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Semi-automatic rifle that was produced in the former Czechoslovakia. It bears some resemblance to the SKS, and even features an integrated bayonet, although side-folding instead of under-folding. Chambered in 7.62x45mm, some rifles were converted to 7.62x39 as the Com-Bloc nations began to standardize calibers. The easiest way to tell a 7.62x45mm from a 7.62x39mm vz rifle is the angle of the magazines floor plate. The latter has a very steep angle to accommodate the 7.62x39 cartridge. The other trick is to check the receiver under the rear sight for a cross pin. This particular rifle is a 7.62x45mm model but the seller is advertising it as a 7.62x39mm. He’s going to have an angry buyer. (GRH)

Not Like This (Part 2)

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Fandom:  Star Trek AOS (Soulmate AU)
Pairing: Reader x Bones
Word Count: 3,633
Rating: Teen+
Warnings: Injuries, blood, scary scenes 
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Author’s note:  SO many people have asked to be added to the tag list for this fic.  I am absolutely flattered.  I’m so glad you guys like it!!  I apologize if I missed anyone in the tag list, please let me know if I forgot your name.  Also, if I have you just in the tag list for this story but you wish to be on my permanent tag list, please let me know!

I hope you all like this part just as much… its actually my favourite part of the story so far.  Enjoy!

          Leonard had gone back to his business after his last projected thoughts, after his soulmate had wished him luck on his exam.  It was going to be a hard one, he was sure, and he nervously chewed on the end of his stylus as he waited for the instructor’s signal.  The exam appeared on the screen of his tablet as his professor indicated that they could begin and he bent over it, meticulously reading each question and answering carefully, his mind completely focused on his task.

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(Mei/Mercy, around 2k words. AO3)

They were cute, Mei decided.

It wasn’t that she thought they were cute. They looked like some radial cousin of a bacteriophage, infinitesimal wagon wheels with a ring of grasping spines. She wasn’t above a deep discomfort with the idea of it; a thousand of the little constructs darting about their purpose in every milliliter of her blood.

Still, she understood. They were something on the other end of the scale from her work, and no less important. Climatology, as Angela had once told her after a few drinks, was the science of making sure we as a species get our security deposit back.

Mei had asked the question begged: “Get our deposit back after what?”

Angela had orchestrated her answer with a wave of a half-empty beer bottle. “After this, Dr. Zhou. After all of this is done.”

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The Arrangement: Chapter Nine

Author’s Note: Soo this chapter is hella unedited but I’ll read over it asap, I just wanted to get it uploaded for you lovelies! Also, most of the info I got about the planet in this chapter is from Wookiepedia but I might have added a bit extra for Drama haha

Feedback is always appreciated, hope you enjoy!


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“You’re… scared of losing me?”

“You’re my apprentice… and Snoke would kill me if anything happened to you.”

You huffed. Of course that’s what meant. You were foolish to have thought differently.

The Command Shuttle jolted slightly.

“It’ll be a bumpy landing!” You heard James shout out from the cockpit.

You turned back to Kylo, who was already moving, “Strap yourself in.”

You nodded, following him back to your seats.

Hux was already buckled in, gripping the sides of the chair tightly.

Cheer up, General,” you smirked as you echoed the words he had spoken to you.

You sat down just before the Shuttle dipped downwards at a steep angle. You also found yourself gripping the sides of your seat as you readied for the landing.

“Landing in 10…9…8…”, James’ voice drowned out as fear suddenly took over your entire body.

“What’s wrong with you?” You could hear Kylo faintly speaking to you in the background. But at this point, your eyes were drooping and your other senses were weakening at an alarming rate.

Then, complete darkness.

“Wha… Where…,” you struggled to form a coherent sentence when you came to your senses.

You could hear Kylo let out a sigh. You saw that his helmet was now off. “Stop trying to speak.”

Your eyes moved around slowly and you soon noticed that you were still in the Command Shuttle.

“We landed… fairly safely,” Hux said, looking disapprovingly at James.

“H-How…How long…”

“Barely an hour,” Kylo responded, having a good guess of what your question was. “You fainted before we landed.”

“I suppose I wasn’t the most terrified after all,” Hux said. He was obviously enjoying this.

You groaned, sitting yourself up slowly. You actually felt fine now, as if you were only waking up from a nap.

“Do you feel dizzy?”

You shook your head at Kylo as you stood up.

“Good. Be outside in five minutes.”

“What for?”

