney characters, especially Mickey Mouse. And how could they not? The designs are meant to reflect the style of animation from the late 1910′s to the early 1940′s.

However, in looking at some of the old-school animations, I’ve noticed an animation studio that’s even more similar to the fictional one in the Ink Machine, and that’s Fleischer Studios.

Fleischer Studios is mostly known as the company who created classic characters such as Koko the Clown, Popeye the Sailor, and Betty Boop. Back in the early decades of animation, the Fleischer cartoons were considered revolutionary. It was this very studio that patented the style of rotoscope animation, and had their characters jump off the canvas and into the real world, giving the cartoons new life.

One of the most popular Max Fleischer cartoon series was known as “Out of the Inkwell”, which primarily featured Koko the Clown and, later on, Betty Boop as well. The characters seemed to live in the inkwell until the animator drew them out at the start of an episode, or they’d find a way to escape the inkwell on their own.

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What followed the majority of the time (I’ve only seen two of the many, many episodes where this wasn’t the case) was the animator causing the character direct, deliberate pain, or putting them in dangerous situations.

In “False Alarm”, Koko rolled a cigarette for Max Fleischer, visibly took extra care to make sure it was well-rolled and the best he could make it, and tossed it right into the animator’s mouth. Max then lit a match, lit the cigarette, and threw the still-burning match into Koko’s paper world. In “Bedtime”, Max drew Koko onto a steep, dangerous mountain with only a small area to stand on at the top, as a way to “keep [him] quiet for the night”, and later forced Koko back into the inkwell because he had a nightmare about the character. 

Yes. Koko, through no fault of his own, was crammed back into a tiny inkwell, because the animator had a dream about him. Of course, Koko would get into his share of shenanigans from time to time, as cartoons generally do, but most of this treatment was either completely unearned, or was punishment taken too far.

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Now, considering the fact that Bendy’s cartoons are probably silent cartoons made in the same era as “Out of the Inkwell”, it wouldn’t come as a surprise to me if Henry and the Sillyvision staff treated Boris and Bendy in the exact same way, believing “Oh, they’re just cartoons, it’s not really hurting them,” while unaware that Bendy and Boris were sentient creations. It seems likely, especially with how fed up the employee in the tape recording sounded, that the studio took their frustrations out on the cartoon characters.

And, if Bendy and co. were promised better treatment that was never received, you can bet they’d be livid about the fact that…

Edit: My friend @greenbloodfurlife​ made another very good point: the Creators are literally God to these cartoons. There’s no way around that. The cartoons try to please their God, and they respond with malevolence? Not just like, God with the flood, but your God, that you can see and talk to face to fucking face, laughing as he tries to actively torture and/or kill you. 


there will be fear. a lot of it. there will be triumph. a lot of it. there will be constellations you want to reach for but can’t put your finger on. you will trace them like the scars on your body you got from trouble and the times of your life. you will take the long way to get to these Orions. the long way will become a theme in your life, but a journey you learn to love.

you will dive head first without looking into phases that you are certain of who you are.
some of these stages include:

  • the dance-is-life (aka “this leotard is my second skin”) phase.
  • the Bible-thumping-church-camp phase.
    (which coincided and contradicted with the Fiona-Apple-fan-club-president phase)
  • the Nas aficionado-brown-lip-liner-and-Vaseline phase.
  • the Rasta-vegan-thrifter-who-is-determined-to-marry-Brandon-Boyd phase.
  • the football-player’s-girlfriend-who-wears-braided-blond-highlights-and-swears-by-capri-pants phase.

at the time, you are searching. seeking in every corner and pocket of the world for who you are. take your time, baby girl. there’s no rush to get there. you will sow each of these chapters in the land that you become. you will see bits and pieces of them scattered into the skin you grow into. you don’t have to figure everything out now. time will reveal itself. i promise you.

sometimes you push these phases to the max, and when you go out into the world feeling confident in who you are and what you reflect, young folks will call you names and grown folks will call you names. It’s ok. one day you will name yourself, and that name will belong to you. it will not be the ones they ordained: “crazy, ugly, attention-seeking, weirdo.”

i really hate to tell you this, but sometimes you will still get called these things as an adult, except you will actually embrace some of them. you will learn that these are just words. words that only have power if you choose to give them power. every once in a while they will hurt, but you will choose to turn those words into a symbol of beauty.

speaking of words. they might just be your first love. sometimes you can write for hours, just you and the words on the pages. they make you feel understood, even if it’s just you that you’re talking to.

trust in these words, even when you’re feeling wildly insecure. hold on to your journals. cherish them. put them somewhere safe so that they may become a guide for you later, a revealer and a friend.