He stared at you incredulously, “Training, what else?”

You let out an exaggerated sigh, and you heard Hux snicker.

“Have you sent out a distress signal?” You turned to James, ignoring Hux and Kylo.

“Yes, Your Highness. No response as of yet, but it shouldn’t be long.”

“Good,” you mumbled, “The sooner we’re off this planet the better.”

You pushed passed Kylo as you walked down the ramp of the Shuttle, which was already open.

You immediately regretted your decision when you were met with a freezing cold wind. You blew away a snowflake that had landed on your cheek and frowned. It was like an even colder Starkiller Base.

“Where in the galaxy are we?” You muttered to yourself as you looked around. It looked barren, perhaps completely uninhabited. It was completely blanketed in snow but in the distance you could see the faint flow of lava sprouting up from the ground. What an odd planet. 

“Welcome to Ilum, Princess.” You hadn’t noticed Kylo come up from behind you.

You had felt a strange sensation as soon as you had stepped foot off the Shuttle, and it hadn’t gone away. This planet had a certain kind of… pull. That’s when you remembered. “S-s-so t-this is t-the J-edi’s f-f-famous p-planet?” Your teeth chattered through the entire sentence. You were freezing.

“What’s left of it,” he was clearly unbothered by the cold.

You raised an eyebrow, waiting for Kylo to continue.

“The Empire laid waste to it a long time ago. Stripped it for its resources.”

“What resources could the Empire have wanted from a sacred Jedi planet?

"Kyber crystals.”

Your eyes widened slightly at that, “They’re the ones that are used to power lightsabers, aren’t they?”

Kylo nodded, “But any that grew on this planet were harvested many moons ago. This is a wasteland now.”

“Then why were you so against coming here?”

Kylo paused for a moment, you could see that he was hesitant to continue, “You felt it too didn’t you, the moment you left the Command Shuttle? It’s a pull to the… to the Light.”

“Ah, so that’s what that nagging feeling is,” you half laughed, trying to diffuse the tension that had suddenly fallen between you.

“The Empire may have claimed this planet decades ago but the legacy of what it once was lives on. That’s why I didn’t want to bring you here, not when you’re still training. The very ground we walk on is steeped in remnants of the Jedi Order and the Light Side.

"How do you know so much about this planet?”

“…Someone told me…once.”

You raised an eyebrow, “Snoke?”

He shook his head and remained silent.

“Who then?”

“That doesn’t matter.”

“Promise I won’t tell anyone,” you said light-heartedly.

“Y/N…” He warned.

“Kylo…” You matched his tone.

He sighed, “My… uncle. Now that’s the end of it so don’t–”

“Luke Skywalker,” you whispered.

His head shot up, suddenly curious, “How do you know that name?”

You shrugged, “I-I don’t know, I just sort of felt it.” Certainly, you had heard the name before, but it was as if someone had just whispered it to you in that moment. You felt compelled to utter it aloud, like something was urging you to.

Kylo furrowed his eyebrows, “Get back into the Command Shuttle, we will train inside.”


Now Princess.”

Kylo hid his emotions well even without his helmet, both physically and mentally. He couldn’t have you sensing his concern. 

It was as if this planet was speaking to you. Willing you to uncover his past with the Light Side. A past that he had been trying for so many years to bury. He knew of this planet’s power. You were on the verge of finding out and Kylo wouldn’t have that. He simply couldn’t.

You felt strange. The same voice you had heard in your head moments ago had dulled down to a low murmur. But you could still hear it clearly. He’s lying to you, Y/N.

“What are you hiding from me?” You stopped in your tracks before you could reach the Shuttle’s ramp. 

“Excuse me?”

“You’re keeping something from me. Something important.”


“Kylo this planet… it’s like I can hear its thoughts,” you told him, almost in awe.

He scoffed, “Don’t be ridiculous.”

You shook your head, “You know I’m telling the truth. You’re hiding something from me, I can feel it.”

“You don’t know what you’re talking about,” he huffed. He needed to get you off this planet for good, “Now get back inside–”

“You weren’t scared that I would leave you for Light Side if we came here, you were scared that I would find out the truth, weren’t you?” You were half shouting now.

“The truth about what exactly?” His voice rising too.

“I don’t know!” You threw your hands up in defeat, “Something you should have told me a long time ago, I can tell that much.” You were certain of this.

“I owe you no truths!” He snapped, roughly grabbing your forearm, “Now get back into the Shuttle before I make you.”

In that moment, you heard another delicate whisper in the back of your head. As if someone… or perhaps something on this planet wasn’t going to leave you alone until you heard it. Only, this whisper was different, it was the same word over and over again. It kept getting louder until finally it screamed throughout your mind. And that’s when you heard yourself saying it out loud.


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In a desert in eastern Sudan, along the banks of the Nile River, lies a collection of nearly 200 ancient pyramids—many of them tombs of the kings and queens of the Meroitic Kingdom which ruled the area for more than 900 years. The Meroë pyramids, smaller than their Egyptian cousins, are considered Nubian pyramids, with narrow bases and steep angles on the sides, built between 2,700 and 2,300 years ago, with decorative elements from the cultures of Pharaonic Egypt, Greece, and Rome.

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The moment Percy saw the keys, his mind flashed images of the dark hovel in which his new family found him. His heart sank in pace with the ship, his mind racing faster than both. He wasn’t even half way through his thoughts when he realised he was running.

Running up the steep angle of the sinking ship, then down into the bowls. He scampered across walls and ceilings and floors, only just seeing the cages through the ocean spray and fog. One empty, the other…

He rushed for the cage, the water pulling the ship deeper down. He tried the keys. One, two, three…

He was out of time, and he cursed silently before roaring “THERE’S SOMEONE DOWN BELOW”

It was up to his family. Who once saved him from a cage. Who would now save another. He had faith in them. Always