the lucky stars have been good to you, and there’s a long list of things you’d like to give gratitude to them for, but for now thank them for these three:

  • that you didn’t die when you and your friends drove up a steep mountain in a snowstorm with no experience and bad brakes. that was stupid as hell.
  • that you went to the ensemble theater every summer. i really don’t think you’d be who you are today had it not been for those experiences, teachers, and experimentation with your mind and body.
  • that the universe chose your mom to be your mother.

she is a wonder. you watch her drop off 3 kids at 3 different schools in the morning, pick them up in the afternoon, shuffle each of them to their designated activities, and bring them all back to the salon she owns until she closes up with the utmost grace, love, and kindness.

you realize watching a woman balance being a supportive mother, building a successful business from the ground up that was started in her garage, and giving back to the community will make you feel invincible and like the word “no” is just an echo in the universe that you’ll never know. you often take her for granted, but you know with every joint in your bones that she is a phenomenon and you strive to make her proud. you should thank her out loud more, too; tell her you value her. roll your eyes and your neck less. it’s not as cute as you think. tell her you appreciate all that she does, for she makes the impossible look effortless. she surrounds you with other black women who do the same. you study them, and will constantly think of all their stories, their beauty, their strife and their stride. they break down all of the archetypes and stereotypes that you see of black women on tv and in magazines, so you don’t trust those anymore. you thank them for re-writing the script before it was ever etched in your memory.

because you have your mama’s blood, you are fiercely independent and outgoing. you’ve been starting petitions, building tree houses, and starting clubs since as long as you can remember.

sometimes in the midst of juggling all this, you put a lot of pressure on yourself and often crash and burn. you shut down. you go into your room, lock the door, put on music, and you do not move for 8 hours straight. it will feel like the heaviest and bleakest darkness you can possibly feel, and when you ask everyone to leave you alone and let you be, what you really want to say is “i want you here” and “i need help.”

sometimes it is ok to say just that. it won’t make you less strong or less powerful. no one you love will criticize you or blame you; in fact, they will lift you up.

seventeen will be the hardest year of your life. it will grow you up almost immediately. you will lose your best friend whom you love so much to gun violence in a single moment, and give birth to a new one within a year.

you will be terrified, and it’s ok that you don’t know what the future holds. some people will count you out because of the decision you’ve made to bring another life into the world so young, but you made the decision out of love and will live with the decision in love.

soon enough you will learn how to love and how to exist with love in ways that you never knew. you will learn how to love yourself and how to empathize with and forgive those who may have taken a bit of that pure love away from you.

you have a long life ahead of you, and i’ll tell you it’s not gonna always be easy, but I can promise you it will be fruitful and with much purpose. all the bridges you’ve burned, you had to, so that you could rebuild them to become a stronger and more wonderful you.

there will be pain, there will be doubt there will be beauty, there will be the unknown. there will be so many moments of joy and delight that the whole universe will feel painted in hues of amber and wonder. there will be times you are so sad you can’t lift your head. and there will be times you are so happy that the sensation of life knocks you down. but most importantly, there will be you. a whole, whole lot of it. and you will feel good about who she is and who she is still becoming.

“Early in the shoot it became apparent to the crew that it was going to be difficult to get André to any of these exterior sets since his size prevented him from fitting into the transpo van and his health precluded him from walking to and from the many steep, mountainous locations we were using. Therefore, production decided to rent him an all-terrain vehicle (somehow they found one big enough to accommodate him), and he just loved it. I’ll never forget the image of André darting around on his ATV, laughing loudly — the already noisy machine groaning from the weight of him. It was a sight to behold.”  

-As You Wish: Inconceivable Tales from the Making of The Princess Bride

Shakespeare (Part III)

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Harry X Reader (AU)

In which Harry is a poetic frat boy who just so happens to be the TA for your new English class.

Read previous parts here.

Author’s note: Sorry I’m late again!! As always, all feedback is sincerely appreciated. Enjoy!

English class is your favorite class.

Since your paper, the past few weeks have been stuffed full of theory readings and poetry analyses. You’ve read Wordsworth, Woolf, and many in between. It’s hard not to get caught up in a world of rhyme schemes and symbolism.

Harry has been overly-avoidant. He didn’t look at you when you handed him your essay, and he hasn’t since. You’re just confused. It’s not clear why his eyes skirt around you when his gaze pans across the classroom, or why they glue themselves to the sidewalk when you pass him outside. But every time you see him or the thought of him merely crosses your mind, all you can think about is that second or two when he was in such close proximity. You can almost smell his cologne and see the thin hair spotting his chin.