List of Reasons Why I Think Beth is Alive
  • Andrea’s original death was so objectively bad that it was rewritten and reshot to be more satisfying. Then Gimple turns around and makes the same mistake that he’d just had to FIX from his predecessor’s work??? NO. Just no.
  • Her whole Season 4 arc pointed to a fake death. Originally I thought that was the kidnapping, but then it got totally out of control and all sorts of other S4 stuff started making more sense. BC of this, a lot of us were expecting a fake-out death, we just didn’t think it would be this good of a fake-out.
  • The stuff that we know was filmed during S5 that just seems to have vanished, which at least some people claim definitely included EK, like she was on set that day.
  • Christ symbolism. Like not even subtle Christ symbolism. Blatant, in-your-face-Pietà-Plagarism.
  • The fact that they actually put money into, and aggressively promoted her storyline, making sure to emphasize how strong she was and how she could be a survivor. Bad PR tactics for someone you’re just going to kill.
  • Giving her Andrea’s scars, “survivor’s marks” which not only supports my first bullet point, but they KNEW it was suggesting Beth as a legacy character for Andrea’s plot-lines, which would only make people even angrier when they didn’t follow through.
  • EVERY SINGLE SHOT BETH FIRES IN SLABTOWN IS A CLEAN, KILLING HEADSHOT which emphasizes how screwy the bullet that gets her is. For the sake of cinematic symmetry, it should have been a clean, straightforward shot as well, if it was going to kill her. Plus, Andrea had excellent aim, so it’s another Andrea parallel. 
  • Dawn is immediately killed with another clean, killing headshot, totally different from the sloppy steep-angled trajectory of Beth’s bullet. It’s a moment of emphasis, again.
  • That they left dangling threads of that storyline just hanging there, rather than burn everything down and push forward as is TWD custom. We don’t go back, because there’s nothing to do back to. If there’s something to go back to, it means we’re not done. That’s how TWD does it. Grady is still around, because we aren’t done.
  • All the weirdness and inconsistency about when various cast and crew say she heard about her character’s Fate. As a ‘not-lawyer-yet’ this one if frustrating. Everyone says something different about how this went down, which means that they are hiding something.
  • Her story is meant to parallel Rick’s, they admitted that much, and if that continues it means that her family has to think she’s dead and she has to track them down or else the parallel becomes broken and pointless.
  • THE BULLET - This is one of my sticking points, in fact, it gets sub-sticking-points!
      • It would have been really easy to shoot her through the chin
      • It would have made more sense to shoot her through the torso.
      • A headshot is the only way to reasonably avoid putting a dagger into her brain.
      • The angle IS physically possible ONLY if the bullet curved with her skull which would be non-fatal.
      • It’s too obvious a mistake and too easy to fix to believably be a production error.
      • It’s not like the FX crew had much else to do in this episode. Their entire focus would have been on Beth’s “death” scene.
      • It’s a main character death on a show about death where DEATH is a major theme. Mistakes in the execution (pun totally intended) of those death scene should be as close to perfect as is possible, even amateurs could do better than this. It’s either intentional, or it’s a fireable error.
  • They passed over their only opportunity to "cash-in” on the Beth/Daryl question. As a shipper, I’m just sad, but as a writer I’m deeply confused. The emotional pay-off they could have gotten even from just a close-up of their faces is just NOT the thing to pass up. Even if Daryl’s feeling for Beth were totally one-sided, you should still have a moment, SOMETHING, where they are reunited and you see the apprehension in her face, or the relief or whatever, something to “cash-in” on the last moment they were together when Beth asked him a question and he answered it with a look that killed your audience. Skipping over that is basically retconning, unless you’ll get another shot at satisfaction later on.
  • Ty’s death in the next episode was such a stark contrast as far as the total LACK of ambiguity. I mean they gave us plenty of time to get used to the idea after he got bit, after attempts to amputate his arm in time were clearly too late. They let him say a long farewell to the show and the fans that loved him and the horrible universe that ultimately brought about his demise. It was raw and personal and only emphasized how poor Beth’s “death” was. The goal is dissatisfaction, which only makes sense if it will be corrected in time.
  • We didn’t see (or even hear about) what happened to her body. If something is excluded from the narrative, be suspicious, that’s the rule.
  • Forget seeing her go into the ground, we didn’t even get a memorial. Not even a shot of them leaving behind a cross. Not only did the audience miss out on Beth closure, we’re let with the sense that the characters didn’t get that closure either, which only makes sense narratively if it will be revisited. Which is hasn’t been, although -
  • The way people are reacting to blonde walkers for the rest of the season implies that we’ve missed something HUGE. 
  • Specifically, blonde walkers in cars seem to majorly jar everyone. The group is almost fixated on them, which is especially weird given how used to walkers TF have become by this point. They basically ignore the dead these days, unless walkers are actually about to attack, and even then, the treatment has been kind of flippant. What changed between Coda and WHaWGO? And why is it only the blonde, trapped, helpless walkers that affect them this way?
  • Nicotero’s slip-up about the herd of walkers that was supposed to be in the MSF last year.
  • Also, Nicotero’s history of blonde women, head injuries and people thinking they are dead when they aren’t. See Kill Bill and “Torn Apart”
  • “I still sing” and then a music box that obviously symbolizes her starts playing after her death, in immediate response to the declaration “I have good news” which doubles as foreshadowing AND another Christ analogy.
  • I don’t typically look too closely at “Easter Egg” evidence, but I’ve got to admit, that flash in the opening credits that looks like Beth running with two other figures REALLY weirds me out. 
  • Also, as far as Easter Eggs go, putting “Green” and “Frankenstein” next to each other on the bookshelf was actually pretty suggestive, I have a hard time thinking it was an accident, and although it could just be a prop/set person fooling around, they filmed all of this long before TD was a thing so they aren’t teasing us intentionally.
  • The only other character who continued to affect the storyline this much and to be this ‘present’ after they died was Lori, who still had a ‘okay i’m better now goodbye’ moment at the end of the season, after she died. Rick got closure and Lori could go and after that her presence dropped away.
  • What did we get at the end of season six to wrap up all these Beth references and nods? Did we get a moment of closure? NO.
  • We got a blonde walker crucified against a tree (another Christ reference and a person punch in the gut to Daryl who is so far from over her loss it’s insane)
  • And we got yet another shot of the pretty dancing ballerina in the music box that totally symbolizes Beth during a Rick-monologue about showing people how to survive.
  • Beth didn’t earn death according to conventional writing rules, or even according to the TWD exclusive themes of S5, which were utterly consistent all the way through the season besides with here. I.E. one of these things is not like the others.
  • The lack of response from AMC about the twitter-riots, the petition, the general outrage. Really weird that they’ve been totally silent.
  • Emily Kinney’s canceled panels. <—never not weird.
  • And then when the creators were cornered and made to respond they basically played dumb “oh was that confusing?” which the more I think about it, the weirder it gets since THEY KNOW about us. For example: me and maybe one other person wondered if Rick really shot Pete and Chris Hardwick brought up that there was confusion about whether Rick really shot Pete. Like REALLY?! That’s the ambiguous death you’ll bring up?! The one that wasn’t even really that ambiguous, I was just indulging a crack-theory?! I’m so 3000% done with you Hardwick.
  • Emily continues to promote TWD [Edit: Oct. 10th and she not only attended the premiere but was actively promoting the show on stage with current cast members], which is really, really strange. She’s moderately famous, but if TWD is really in her past then her focus should absolutely be on promoting her upcoming projects. This is so obvious I shouldn’t even have to say anything.
  • But she didn’t do any commentary on the DVD. Even if she hadn’t done Coda, she should have at least done her solo episode Slabtown, unless she’s so limited in what she can say about it that it’s better to avoid it entirely.
  • The only reason to limit her talking about her storyline is if it’s not finished.
  • It’s a show about the living dead, so it’s logical conclusion was always to better utilize “coming back from the dead” thematically, so far they’ve played with it a little, but they’ve really got to step it up. I would have expected this sooner or later anyway.
  • I’ve avoided spoilers for S6, so keep in mind I know NOTHING. I haven’t even read up on the comic-book characters who are rumored/confirmed to be introduced. I haven’t read the interviews. I watched each of the trailers once and immediately regretted it. I don’t even like to see promo stuff before I watch the show, really. I mean, it’s pretty and all, and the stuff with the lights was wicked, and that song is PERFECT but I honestly tend to just avoid it as much as possible. ALL THAT HAVING BEEN SAID IT IS EXTREMELY BIZARRE THAT THEY CHOSE TO PUT A CODA IN THAT FIRST TRAILER THAT FEATURED DARYL APPEARING TO HAVE BEEN KIDNAPPED i say appearing bc i think the trailer is deceptively edited and something different could be going on But, anyway, it was meant to remind us of Beth’s kidnapped Coda from last year. It obviously was. It OBVIOUSLY was. WHY REMIND US OF A CHARACTER WHO’S OFF THE SHOW TO PROMOTE SEASON SIX? WHY EVEN BRING IT UP IF THE STORYLINE HAS LEFT HER FAR IN THE PAST AND SHE’S GOT NO RELEVANCE?! I”M SCREAMING NOW BECAUSE I AM SO DONE