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Places in Dragon Age: Inquisition - Frostback Basin

Throughout history, few have dared explore the Frostback Basin. Ancient Tevinter ruins lie overgrown by thick forest, their purpose here forgotten. Rare expeditions in ages past returned with little information–or did not return at all. The exception is the Avvar, who have long travelled the basin and, in more recent generations, established a hold along its steep mountain cliffs.


Robbinsville High School sits in a small gap in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina. Green slopes dotted with cattle hug in around the school before they rise into a thick cover of pine trees.

David Matheson is the principal here. And he’s the only high school principal in the state who still performs corporal punishment. At Robbinsville, corporal punishment takes the form of paddling - a few licks on the backside Matheson delivers with a long wooden paddle.

North Carolina state law describes corporal punishment, as “The intentional infliction of physical pain upon the body of a student as a disciplinary measure.”

Robbinsville High School’s policy allows students to request a paddling in place of in-school-suspension, or ISS. Last year, 22 students chose it.

“Most kids will tell you that they choose the paddling so they don’t miss class,” Matheson says.

Where Corporal Punishment Is Still Used In Schools, Its Roots Run Deep

Photos: Mike Belleme for NPR

Chapter 2 - The not so long trek to Naamche.

I woke up at 5am but breakfast wasn’t until 7am so I stayed snuggled up. 12 hours in bed. Believe me, it’s not all hardcore hiking. My throat aches, the cold I’d felt coming on yesterday is well and truly here. My muscles ache more than I expected.The beginning of the day was easy enough, I hit a crossroads and ascended up the better trodden path. But as I climbed higher and higher not running into any other trekkers I began to wonder if I’d taken the wrong path. I had to ascend 700m today. I didn’t want to walk up, make a mistake and then have to do it all over again.
Right when I was ready to turn back and find someone to ask for directions an Australian and english lad walked past and assured me I was on the right track. The english lad stressed to me “Go slow! Go super slow!” He was suffering altitude sickness, he’d ascended too fast, his heart was racing and it felt like his brain was pressing into his left eye. He’d been feeling terrible for days but was used to the pain. He’d wanted to evacuate but he’d made a mistake with his insurance and was instead self evacuating. (Don’t worry, my insurance covered me. Thankfully as I almost used it…keep reading to find out WHY!) I assured him i’d take my time and I took a step. “TOO FAST” They both yelled, making me jump. We all had a hearty laugh and then I went on my merry way. I would have enjoyed trekking with them I thought to myself as I continued alone.
The blogs and fellow hikers all told me the hike to Naamche was one of the worst parts of the trek. (I agree based on the dust and the sheer amount of yak pee you have to step over…it STINKS worse than any stench you could imagine)
Yet another steep ascent. My guesthouse told me it would take 3 - 4 hours to get up. Luckily I was quite aware I was hiking up a steep mountain and was expecting some horrific ascents, so this didn’t come as too much of a shock. What did shock me was that I discovered i’d hiked up in 2.5 hours. The whole way up i’d been berating myself. You’ve hiked annapurna Lou, you should be faster than this! Turns out I was.

Note: The best way to train for a hike up Everest is to hike another, equally high and difficult himalayan Mountain. I recommend the Annapurna circuit.
Note: At 3400m and i’m not feeling the altitude or the cold too drastically. So different to Manang in Annapurna.
Revised note: Ignore what I wrote earlier. I feel like I’m dying.
Yet another note: STOP EATING YOUR DATES!


Acclimatisation day in Naamche.
Oh what torture.
Last night I fell asleep thinking ‘i’m going to be strong enough to stay up all night at base camp and get an epic time-lapse. I’m so strong and capable. How exciting.’
The new day dawned and instantly quashed that ridiculous notion. I felt horrific. Blocked nose, my coughing my throat raw, so hard I almost vomitted (will i ever stop posting about the disgustingness of my body online? Probably not.)
Still telling myself I’m a strong capable woman, I got up and was going to attempt a 3 hour acclimatisation hike. After breakfast I got back in to bed.
“Just for a moment, just a quick nap to re-energise”
30 minutes later I stood up and got into my hiking gear, finished tying my shoes. Stood up. Sat back down, took my shoes off. Paused, berating myself. Put them back on. Took them off, finally admitted defeat and jumped back into bed where I proceeded to stay for the rest of the day. Feeling incredibly sorry for myself, I spent the entire day wondering if i’d make it up to base camp. Weakling! Failure! The usual negative self talk.