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What's your favorite conspiracy theory?

Probably ‘aliens build the pyramids’ because we got rock solid evidence that they didn’t. In fact, we got the trail-and-error phase of egyptian pyramid building preserved for us till this day. Let us look at the progression, alright? 

Before pyramids, pharaohs were buried under mastabas which were basically flat boxes with the actual grave underneath it.

Now at some point, that wasn’t enough anymore. Gotta show up  those ancestors and prove who’s got the biggest, best burial after all. So pharaoh Djoser got the brilliant idea (or paid someone else to have it) to put a second, smaller mastaba on top of the first one, and so on and so on, until this was the result:

Already looks pretty pyramidy, doesn’t it? And we can actually telly by the building phases. First, we got a ‘normal’ mastaba, but unlike the usual ones, it wasn’t rectangular but actually a square and it was made entirely out of stone. It followed two more phases where the mastaba was made bigger and better before someone went ‘you know what, it’s not big enough yet. Let’s go for height’ and thus it was turned into a four level step pyramid. But that still wasn’t big enough, pharaoh wanted more and what he wants he gets, so the first 4 step pyramid was covered in stone and made higher. And then that *still* wasn’t enough so the architects went for broke and turned into into a 6 step pyramid as we can still see today.

So now we already got pretty pyramid-y. Bitch is big, and impressive and a proper grave for a pharaoh. And we can actually still see the building phases today, so we know that they basically gave this one building 6 tries of ‘no but i want it differently’ and since you can argue with the customer even less if the customer can order your execution that’s the result.

So onto the next dude to revolutionize pyramid building: pharaoh Sneferu. Dude didn’t just get one pyramid build, he got 3 of them, because again ‘the customer is always right’ is even more important if your customer is the godking of the country. You don’t argue with those people. So, first pyramid is know as the Meidum pyramid. In he beginning it was a step pyramid as well and all was well. It was supposed to have 7 levels but around the 4th or 5th level a change of heart struck Sneferu and he wanted an 8th step included. He got that and it was finished and it was good, but it wasn’t sleek enough, not smooth enough, so the pyramid was covered in an outer layer that basically smoothed down the sides to make it look like the pyramids we know. But it  seems that the pharaoh wasn’t satisfied with the results, because the thing was barely finished when he had everyone pack up their kits and move to Daschur. Because as smooth and nice as the Meidum pyramid was, it wasn’t smooth enough. 