I knew it was just my tired, sick brain that was in dire need of a hug and chose to ignore it. Just as I reached the height of my tirade I looked out the window and noticed the clouds had disappeared and I had a clear view of the worlds giant peaks just across the valley. So close I felt like if I leaned out of the window I could touch them.
I aired out my sick room and the crisp mountain air worked it’s magic, taking away the feelings of despair i’d been laying with all day.

Sweet Heart

Request: “i was wondering if i could request a NewtxRearder where the reader is an expert on dragons,basilisks and other large reptilian creatures and newt goes work with her for a few months and she’s a little cold at first but newt sees she’s just misunderstood like her creatures and there’s fluff in the end?maybe a series?a smut chapter?wherever you wanna take it”

Pairing: Newt Scamander x Reader

Word Count: 2k

Sitting on the scaffolding inside the newly furbished reptilian sector, you flicked through the profile you had been given on the man you were to work with in the following months. He had an impressive resume, but it didn’t help the aching disappointment that had taken root in your heart. The Ministry didn’t think you were capable of conducting this research assignment on your own, and it really took a great blow to your pride. You were supposed to be their top reptilian researcher, and yet, they had called in the support of some wizard you had no use for. The Runespoor you were patting huffed, its right head peering down at the sheet with distaste.

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Bright as the Night Sky (Part 1):

So here is part one of my fan fic! Hope everyone enjoys it as much as I have writing it! I can’t wait to get to the interesting part because it is literally my imagination come to life!


Feyre is busy trying to think of a creative gift for her 100th anniversary with Rhysand, and for once the inner circle is out of ideas. It’s only until Rhysand and her are invited to witness a rare performance by the people of Velaris that she finds her muse. But what will remain to celebrate once she discovers a dark secret.

The setting takes place WAY after ACOWAR and gives insight into the life of the inner circle and Feyre’s sisters, as well as the High Lord and Lady of the Night Court. It does stem from my first fan fiction Safe at Last but is not necessary to read to understand.

WARNING: This has been written BEFORE I have read ACOWAR (So there is Elucien and Moriel) and Lucien is still viable for the Autumn Court and it’s staying that way (because I don’t want to dethrone Helion) aannnddd I love these ships too much to destroy them so its STAYING THAT WAY. 



Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Part 6:

Part 7:

Part 8:

Part 9:

Part 10:

Part 11:

Part 12:

Part 13:

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Part 20:

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189. “If you keep looking at me like that we won’t make it to a bed.” J. LETO

“Come on!” Jared yells up at me from the bottom of the stairs. 

“I’ve got a lot of stuff, I am coming though!” I yell right back.

I hear him run up the stairs and he stops when he sees me, he lets out a laugh and pinches the bridge of his nose, “We aren’t camping out, we are just going for a hike.” He laughs again.

He comes to my side and takes the large backpack off my back and takes the duffle bag off my shoulder, I let out a sigh of defeat.

“What if we get hungry? Or hurt? I have a full first aid kit in there.” I motion to the slumped over backpack.

“I’ve got a few snacks, we will not be gone that long and it’s a hiking trail, you won’t get hurt.” He grabs my arm and I follow him down the stairs. 

We get in his car and he occasionally laughs at my overpacking as we drive to the middle of nowhere. I have never been hiking or camping or anything like that, I grew up in the city and I stayed there. Jared had been wanting me to go hiking with him and his few friends for a while now but I figured I would embarrass myself so I turned him down each time until I finally told him I’ll go with just him for the first time and after that I’ll consider going with a group. 
So, thats where we are now. 

We pull up in a designated parking area and it’s pretty empty. I can see a few different trail start out and then they wind up into the mountains, the view is incredible though and the colors of the mountains are far better in person than any of Jared’s pictures. 
I take a deep breath in and it’s almost like I can taste the air, it’s like being in a whole new world.

“Beautiful.” I whisper out and I look over at Jared. 

His eyes are dark and low, he is breathing heavy already and I can tell exactly what he is thinking but I chose to ignore it. 

“Let’s get going! I wanna see the view from the top!” I grab onto his hand and head to one of the trails with a green arrow. 

We begin our hike, it starts out pretty easy. Jared is pointing out different plants and some few animals we see, he tells me a few stories from the hikes he goes on with his friends and I can only imagine how steep those mountains get. 
Jared rubs my back a few time as we make our way up and continue on our conversation, he lets me in on what he wants the next album to be like and the sounds he is looking for, where he wants to tour and how he wants me to go with. 
We finally reach the top of the mountain about an hour later, I take in a deep breath trying to hide the fact that I’m out of breath. Jared hands me a bottle of water and i take a few sips before walking closer to the edge with him. 
I grip his hand tighter than normal, but I soon ease up and the view becomes overwhelming.
I can’t see a single person from the height but I can see the tops of the trees, I can hear the wind wresting with the branches and leaves and I close my eyes waiting for it to hit my skin. 

“Wow.” I breathe  out. 

“Yeah.” he whispers back and wraps his hand around my waist. 

I lean in close to him and rest my head on his shoulder as we stand there looking out above the trees. 
His hand runs up and down my sides and he squeezes me closer, I let out a slight grunt and he laughs in reply. 
He uses his other hand and lifts my chin so I am looking into his bright blue eyes, he leans in close enough for me to feel his breath against my lips and I close my eyes waiting for him to make the final move.
He does, his soft lips press against mine and like always a shiver runs through my body. It never fails when he kisses me. 
He trails his fingers slowly down my neck, over my collarbone, over my chest and down my stomach, he dips his fingers in the waistband of my leggings and waits there. 
He goes to pull away from out kiss and I bite his bottom lip before he gets away, I open my eyes and watch a small smirk appear on his face. 
His gaze meets mine and his eyes are much darker now, his gestures and more rough. 

“If you keep looking at me like that we won’t make it to a bed.” I whisper against his lips.

He leans in towards my neck and I extend it in the opposite direction giving him more room, his tongue touches my skin first as he rolls circles over the same spot before sucking that same spot between his lips. 

“Who said anything about a bed.” He gently bites down and I can’t help but moan in response, he bites down a little harder and I grab onto his hand that is resting at the waist on my leggings and push his hand further down. 

I can feel him smile against my neck as his teeth release me, his hand digs deeper into my pants until his fingers are pressing against my clit. 

“No underwear huh?” He kisses my lips harder this time.

I part my lips and his tongue gladly slides in, our tongues roll over each others and his finger runs circles against my clit. The more our kiss builds the more pressure he adds and I moan into his mouth and he groans back, his hips press against my leg and I can feel how hard he is already. 
I reach my hand down into his pants and begin stroking his growing member, he groans quietly into my ear and I can feel myself get wetter from the sound. 
He slides one finger in and I dig my nails into his shoulder, I stumble back a few steps and he quickly takes his hand away and grabs my waist. 

“You ok?” A smile appears on his face. 

I nod quietly and he guides me backwards until I’m against a large boulder, his hands slip down the sides of my leggings pulling them down to my ankles. 

“Jared.” I whisper and he looks up at me, “What if someone sees us!” I scan the area before looking back down at him. 

He runs his fingers up and down my slit and I bite back a moan watching him, “No one ever comes on these trails and we will be able to hear them.” He places a kiss on my slit, “As long as you’re quiet that is.” 

Before I can answer his tongue is pressing inside me and I lean my head back against the boulder, my one hand grabs onto the boulder and the other tangles in his hair below me. 
He begins flicking his tongue over my clit and I let out a moan louder than expected, he lets out a laugh against me and the vibrations run through my body letting another loud moan echo through the mountain. 
He places his thumb against my clit and he comes back up to kiss me, his tongue enters my mouth and he groans knowing I can taste myself. 

“Lets see how fast my little slut can get me off.” He turns me around and presses himself against me.

I place my forearms against the boulder and arch my back giving him a perfect angle, he grabs a fist full of my hair and tugs it back creating a deeper arch. I let a scream that I cut short by biting down on my bottom lip as he rams himself in me. 
He holds himself steady for a second trying to let me adjust to his width, he pulls out and slides in slower this time. Feeling every inch of him move in and out of me with each thrust he gives I moan back. 
His other hand gripping my waist while he keeps a firm tug on my hair, his thrusts are hard and constant. 

“Fuck, you are so wet!” He groans out as he keeps pounding his hips against me. 

He moves his hand from my hips to my shoulder creating less of a movement, every thrust he gets deeper and I can feel myself dripping down my leg. 

“Daddy!” I moan out as my words are hiccuped with his movements.

I begin to massage my clit as I feel my orgasm approaching, he can feel my tighten around him and he moans loudly into my back.
I scream out to him again and he covers my mouth and pulls harder on my hair, I close my eyes tight and scream out against his hand. 
I feel my hips jerk uncontrollably against him as my orgasm works through me and I can feel him pulsing inside of me.
He bites into my back as he finishes his high and he slowly pulls out of me. 

“Fuck.” I whisper as I rest forward against the boulder.

He stands back and adjusts himself back in his pants and then he kisses the backs of my thighs before pulling my leggings back up. 
I turn around and lean back, I close my eyes and shake my head with a slight laugh.

“What?” Jared questions and kisses my forehead.

“We have to walk back down.” I laugh a little harder. 