So Sneferu said ‘build me one like this but this time do it properly’ and they did. Well they tried, at least. You see, the bedrock in Daschur wasn’t as rock solid as one would hope. They started building the pyramid with a nice steep 54 degree angle and at some point went ‘shit, it’s not stable, if this comes down we’re all gonna get vanished what do’. The solution found was to adjust the angle on the top half of the pyramid to a nicer 43 degree angle. It worked in so far as that the pyramid was stable enough to still stand today, if you ignore that there’s literal wooden beams in the thing to keep it from crumbling down. So this was the result:

For obvious reasons it’s called the ‘bent pyramid’. Combine that with the ‘literally held up with wood’ and we can only imagine what kind of reaction Sneferu must have had to that thing. Dude was obviously not happy. So a third pyramid was commissioned, probably with the promise of extreme painful unpleasantness if they failed again (and the pharaoh didn’t get any younger either so the next one had to be fucking good because one can’t go and meet the gods when their grave looks like a badly risen loaf of bread).

So, third pyramid: The red pyramid of Daschur. You note, we’re still in Daschur, probably because Sneferu wanted his architects to remember just how badly they fucked up last time and not do that again. This time, they got it right. The red pyramid got a slope of 45° which is actually a doable slope. It’s build out of reddish stone (hence the name) and used to have a nice, smooth white exterior layer which has been lost to time and the building needs of later generations. It also had a pyramidion made out of white limestone. 

That one either finally pleased Sneferu or he died before he could order another pyramid to be build, either way,  this red pyramid is officially the oldest ‘smooth’ pyramid in Egypt. 

So now we’re there, Egyptians know how to build huge ass, smooth surface, geometrically pleasing pyramids. In comes Khufu, and when he said ‘I want the biggest damn pyramid you’ve ever seen and I want it to be perfect’, that’s what he got. He got the biggest damn pyramid of them all, made from limestone and granite (in some places inside), a 51° slope and covered in smooth white limestone chasing to ensure that the thing was visible from my miles away (maybe also that when his ancestors looked down upon it they could sit there and feel jealous as fuck, like look at that smooth white thing, and all I got was this bent failure, look at it).

So basically we got A++++ pyramid ‘evolution’ which makes it extra laughable when the tinfoil hat party blathers on about aliens because frankly we can tell when ancient Egyptians figured out how to build nice ass pyramids on the first try. 

My Childhood Friend.

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I was eight-years old and living in Dunbar, West Virginia. My family moved to this state from New York when I was only a few years old. My mother never trusted the neighborhood, and hated that my father had been relocated. Our apartment complex was tucked into a valley passed a trailer park. The narrow road led through the trailers and opened on up the left side into a newer apartment community. The road continued further, but my mother never let me go that way.

I was allowed to ride my bike around the parking lot—which was a good size—and that is how I spent most of my time outside. There were other kids a bit older than me, but I wasn’t allowed to play with them. They came from the trailer park near the main road and my mother forbade me to hang out there.

When I turned ten, a family moved into an apartment across from ours. They had a boy that looked to be my age, so naturally I was excited. He was a short kid, light brown hair and bright green eyes. I remember him looking at me that first day. I was drawn to him. He had a certain aura about him that was impossible to resist.

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My Top 6 Reasons To Bethlieve

6. The theme song played in the credits of Coda

It’s especially damning when you considering what played in the credits for the next episode when we lost Ty. The recording of Lauren & Emily singing Parting Glass would have been an easy choice for Beth’s goodbye music. Silence would have been appropriate, since the episode was called Coda, for sobbing out loud.

5. Foreshadowing

Honestly, I can’t list all of it, because there’s loads, and yes, I’m aware there’s also a lot of death foreshadowing but you’ve got to learn to ignore that on a show like Walking Dead, because they literally give it to everyone for thematic purposes.

In particular I’m thinking of the “power over death” imagery that has been distinctly given to three characters this season Daryl (eats a worm, dead people are worm food, but he’s inverting it, very clever twd) Carol (walks among walkers ignored by them for all of No Sanctuary. It’s true we’ve seen this before, but not to this extent. Carol took it up to 11. especially haunting in the “I’m not here” moment) and Beth (given the role of Charon in Tyreese’s halluciation)

4. That damn 17 day plot-hole

For real. Don’t even try to tell me they aren’t hiding something in that missing time. Something happened between Beth getting shot and Tyreese getting bit.

3. Christ imagery

This doesn’t just get filed under foreshadowing, because there’s too much. It’s a category unto itself. If they are inverting the Christ figure imagery to try and be ‘edgy’ I’m just… deeply offended and 3000% done with this show. That doesn’t jive with my positivity.