“We didn’t think this through but I’ll carry you if I have to.” He laughs with me.

I groan as I stand up and come to his side, he wraps his arm around my waist as we cautiously make our way back down the mountain. His grip on my waist tightens as my knees occasionally give out in the steeper parts, we both laugh and he kisses my temple each time as a sorry. 

“We make it down this mountain in one piece and I’ll make you any meal you want for dinner tonight.” He groans as he catches me as my foot slips.

I laugh out of embarrassment, “Pancakes. My last meal, I want pancakes.”

“You got it baby girl.” Another laugh escapes his lips as he catches me from slipping again.

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my best attempt at a masterlist of every chengsey moment in trk

  • ch. 6: henry calling gansey “richard-man” adj;fdkd
  • the slightly disturbing fact that henry told gansey his tailgate was open because he didn’t want to draw attention to the fact that there was a little girl curled up in the cargo space of the camaro….. like buddy what if gans was kidnapping her. now youre an accomplice.
  • ch. 12: “henry cheng stood before him, all hair and smile, his eyes intense.” 
  • basically the mere fact that henry notices that gansey is having a panic attack/ptsd flashback and goes to help him in the middle of a crowd
  • “once, you got me coffee,” henry said. “when i was losing my mind. consider the favor returned.” 
  • one of the things that helps gansey come out of his attack is making eye contact with henry
  • henry saying “there he is” when gansey calms down
  • ch 17: “both henry and gansey were kings in their respective territories”
  • gansey thinking about litchfield house: “to dine in fairyland was to be forced to stay there forever or to pine for it once you left” literally what the fuck gansey
  • “yo, yo, dick gansey” im so embarrassed for henry
  • “[litchfield house] did not look remotely like a place that might host a party. it looked like a place old ladies might go to die and remain undiscovered until the neighbors noticed a strange smell. it was utterly at odds with what gansey knew of henry.” ok i lied, that’s barely chengsey but i love it anyway.
  • gansey reflecting that he understands henry (more than blue does)
  • gansey reminding blue that henry’s car is electric bc he wants her to like his boyfriend
  • henry is fine with blue being at the toga party even though no other casual acquaintances are invited, just bc gansey vouches for her
  • ch. 29: ok honestly………. the whole chapter
  • BUT for the sake of thoroughness… henry calling gansey “junior”
  • henry: “i tucked in the children [after you left] and read them stories but they kept asking after you” and gansey LAUGHS
  • gansey is cagey about explaining why they left and henry lets it pass
  • “dick three”
  • flirting via knowledge of what happened in 1751
  • and yes this is bc henry knows he’s looking for a “test of mettle”
  • “that feeling of being known. not in a superficial way, but in something deeper and truer.” 
  • gansey: “what is my prize if i pass?” 👀
  • “the prize is your honor, mr. gansey.” doubly known. triply known.
  • gansey doesn’t know how to feel about being “so accurately pegged” 👀
  • “am i being kidnapped now?” oh, gansey. you shameless flirt (with bad timing)
  • “this is ganseylike too, yes?” which part? “secrets.”
  • gansey is “prepared to deploy” any combination of his fake, polite responses to heavy moments, but he understands that henry doesn’t need or want this from him, so he can just respond as his real, genuine self 
  • both deeply traumatized at the age of 10?? is that kind of symmetry romantic?? (no but im including it)
  • “do you trust me?” [gansey’s dramatic ass thinks about how he intuitively knows who to trust] “yes.”
  • THEY HOLD HANDS!!!!!!! for a second when henry scares him with robobee but still!!!!
  • ch. 30: “richardman” again
  • henry telling gansey to breathe while literally cupping gansey’s hands between his
  • “be afraid and happy” the quote that defined a generation
  • henry saying “there he is” when gansey starts breathing again 💖
  • more touching, then “easy, mr. gansey”
  • “robobee, find great hair”