2. The reunions in No Sanctuary

I wrote this long meta detailing where I think Grady’s storyline lies in the first episode of the season (which supposedly tells the story of the entire season in allegory) but I don’t think I put enough emphasis on the reunions. For me, they were the emotional high-point of the season so far.

If No Sanctuary is an allegory for the entire season than we’re due another powerful plot-point of cathartic weight somewhere near the end of the season. I’m sorry, but NOTHING would ever come close to a reunion with Beth. I’ve considered other options (such as finding ASZ) and they are just not as effective in the allegory. It’s what makes sense, especially when you consider Rick and Carl’s sublime moment of perfect happiness upon seeing Judith, who they had every reason to believe was dead since the prison fell.

1. It would have been really easy to shoot Beth through the chin

This occupies the 1 spot, because if she’s dead, this will be the thing that I can never let them hand-wave away. It’s. TOO. Embarrassing.

I never would have given Beth’s survival thought if they hadn’t made such an inconvenient point about shooting her in the forehead at a steep angle, with a 9mm handgun. Nicotero knows how to draw a straight line, I’m sure. The fact that the bullet curved shouldn’t mean that it defied the laws of physics, it should mean that it ricocheted along her skull. That particular injury should not kill her. Either the crew just really screwed up (failing to draw a straight line is pretty bad) or she’s got a relatively low-maintenance head wound. She doesn’t need a surgeon… the woman might like some pain killers and something to cover the exit wound, until she can get it permanently patched. Ancient Peruvian cranial surgeons recommend using gold or silver.

I’m holding out hope that the cat is alive until they open this box.

She’s alive, or she should be.

Studying Abroad at Prague

by reddit user M59Gar

Note: Although this story is lengthy, it definitly is horrifying. 

As I stood at the base of the long lane beneath, staring up at my distant destination, I supposed my perceptions of that house were being colored by my recent breakup. 

The plan had been to attend to our studies in Prague together. Instead, I stood alone against the parching summer winds, studying a lengthy alley that carved its way up the precipitous hill with an ancient laziness.

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“I hate planes.” He says it under his breath, expecting that you won’t hear. After you hand him an Americano you’d just bought at the Starbucks next to your gate, you stand quietly next to him at the airport window, looking out on the runway.

Your voice is soft when you speak, still looking out at the cold, grey day and airplanes taking off at a steep angle. “Want to join the mile high club?” The suggestion is an attempt to make him more comfortable on the plane, forget about the height at which they’re flying, allay his anxiety.

There’s barely any room to move in here and you have to bite your lip hard to keep silent and avoid unnecessary suspicion. It’s uncomfortable with your ass up on the sink ledge and your legs wrapped around his waist. Your shoe nudges against the wall with each jarring roll of his hips, his hand braced against the mirror behind your head. He pants heavily, though doesn’t make any other noises, everything else forgotten in the haze.

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Here’s how to make a fancy rolling pin.  Cut a curf at a steep angle in maple. Fill the curf with a thin slat of walnut and glue. After the glue sets, rotate the maple and repeat on all 4 sides.  Flip the maple end for end and repeat 4 more times. The glue-up alone takes a few days. The celtic knot appears like magic after you start the turning.  I batched out several of these and dole them out as gifts.

anonymous asked:

Neuro tech for 20 years. Beth was shot, point blank range, through her frontal lobe, cerebral cortex and exit wound through the occiptal. No human, has ever survived that, ever. 2 lobes destroyed and the brain stem. She bled out. Did you not see her lifeless, colorless body? Given the heat and her size, she's be in rigor mortis before the grave was dug. Do you not think they'd notice? Tara has a concussion. Till you see blown pupils, you dont know how bad it is. Survive 24 hrs, odds are damn ok

Hi neuro tech for twenty years anon. 

I’m not a neuro tech. I’m a law student. I take issue with four of your assertions.

(1) Anyone can look at a chart and see that her brain stem is fine.

(2) In my life as not a neuro tech I’ve read about this woman, maybe you’ve heard of her, she has almost the same injury that you think Beth has, in your expert opinion (sans x-ray and everything, you must be good) except it entered through the back of her skull. I am unsure why you’re unfamiliar with her case, but it’s that kind of mistake that would get you in big trouble if you were a lawyer. I guess neuro techs are allowed to just say shit without being familiar with case law though. Good for you.

(3) We’re on point three and I’m still not a neruo tech, I am, however, a person with a basic understanding of the laws of physics and your use of the words “point blank” with the more arcane definition of “a close shot” is seriously making me roll my eyes, let’s take a look at the alternative and much clearer meaning of “true and clear shot striking its intended target at perfect trajectory”

It was definitely close but it wasn’t a true and clear shot striking its intended target at perfect trajectory. It struck her in the forehead at about a 75 degree angle, unless you think there was a second shooter. Here’s what happens when a bullet hits a human skull (they are very hard, but I guess you ought to know that) at a steep angle -

…if the bullet is fired at an angle or hits a curved portion of the skull, deflection will usually result. In some cases, the bullet will form a wound track as it follows the curved bone, and may even exit without perforating the skull. It is also possible that a bullet piercing the skull will richochet along the inner skull and remain lodged in it. In such instances, bullet-brain interaction is minimised, resulting in minimal brain damage. - Missile Wounds of the Head and Neck by Aarabi and Kaufman

It’s a wound rarely seen off the battlefield, but let’s face it, in the ZA it’s always kind of a battlefield, isn’t it?

(4) It’s a television show, they can do whatever they want.

In closing, I never respond to negative anons, but I made an exception for you, mostly because I just REALLY like talking about the fact that even on the most basic of physical levels, Beth Greene should be alive. I don’t think there was a second shooter. I don’t think the bullet defied the laws of physics. I don’t think the production crew just screwed up. You don’t have to be a neuro tech for twenty years, or a lawyer for no years in order to draw a straight line from Dawn’s gun to the exit wound and see what I’m talking about. It would have been really easy to shoot her through the chin, thus fixing the trajectory, ensuring that she bleed out etc. But they didn’t. They made the very inconvenient point of hitting her in the forehead at this ridiculous angle. I believe there’s a reason for that and I think that reason is her survival. Maybe I’m wrong, and it was just a really embarrassing mistake that the production crew made, but I feel like even the laziest of crew might’ve noticed what they were rehearsing and asked the question “Don’t guns usually shoot straight?”

I would encourage you to do something else with your life besides troll people on the internet. Go have some frozen yogurt, you never know when the ZA will happen and make it so you can never eat frozen yogurt again and you’re weirdly sad about it. I don’t know where you are, but it’s a beautiful Sunday morning here and I’m going to go for a walk in a pretty new outfit and meet up with some friends. Do something fun like that. There’s a place in town here where you can rent a puppy, maybe go rent a puppy if they have that where you are, the more you cuddle with affectionate, soft animals, the less you unnecessarily and futilely gripe at people in their inbox. 

Plus, cuddling puppies just feels so good. 

Life's puzzle pieces

Name: Life’s puzzle pieces

Author: Aya-Fay

Fandom: Fantastic Beasts and where to find them

Pairing: Newt Scamander x Reader

Theme: Fluff.

Warnings: Injure.

This story is based on two requests i got. They just worked so well together. By lovely @eli-cya and @abbiefangirls247

Tag: @seninjakitey @umbrellas-and-tallymarks @oswald-cobblepot-is-my-addiction @elvirateaqueen13 @queencobblefreezestuff @myregardstothereader  @rawrcoptergaming  @seaweedredandbrown @fantasticbeastsimagines @ohlookfanfiction @hirainhisrain @waywardtimemachinejellyfish @this-is-a-unique-username @socktrollqueen   @n-octicolor @fairylightsandfandoms @kazezakura @animeo2l @aeichajoanes

If you want to request something; to talk or to let me know anything - ASK is always open. Remember: you guys make my work continue <3

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Qunari Dreadnoug

Edit: Oh gosh tumblr why aren’t you letting me edit the title!?!?!

Somewhat of a companion piece to this post I made  Kinda of a visual representation of some of the questions I have.  All art belongs to Bioware, taken with my phone from my own copy of Dragon Age Library edition 1 (the one that collects the comics into one book).

Two panels to show the overall structure of the Qunari dreadnought.  It is at least three decks (two rowing decks and top deck), possibly more.  Note the ram in front, the lack of sails, and the rope/guidewire like structure that runs the length of the ship.  Overall the ship greatly resembles the ships of antiquity used along the Mediterranean, who used naval rams and rowers since they rarely had sails.  While not visible in the first picture, note the little shapes along the rail of the top deck.  The ships are also parallel in relationship to each other.

Note that the top rowing deck has holes for the oars but the second rowing deck is open.

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