  • henry matching gansey’s dramatic ass like “i think we have to decide if we trust each other or not… i think this is the moment in our young friendship”
  • “are you saying your secrets are to my secrets as an automobile is to a carbonated beverage?” henry !!!!!!
  • “magical artifacts, bro”
  • henry: “are you collapsing? are you fine? i thought we were conversing”
  • gansey reflecting that henry is the closest thing to a soul-twin he’s ever found
  • “Get. Your. Number.” HENRY ASDJFKD;F
  • gansey noticing “henry’s wickedly cut eyebrows”
  • this part made me lose my shit….. gansey thinks that, even after all of the actual magic he’s seen, henry cheng is just as magical as everything else he’s found on this journey god help me
  • “because i’m overfull on secrets and underfed on friends” henry :’(
  • again, gansey bein gay…… thinking “henry’s eyes were lively and ferocious”
  • ch. 37: “[henry] had no real way to explain how he felt about trying to befriend richard gansey…” his love for richard is too big for words guyz
  • when henry’s being kidnapped by mr. gray (also fuck you sir, how dare  you hurt my son’s shoulder), he begs robobee to “tell someone who can make this stop,” and robobee alerts gansey, who calls mr. gray immediately !!!!
  • ch. 38: when he meets henry and mr. gray, gansey’s like, “this wasn’t the next step i wanted to take in our friendship”… ok gans tell us about the ‘next step’ you had been imagining then
  • when gansey confirms that they’re officially friends now: “now something else lit henry’s smile. it was genuine and pleased but also something more, and there were not quite words for it.” im gonna take a wild guess and say one word you might use would be ‘lust.’
  • ch. 49: gansey thinking of henry’s “be afraid and happy” advice when he needs strength to go after glendower…. im crying youre crying we’re all crying
  • ch. 51: robobee is basically a lovebee that tells henry when gansey needs him
  • henry using second person “thee” to refer to gansey 👀
  • henry lets gansey drive his car!!!
  • “i’ll watch for cops. go, go, go.” they’re like thelma and louise
  • henry lets gans drive his car along the steep side of a mountain with no guard rail! he must have been so scared but he let him do it!!!
  • gansey: “however do you drive?” henry: “i don’t. you do.” 
  • henry reacting to gansey’s driving… “yay. also, woo.”
  • ch. 53: henry making a b&e joke but definitely also a sex joke that gansey will probably be up thinking about at 3 am for every night the rest of his life: “let us enter, dick, as i’ve already broken”
  • JEONG!!!!!! “we are friends at once, we would instantly do what friends would do for each other. not just pals. friends. blood brothers. you just feel it. we instead of you and me. that’s jeong.”
  • henry suggests splitting up and doesn’t question gans turning off his flashlight, because he’s PERFECT for gansey (me? dramatic? its more likely than you think)
  • ch. 54: gansey doesn’t ask henry to come with him once they find the tunnel bc he remembers that henry’s biggest fear is a hole in the ground (am i crying?? yes.)
  • henry literally giving gansey the shirt off his back!!!! (the shirt he’ll die in ok…. is it weird that i find it romantic that gansey will die wearing henry’s sweater)
  • henry literally trying to reenact the princess bride with gansey like what the fuck?? “we have such few old treasures left; it would be so careless to let them get destroyed.”
  • gansey: “please. please help me.” henry: “i thought you’d never ask.” wtf why do they do this to me
  • ch. 58: henry tells gansey to pull over after they’re leaving glendower, and says, “stop driving. i know you need to. you’ve needed to since we left. get. out.” so gansey can get out of the car and cry 💖
  • ch. 59: henry casually calling gansey “president” as they’re binding adam’s hands???
  • ch. 64: while gansey’s official last words before dying are “it’ll be okay. i’m ready. blue, kiss me,” his SECOND-TO-LAST words are “thanks for everything, henry. you’re a prince among men.” like hwat hte hell dude….. are you even aware that youre in love.. 
  • ch. 66: henry is the one who demands they find a way to bring gansey back!!!

Finally got Botw! 

My experience finally going full out and not doing sidequests

Blows myself up : Fuck

Gets hit with a rock: Fuck


Crushed myself: DAMN IT

Climbing a steep mountain cause I am a difficult piece of shit and then RAIN: *silent rAgE* 


G͞A̫M͙̩̠̘̖͙̕ͅE͏͇̟̲̫͈ ̰͕OV̻͕̦̙̦͉͚E҉̖̬͈͇͍R̰̺͔͇͡ ̟̗̤G̼̯̘͓̻̟̤͝A̦̣̼̙̺̝̩M̖̟̼͔̱̦̹Ẹ̬ ͞OV̻̱͖͠ER̤̪̭͍̮̜̩ ͈͓G̷̮A̘͖͓̰̳ME҉̭͇̮̟̰ͅ ̢O̭̙V̧͕̗E͇̖̖̙͕̘͞R͢ ̸̟̲̹̬͔̼ͅG͕̰̙̖̳͖͎A̶̩M͕̯̲̣̙͉E̳̰ O̡͇͍̱V̻̹̱͖E̫͚R̘͍͖̠͈͢ ̝̬͎̮͖͝G̺̪̥̠͘A͓̝̳M̝E̶͚͙͍͍̘̦ ͔͚̹O̦͖̟̜̳͎͞ͅV͉͖E̬̱̮̬̕R̮ ͈G̢͓̬͇A̱͖̼͍͠M͏͈͍̞̮͚ͅͅE̡̯͔ ̱̕O̝̰V̡͈̯̗̺͕̤̙E̦R̯̫͍̱͚̣ͅ ̸͙̜͉͙G҉̙͙A͖͖̭̫͝ͅM̠͕̭̭̺Ẹ̲́ ̛̫O̞͠V͕͓͉̙͞Ẹ̖R̖̱̖̀ ̸̱̪G̼̝͝A͈̲̬͍͖̙̭M͘E̡͙̖̹̗̹ͅͅ ̫͇̰̥̙ͅO͇̳̱͓ͅV̨͕̘͚̖͈̥̰E͓̙̠̱͓͈͖R̗̻̣̖ ͕̖͓̦͈̼̱͘G̬͖̺̫͉͕A̖̞̖M̛͖͚͇̫ͅÈ ͇͎͉̤̙̝̻ǪV҉E̩̘̻̰R̤̠̤̲͍̣ ̹̘̪ͅGA͓͍̹M̥͇͎̤̼͇̙̕E̯̮̠ ̛̣̤̥O̹͞V͡E̴̖R̭ G҉̳A̖̫̪M͉͉̯̮̦̼̯̀Ę̙͉̤̲̜͔̮ ͡O͙̲V̦E͕̯̘͍̼͝R͓͝ ̱̠̮̳̜͎̲G̵̺̩̜̻̯À͇̰M̜͉̫͖̗̜ͅE̡̖̹ O̪͇̮̹̹̭ͅV͕̳̥͇E̫̩̞̫R̖͇͞ ̟̘̣̟̻G̨̪̩͖̠̖̣͉AM̵E̗̤̪ ͙̮ƠV̡̙̬̮̣̰E̴̞R͏̞̲̰̯̙͕ ̭͎̤̘̜G͖̺͚͎̰̰͖A̭̱M͓͈̙E̫͔͙̹͉̗ ͖̱͖͍͔̹͟O̱̟̜͍͙͚V̴͉̬͎̫E̢R̥̤ ̠͔̬̲̙G̶ḀM̺͇̥ͅE͙̠̳͉͢ ̝̩̳Ǫ͕͇͔̳̹̣̘V͍̰̩͇̩͈͚Ȩ̤̣͉Ṛ̝̕ ̙͇̰̠͟G̬̤̫̭̠̺A̴̰̫̠M̝̲̰̮̙͖E̗̙̥̪͚͖͟ ͉͔ͅͅO̻̥̮̼͙͞ͅV͕̹͉̖͜E̸̠̣̙̤̻R̡̥̯ ̫̠̳͇̳͈͢G̻͍̦̞͖A̸M̵̮E̩̣̼̙ ͏̦͓̥ͅO̹̼̪̹̥͞V̙̬͡E̖̫̰ͅR̥ ͈͔̲̙͖ͅGA͟M̳E̫̮̹͠ ̪͎̺͖͞O͏͖V̸͈̙͖͍Ȩ̗R̰̞͈̠ ̬̠̻̼̝G͔A̝̰Ḿ̭̪E̠͔͈̬̪ͅ O̘͕̙͓͕̫͉͢VE̛̬̳̟͕͚̤̼R̺̤͇̝ ̯̘̞͈͉̦̲G͓͖͟A͔͓͍M͏̪̺̤̬̘̖̖E͏̮͍͈ ̟̻̺͓̮O̡ͅV̫͈̥̲̤͇̯E̞͎̪̩͉̘̰R̙̣̀ ͔͚͢GA̡̗̜̪̲͈̪M̟E̠̤͈͎ ҉̙̪O͓͢V͈̣E̻̜̙̞̮R̪̼ G͘A͙̞̻ṂE̝͈̖̝ͅ ̬̝̙̗͈̝O̖̠͕̻̦̠͙V̙͕͇ͅE̮͉̗͜ͅR͖̹̜̲ ̧̳̘̺̜G̝̖̯̠̠̤̳A͞M͈̭E҉̜̪͙̳̰͕ ̟ͅOV̸̪̤E͖R̩͙̰̘͉̱̜͜ ͝G̨̱͍̤̗̦͍Á͖̺̙͈̮M̙͇͖͇̗͔E̪̬̝̠ ̸̳O̗̯͚͈V̠ER͈ ҉G̜͚̺͖̯͔À̞̖M̷̯̞̗ͅE͚̱͙͓̟̲͘ͅ ̩̫O̞̤̳̗͕̙̗͘V̳̪E̼R̼̩̻̲̖̖

I love Breath of the Wild~